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  • A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway

    All-American RoadFlorida
    A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway is entrenched in American history, home to the first continuously inhabited city in America – St. Augustine, Florida. This roadway inspires awe as travelers climb the St. Augustine Lighthouse steps, cross the Matanzas Inlet, or observe the spires of St. Augustine in the sunset. Visitors traveling along the A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway are impressed that this very place has attracted visitors from across the world to “La Florida” for over 500 years.
  • Acadia All-American Road

    All-American RoadMaine
    From craggy shorelines and granite-capped mountains to crystal lakes and spruce–fir forests, Acadia All American Road is perfect for exploring. Extensive carriage roads and hiking trails give access to Acadia National Park. See fishing and sailboats in Frenchman s Bay or go back in time to see the cottages of old Bar Harbor. Carl Test 1
  • Alabama's Coastal Connection

    National Scenic BywayAlabama
    Alabama s southern tip is a place where even first-time visitors find a connection. Here, you can experience the links between the traditions of the Deep South and a more laid-back island lifestyle, between the wildlife of thousands of acres of preserved lands and a beachfront vacation, and between the gunships of past naval battles and the countless recreational opportunities of the present. Make your own connection from the moment you take in one of the area s exceptional sights. As you journey on the route, see the sun sinking into the warm Gulf of Mexico, the weathered halls of a 150-year-old brick fort, the flutter of a colorful neo-tropical migrant bird, or a fishing boat easing from the dock at sunrise.
  • Alaska Marine Highway

    All-American RoadAlaska
    Experience Alaska by ferry along over 3,500 miles of scenic coastal routes. Explore the 35 communities served by the byway, each with a different flavor of Alaskan indigenous and modern culture, fascinating history, and great scenery. See whales, glaciers, rare birds, and sea lions from the deck.
  • Amish Country Byway

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    Discover the cultural and historic treasures of the Amish and northern Appalachian people as you wend through curves and over the hills of the pastoral countryside. Experience simple living and sustainability along charming country roads, taking you to a bygone era still present, manifest in the people and their lifestyle.
  • Arroyo Seco Historic Parkway - Route 110

    National Scenic BywayCalifornia
    The Arroyo Seco Parkway connects Los Angeles and Pasadena through the historic Arts and Crafts landscape of the Arroyo Seco. Conceived in the parkway tradition with gentle curves, lush landscaping, and scenic vistas, the byway incorporated the modern elements that would lay the groundwork for the California freeway system.
  • Ashley River Road

    National Scenic BywaySouth Carolina
    The Ashley River Road passes by three national historic landmarks -- Saint Andrew s Episcopal Church, Drayton Hall and Middleton Place -- as it traverses a National Register Historic District that traces the history of European and African settlement, commerce and industry from their colonial origins to the present.
  • Baltimore's Historic Charles Street

    National Scenic BywayMaryland
    The grandest of routes into or out of Baltimore, Historic Charles Street follows the city s best known artery through fashionable cultural, residential, and commercial districts. Visit Charles Street, and you’ll want to stay a while.
  • Bayou Teche Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayLouisiana
    The Bayou Teche Scenic Byway has long been recognized as a travel corridor to and through important cultural, historic, natural, recreation and scenic environments. Bayou Teche is the most famous and the most handsomely endowed bayou in the state, curling for miles through south central Louisiana. Through its resources, the Bayou Teche Scenic Byway tells nationally significant stories that celebrate the nation’s diverse heritage. Stories of the Bayou Teche Scenic Byway include Native American, Acadian, and Spanish descendants who inhabited this area and survived off the land.
  • Bayshore Heritage Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Bayshore Heritage Byway of New Jersey’s western shore guides visitors along the Delaware Bay through a rich mosaic of views typified by vast protected landscapes and historic villages. Eleven historic districts are nestled along the byway. Bayshore communities grew and thrived based upon natural assets including fishing; trapping; crabbing; oyster, clam, and caviar processing; shipbuilding; iron-making; milling; glass-making; and salt hay farming. Visitors to the Bayshore Heritage Byway experience the full breadth of the region’s rich cultural and architectural history. Visitors wind their way through open farmland and quaint villages, seeing ship captains’ homes and Victorian architectural influences, culminating in the elaborate seaside resort homes of Cape May.
  • Beartooth Highway

    All-American RoadMontana, Wyoming
    Providing visitors access to Yellowstone Park s northeast entrance, the Beartooth Highway makes its way across the rugged Beartooth Mountain Range in Montana and Wyoming. The road is the highest elevation highway in the Northern Rockies and provides dramatic views, unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities, and unparalleled wildlife watching.
  • Big Bend Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayFlorida
    Let the worries of the world give way to the peace and beauty of horizons of towering pines and blue-green Gulf waters. Travel along hundreds of acres of wet prairie, wet flatwoods, strand swamp, and bottomland forest. The unparalleled beauty of the Bend includes vast seagrass beds, marshes, winding rivers, sugar-sand beaches, deep forests, and crystal-clear springs.
  • Billy the Kid Trail

    National Scenic BywayNew Mexico
    Follow this byway through the rugged beauty of the million-acre Lincoln National Forest. From grassy plains to dense pine forests, the region is known for its stunning views and cool mountain climate. Visit historic Lincoln, once home to outlaw Billy the Kid and lawman Pat Garrett.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway

    All-American RoadNorth Carolina, Virginia
    The Parkway provides spectacular mountain and valley vistas, quiet pastoral scenes, sparkling waterfalls and colorful flower and foliage displays as it extends through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Bold Coast Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaine
    The Bold Coast Scenic Byway perches at the nation’s raw and rugged easternmost edge, a place of wild beauty with a history of human settlement dating back 12,000 years. The Bold Coast Scenic Byway connects travelers with the nation’s last vestige of a natural resource-based maritime culture, where turning tides and changing seasons dictate daily life. Travelers can explore diverse recreation opportunities within breathtaking natural settings that provide a physical timeline of the Native American and settlement history that shaped America’s eastern seaboard.
  • Boom or Bust Byway

    National Scenic BywayLouisiana
    The Boom or Bust Byway tells the American story of the dramatic ups and downs in the oil and gas, lumber, transportation, farming, and entertainment industries. It encompasses America’s western expansion, which has a history of successes and failures, but nonetheless changed the American landscapes, history, and lifestyles. With the state parks, national wildlife management areas, refuges, forests, national recreational areas, and local parks and recreational areas, this Byway is a magnet for outdoor recreationists and history buffs alike.
  • Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayPennsylvania, Delaware
    The Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway winds through the Brandywine Valley, known for its strategic crossroads of commerce, agriculture, artistic creativity, and political thought. Evidence of the settlement and development patterns can be found throughout the lands that the byway traverses. In addition, many structures that held meaning during the time of the Underground Railroad are located along the byway. The Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway is known for its climate, natural resources, and beauty. Today, visitors can travel the byway, take in the scenery, and learn about a place that is so pivotal in American history.
  • Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOregon
    This byway cuts a path through the mountains, lakes, and forests of central Oregon. Volcanism and glaciation formed more than 150 lakes for which the region is well known. See outstanding examples of lava flows, alpine lakes, and meadows. Cross paths taken by such historic figures as Kit Carson.
  • Cascade Loop

    National Scenic BywayWashington
    The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway delivers a smorgasbord of scenic views and unique experiences that cannot be experienced anywhere else. The Cascade Loop carries travelers through 440 miles of scenic wilderness, sweeping views, abundant wildlife, and outdoor adventure. Guests traverse misty, emerald green forestland, towering jagged alpine peaks, the steely blue waters of the Puget Sound, the immense Columbia River, and acres upon acres of orchards, vineyards, and farmlands. The Cascade Loop is seen as “the great American road trip”– a place to experience environments and activities that truly define Washington State and the Pacific northwest.
  • Cherohala Skyway

    National Scenic BywayNorth Carolina, Tennessee
    The Skyway offers the cultural heritage of the Cherokee tribe and early settlers in a grand forest environment in the Appalachian Mountains. Enjoy mile-high vistas and brilliant fall foliage, as well as great hiking opportunities and picnic spots in magnificent and seldom-seen portions of the southern Appalachian National Forests.
  • Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway

    National Scenic BywaySouth Carolina
    Looming majestically beyond the low Piedmont hills, the Blue Ridge escarpment thrills the mountain lover s soul. The Cherokees called these heights the Great Blue Hills of God. Following an ancient Cherokee path, this beautiful two-lane road arcs through peach orchards and villages, past Cowpens National Battlefield and over Lake Keowee.
  • Cherokee Hills Byway

    National Scenic BywayOklahoma
    Situated in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains the Cherokee Hills Byway is a showcase of eastern Oklahoma s tremendous diversity.
  • Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadMaryland
    The Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway offers an epic journey through an unspoiled landscape that has shaped the lifestyles and livelihoods of generations of Watermen, shipbuilders, and farmers. This largely unchanged landscape makes it easy for visitors to imagine earlier times when goods were shipped to Baltimore in wooden barrels aboard schooners. The byway acts as a destination unto itself— it is the best way to travel through the extraordinary landscapes and waterscapes of the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The byway experience stretches from its upper Eastern Shore terminus – the picturesque Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to its lower shore recreational terminus at Smith Island.
  • Chinook Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadWashington
    Travel the glacier-fed White River from Enumclaw, over Chinook Pass, to the fertile valley of Naches. Spectacular views of Mount Rainier, dense forests, towering peaks, rocky ridges, and river canyons dominate this journey. Pass by the unique basalt flows of the Columbia Plateau, lush sub-alpine meadows, and waterfalls.
  • City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Boulevard National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNevada
    For being such a short stretch of roadway, Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the most highly traveled passenger and pedestrian routes in the country.
  • Coal Heritage Trail

    National Scenic BywayWest Virginia
    Wind through mountains and valleys showcasing America s remarkable industrial heritage. The region commemorates the history and culture of the coal industry and the impact it has had on the physical and social environment. Numerous resources line the corridor, including coal company towns, tipples, railroad structures, and reclaimed mining lands.
  • Colonial Parkway

    All-American RoadVirginia
    The Colonial Parkway not only illustrates the English colonial experience in America, but is also an outstanding example of American parkway design. Retaining its original scenic and historic integrity to a remarkable degree, the 23-mile route connects the historic sites of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.
  • Colorado River Headwaters Byway

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    Dropping 1,700 feet in elevation from end to end, the Colorado River Headwaters Byway follows the Colorado past reservoirs and lush ranchlands, and through narrow canyons flanked by the railroad. Wildlife abounds and access to miles of public land offers year-round recreation and views of mountain landscapes and geology.
  • Connecticut River Byway

    National Scenic BywayMassachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont
    New England s longest, most powerful river tells the story of clashing continental plates and glaciers, of Abenaki living on the land, and of colonial settlement among fields and forests. Experience traditions, vivid history, deeply rooted farming heritage, call of the railroads, natural beauty, and recreation along the Connecticut River Byway.
  • Connecticut State Route 169

    National Scenic BywayConnecticut
    Traverse one of the last unspoiled areas in the northeastern United States. This byway winds through history, passing colonial homesteads, churches, stone walls, meeting houses, and private schools as it connects classic New England towns. Views include maple and pine stands and glacially deposited rocks and boulders that lie strewn throughout fields.
  • Copper Country Trail

    National Scenic BywayMichigan
    Pure copper! In Michigan s northern wilderness you will find the legacy of a mining boom that produced over ten billion pounds of copper that assisted a nation’s growth. Today, the story of the Copper Country is told in the historic downtowns, mine shafthouses, and through the history of the people.
  • Coronado Trail Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayArizona
    Drive through high desert and forests, and see former Native American footpaths first used as horse paths by Conquistadors and prospectors, then as wagon trails for pioneers. While admiring the scenic beauty, imagine nomadic tribes of hunters, gatherers, trappers, outlaws, homesteaders, lumberjacks, and ranchers living along the byway.
  • Coulee Corridor Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayWashington
    Meander through ancient coulees and imagine walls of water hundreds of feet deep churning the rocks and soil, gouging these now dry canyons, leaving behind erratic rocks of all sizes and types as silent artifacts of roaring torrents. Observe a jewel-like lake, where mule deer and Peregrine Falcons live nearby.
  • Country Music Highway

    National Scenic BywayKentucky
    The Country Music Highway is Eastern Kentucky s heritage route. The sites and sounds along the byway capture all aspects of the region s history, including Native American culture, pioneer settlement, coal mining, country music, crafts, architecture, the Civil War, and natural resources.
  • Creole Nature Trail

    All-American RoadLouisiana
    Known as Louisiana s Outback, the Creole Nature Trail meanders through marshes, prairies, and along the Gulf of Mexico. As you loop through Calcasieu and Cameron parishes in Southwest Louisiana, view alligators and birds up close and in the wild, along with colorful wildflowers and rare cheniers shaped by salty winds.
  • Crowley's Ridge Parkway

    National Scenic BywayArkansas, Missouri
    See a mixture of plant communities and an array of wildlife along Crowley s Ridge. Dramatic views abound along the ridge and hills where wildflowers proliferate throughout spring, summer, and fall. Travel through natural and historical sites such as Chalk Bluff Natural Area, the Civil War battle site, and St. Francis National Forest.
  • Cumberland Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayTennessee
    The landscape of the northern Cumberland Plateau is one of mountain paths, winding trails, sacred hunting grounds, and rich timberlands. Each landscape is defined by its own distinctive geologic formations, natural characteristics, legendary characters, and history. Over the 150-mile length of the Cumberland Historic Byway, each one of these landscapes gives way to another, and forms what was, at one time, a hidden frontier in America. The Cumberland Historic Byway links the Upper Cumberland Region, the Cumberland Gap, and the Cumberland River. This byway holds natural resources, unique geology, rich histories, and recreational activities for its travelers.
  • Death Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayCalifornia
    A gateway to over 3.3 million acres of spectacular scenery, expansive vistas, rare desert wildlife, and historical and cultural sites; this byway travels through sculpted hills and shifting sand dunes and even dips below sea level. Death Valley features the lowest point and the hottest place in North America.
  • Delaware Bayshore Byway

    National Scenic BywayDelaware
    Delaware Bayshore Byway allows travelers to take in the majesty and power of Mother Nature in the wildlifeareas and coastal communities of Delaware’s Bayshore. The northern portion of the byway is comprised of a series of cobbled historic roads that are known collectively as Route 9. The southern portion of the byway is a continuation of Delaware’s unique coastal landscapes, made up of small historic coastal towns and communities surrounded by water, marsh, and farmland.
  • Delaware River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    Located on Route 29 along the Delaware River, this byway starts in Trenton and travels north to Frenchtown through historical communities, agricultural landscapes, and recreational areas.
  • Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

    National Scenic BywayColorado, Utah
    The Dinosaur Diamond runs through the best land in the world to learn about dinosaurs. Numerous sites are available to the public where bones and tracks are still visible in the ground. Many museums along the way add to the opportunities to see and learn about dinosaurs.
  • Door County Coastal Byway

    All-American RoadWisconsin
    Door County Coastal Byway connects a multitude of unique natural and recreational attractions. For the Door County Peninsula in northeastern Wisconsin, a combination of geology, two major bodies of water, and geography create an ecosystem that is globally recognized for its diversity and its many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. These natural features provide travelers a wide array of active recreational options, from fishing and water-based activities to hiking and land-based activities. For those looking for a slower pace, the byway offers leisurely drives and parks with water views. The byway allows visitors to navigate and enjoy the more than 25 state and local nature preserves, plus the three state parks, ten county parks, and numerous local parks found along the byway. The charming coastal communities offer a wide array of visitor amenities along the byway.
  • East Tennessee Crossing

    National Scenic BywayTennessee
    This route follows the original path of the Cherokee Warriors Path, the Wilderness Road across the Clinch Mountain and the Cumberland Gap, the Dixie Highway of the Civil War period and Thunder Road of moonshining lore.
  • Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayCalifornia
    Travel Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway and experience glacially carved valleys and canyons, ancient volcanic peaks, and rugged granite snow-capped ridges. Two State Park gateways feature the northernmost groves of giant sequoias in the U.S. Driving on this narrow asphalt ribbon brings the backcountry up close, renewing spirit and body.
  • Edge of the Wilderness

    National Scenic BywayMinnesota
    Travel this spectacular, winding byway by many pristine lakes, forests, swamps, rolling hills, and other unique features. Outdoor recreation, interpretive sites, and other exciting opportunities await the traveler. During fall, the northwoods is adorned with the brilliant colors of red sugar maples, bronze oak trees and glowing gold aspen and birch.
  • Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywaySouth Carolina
    For a variety of views from the sparkling waters of Edisto Bay to the green foliage native to the South, drive the Edisto Island Scenic Byway on SC 174.
  • El Camino Real

    National Scenic BywayNew Mexico
    Cultures along El Camino Real De Tierra Adentro (The Royal Road of the Interior Land), are as diverse as its history and scenery. Pueblos reveal artisans crafting wares using centuries-old methods. The route, first traveled by Don Juan de Onate in 1598, provided news, supplies, and travel to the first capital of the New World.
  • Flaming Gorge - Green River Basin Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadWyoming
    A journey along the Flaming Gorge - Green River Basin Scenic Byway rides along high ridges with views of fifty miles or more in any direction. The road touches lightly on the landscape as it rolls, dips, and twists across a dry and impossibly big sky. The windswept land, alongside the emerald water of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, is a splendid fishing and water recreation resource. Visitors may drive for pleasure across the byway and experience immense blue sky, brilliant white billowing clouds, multi-colored rock, and vast grasslands. This drive passes through the nationally significant Wyoming Basin, a specific physiographic region used by the National Park Service and geographers to organize the country’s landscape as influenced by geography, watersheds, and landforms. Even more striking than the ridges are the deep canyons carved in the landscape by millions of years of erosion by streams and rivers originating in the nearby mountains.
  • Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayUtah
    The byway meanders over the eastern flank of the Uinta Mountains and through the Ashley National Forest and Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. View wildlife in their native habitats and experience the real West as passed down through western folklore of early explorers, homesteaders, mountainmen, outlaws and cowboys.
  • Flint Hills Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayKansas
    Gateway to the tallgrass prairie, the Flint Hills Scenic Byway offers travelers an unchanged view of the grasslands of the Great Plains. Explore historic sites, quaint towns, and scenic vistas as you discover where the West truly begins.
  • Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayFlorida
    The Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway in north central Florida is filled with long, uninterrupted stretches of natural Florida and pine-scented air. See an array of wildlife, lush subtropical vegetation, and springs with clear, crystalline water. Be sure to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities like camping, hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, and canoeing.
  • Florida Keys Scenic Highway

    All-American RoadFlorida
    The Florida Keys Scenic Highway travels from the casual city of Key Largo to the even more relaxed community of Key West following the Old Keys Railroad Bridges of US 1.
  • Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNorth Carolina
    Travel back in time and explore history and beautiful scenery on the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway (U.S. 276) through the Pisgah National Forest. As you wind your way on old settlement roads past mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls, imagine how this landscape looked decades ago when modern forestry began.
  • Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    Mirroring the paths of Zebulon Pike, Charles Goodnight, Juan Bautista de Anza, Arthur Carhart, and Cuerno Verde, Frontier Pathways showcases rugged mountains, carpets of wildflowers, piñon-dotted foothills, and clusters of golden aspen. Visitors can experience the Sangre de Cristo Mountains -- 22 peaks over 13,000 feet.
  • George Washington Memorial Parkway

    All-American RoadVirginia
    This scenic grand gateway and greenway to our Nation’s Capital offers the opportunity to experience the historic story of the birth of our Nation. See Mount Vernon where George Washington lived, sweeping views of our Nation s Capital, and the breathtaking Great Falls of the Potomac.
  • Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Mexico
    Immerse yourself in the Apaches history and the hot mineral springs used by Geronimo and his warriors. Visit the historic mining towns that flourished and died with the gold and silver fortunes. From desert lakes to forested mountains, the Geronimo Trail captures the spirit of freedom and independence.
  • Glenn Highway

    National Scenic BywayAlaska
    Tracing the receding glaciers responsible for this rugged gateway to Alaska s interior, Glenn Highway tells of powerful geological processes and the resourceful people who have managed to thrive along its corridor. Begin your journey in Anchorage and wind along 135 miles through fascinating landscapes, historical sites, and cozy roadhouses.
  • Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    The Gold Belt Tour follows historic railroad and stagecoach routes leading to North America s greatest gold camp, three world-class fossil sites, and numerous historic sites. The Shelf and Phantom Canyon Roads cut along unpaved routes through winding canyons. Five byway communities allow a glimpse into this area s rich heritage.
  • Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    This playground in the sky climbs from the rugged Plateau Canyon floor to the cool evergreen mesa forests, 11,000 feet up. Featured are hundreds of sparkling lakes, wildflower meadows and forests of shimmering aspen and pine. Take a side trip to Lands End Overlook where the Grand Valley unfolds below.
  • Grand Rounds Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMinnesota
    The country s longest continuous system of public urban parkways, this has been the preeminent urban parkway system for more than a century. Lovely parks, trails, lakes and parkways surround the city of Minneapolis. Enjoy the Chain of Lakes, Lake Nokomis, Lake Hiawatha, Minnehaha Falls, and much more.
  • Great Lakes Seaway Trail

    National Scenic BywayNew York, Pennsylvania
    The Great Lakes Seaway Trail byway parallels the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes in New York and Pennsylvania. This adventure includes Niagara Falls; 1000 Islands; 29 lighthouses; War of 1812, farm, and nature sites; welcoming harbors, world-class sportfishing, bridges/ferries to/from Canada, and the Seaway Trail Discovery Center.
  • Great River Road

    All-American Road, National Scenic BywayArkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin
    Throughout history, the Mississippi River influenced many lives: the Dakota, Chippewa, and Hopewell cultures; early French voyagers; African-Americans seeking freedom on the Underground Railroad; and many more. Through its charming river towns and metropolitan cities, historic sites and cultural artifacts, today s Great River Road still links resources, people, and history.
  • Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMinnesota
    The Gunflint Trail is best known as the eastern entrance to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), a unique wilderness of more than a thousand lakes and streams joined by short overland trails called portages.
  • Haines Highway - Valley of the Eagles

    National Scenic BywayAlaska
    Travel along the Haines Highway - Valley of the Eagles and you will encounter the true home of the Bald Eagle. Each year, more than 3,500 Bald Eagles migrate to the preserve during October to February, the largest congregation of Bald Eagles in one location in the world!
  • Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway

    All-American RoadMaryland
    This byway brings to life the stories of the Underground Railroad, a secret network of roads, waterways, trails, and hiding places along which enslaved African-Americans were helped to freedom before the Civil War.
  • Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadOregon
    Journey from river s edge to mountain top and down to valley floor. Savor panoramic views of rugged basalt cliffs and fertile fields, rimmed by snow-tipped peaks. Tour foundries, galleries, and museums. Touch the weathered track of the historic Oregon Trail. Watch the majestic Snake River tumble through North America s deepest canyon.
  • Highland Scenic Highway

    National Scenic BywayWest Virginia
    Travel through a wild and undeveloped portion of the Monongahela National Forest. Hardwood forests cover rolling, mountainous terrain capped by dark spruce at high elevations. Traverse a narrow and steep-walled valley with views of clear mountain streams. Sights include Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, Summit Lake, and Falls of Hills Creek.
  • Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMinnesota
    In the small communities and scenic beauty of this byway, visitors find art galleries, antique shops, Amish tours, historic sites, cave tours, and museums. Parks, forests and the Root and Mississippi Rivers provide opportunities for many recreation options, including canoeing, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, cycling, wildlife watching, fishing, and photography.
  • Historic Columbia River Highway

    All-American RoadOregon
    Travel to magnificent overlooks that provide views of the Columbia River and waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls. Springtime has magnificent wildflower displays, including many endemic plants. The Columbia River formed the last leg of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and was part of the early route of the Oregon Trail.
  • Historic National Road

    The Historic National Road was the nation's first federally funded interstate highway. It opened the nation to the west and became a corridor for the movement of goods and people. Today, visitors experience a physical timeline, including classic inns, tollhouses, diners, and motels that trace 200 years of American history.
  • Historic Route 66

    All-American Road, National Scenic BywayArizona, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Missouri
    The charm, the history, and the atmosphere that make up The Mother Road bring travelers from all over the world to experience America the way it should be experienced - down a stretch of highway where anything goes is literal.
  • Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway takes travelers deep into the historic hills of southeast Ohio. The byway traverses hills and valleys and passes the six non-contiguous sites of the Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio’s natural crown jewels. The byway passes historically significant sites and connects the Hocking Hills State Park sites – Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, Conkle’s Hollow, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave – from north to south. Hocking Hills is a gem that people from all over the world come to see – it highlights the best natural beauty of the area with its sandstone rocks, dense forests, and unique local communities.
  • Illinois River Road

    National Scenic BywayIllinois
    The Illinois River Valley imparts feelings of awe at the power of the river winding its way through a land form carved by glacial melt water. Experience the seasonal colors and rhythms of the forests, wetlands, bluffs, and prairies on your own or follow one of seven different nature activity guides.
  • Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayFlorida
    The Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway gives access to a National Estuary providing habitat to more species than anywhere in North America. History buffs, bird watchers, anglers, surfers, swimmers, boaters, and vacationers will find excitement at a national seashore, wildlife refuges, state park, museums, the Kennedy Space Center, beaches, and waterways.
  • Indiana's Historic Pathways

    National Scenic BywayIndiana
    Drive Indiana’s Historic Pathways and You ll fall in line with a route that stretches from antiquity to the present. The Pathway joins the lower Ohio Valley and the Mississippi Valley providing access to memorable historic districts, elegant forests, and to a fuller understanding of Indiana s past.
  • International Selkirk Loop

    All-American RoadIdaho, Washington
    Marvel at the awesome beauty of the International Selkirk Loop as it encircles the wild Selkirk Mountains for 280 miles (including British Columbia). Play on crystal clear rivers and lakes, or traverse mountain trails to view snowcapped peaks and wildlife diversity. Explore charming communities with fascinating history, fun festivals, and picturesque settings.
  • Jemez Mountain Trail

    National Scenic BywayNew Mexico
    Jemez Mountain Trail takes you through time and past amazing geological formations, ancient Indian ruins, and an Indian pueblo. The area is rich in logging, mining, and ranching heritage. Sites include Jemez State Monument, Bandelier National Monument, Soda Dam, Cabezon, Battleship Rock, and the Spence and Jemez Mountain Hot Springs.
  • Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia
    The 180-mile corridor of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia is Where America Happened. It is said that this corridor holds more historic sites than any other in the US.
  • Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway

    National Scenic BywayArizona
    Travel through the Kaibab Plateau s meadows and forests of dense ponderosa pine and mixed conifer to the brink of the spectacular north rim of the Grand Canyon, 1,000 feet higher than the south rim. Watch for the abundant wildlife and experience breathtaking views of the canyon.
  • Kancamagus Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Hampshire
    The Kancamagus Scenic Byway passes through the heart of the White Mountains while traversing the flank of Mt. Kancamagus, filled with scenic areas and overlooks. Visit the Russell Colbath Historic Site, which offers colonial history, and explore the Forest Discovery Trail, which provides forest ecology experiences in a living classroom.
  • Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaine
    The Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway offers world-class outdoor recreational opportunities amidst spectacular scenery. Visitors of all experience levels can enjoy camping, canoeing, rafting, hiking, bicycling, fishing, snowmobiling, nordic skiing, and epic wildlife watching. Byway travelers have exceptional access to these places through both public lands and Maine’s traditional public access over private lands. In addition to the byway’s recreational resources, travelers can learn about how these natural attractions are nationally significant by tracing Henry David Thoreau’s footsteps, enjoying vistas painted by famous artists, or discovering the wildness that inspired Roosevelt.
  • Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    Experience 12,000 years of history along Lake Erie. Visit the Lake Erie Islands, coastal marshes, prairies, rivers, and waterfalls. Follow tales of early shipping and sailing at maritime museums, restored freighters, and lighthouses. Learn about the Western Reserve, the Underground Railroad, and the War of 1812 at historic sites and museums.
  • Lake Tahoe - Eastshore Drive

    National Scenic BywayNevada
    Lake Tahoe offers breathtaking views of the crystal clear lake, towering pine trees, and snow-capped mountains, earning it the title, the most beautiful drive in America. Part of the Pony Express Trail and home to the historic sacred grounds of the Washoe Indians, Lake Tahoe offers something for everyone year-round.
  • Lakes to Locks Passage

    All-American RoadNew York
    Midway between Manhattan and Montreal, the Lakes to Locks Passage lets you experience the interconnected waterway that shaped the destiny of North America. By bike, foot, boat, train, or car, you will discover charming small cities, rural landscapes and Adirondack hamlets with diverse historic, natural, cultural, and recreational sites.
  • Lariat Loop Scenic and Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    Lariat Loop takes you through enchanting historic districts and into the rugged terrain of the Wild West. Drink in the clear skies, dramatic mountain scenes, and patchwork valleys where Buffalo Bill Cody roamed.
  • Las Vegas Strip

    All-American RoadNevada
    Las Vegas Boulevard is one of America s only nighttime byways and possibly the most concentrated collection of neon and lights in the world. A trip down the Strip is an all-inclusive way to experience the heart of Las Vegas -- an adventure that captures 75 years of history, glitz, and roadside charm.
  • Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway

    National Scenic BywayKentucky
    The Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway travels through six communities as it winds its way through the knobs of Kentucky. This corridor is a national destination unto itself and exhibits significant historic and cultural resources around every turn. From the town of Hodgenville, through New Haven and Bardstown, on through Springfield and Perryville to Danville, the 71.2 miles of the Lincoln Heritage Scenic Highway proudly display the history and culture that the region was built upon.
  • Lincoln Highway

    National Scenic BywayIllinois
    Journey on the Illinois Lincoln Highway, rich with history, heritage, and culture!
  • Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway

    National Scenic BywayIowa
    The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway connects visitors with the American journey by preserving and telling the story of the Lincoln Highway. Connecting 43 communities in 13 counties in Iowa, the 1913 Lincoln Highway was the first improved transcontinental road created with existing roads, Native American paths, wagon trails, and newly paved roads. Iowa’s Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway has many original intact elements that are actively preserved and restored for generations to come.
  • Lincoln Highway Scenic & History Byway

    All-American RoadNebraska
    To travel along Nebraska’s Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway is to travel through America’s transportation history. Previously known as the “Great Platte River Road,” the Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway was traversed by Native Americans and later fur traders who explored the west. The route was then used in America’s great westward migration. Modern travelers will experience the small rural towns that developed along the route every six to twelve miles across the entire byway. Across the byway, travelers will find numerous historical markers commemorating significant incidents along the highway.
  • Loess Hills National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIowa
    The Loess Hills National Scenic Byway weaves through the rugged landscape of windblown silt deposits along the Missouri River Valley. This unique American treasure possesses natural features found only in one other place in the world: the Yellow River Valley of China. Accordingly, the landscape supports many rare plants and animals.
  • Logan Canyon Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayUtah
    From Logan to Garden City, this byway parallels the Logan River through Logan Canyon, passing through dense forests, lush meadows, rugged rock formations and panoramic views. Each season brings a colorful show, especially in autumn.
  • McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOregon
    Experience dramatic views of the snowcapped High Cascade Peaks. The panorama of lava fields and six Cascade peaks is made more striking by the contrast between the black lava and white snow. The mountains are mirrored in crystal-clear lakes, and the byway passes beautiful waterfalls, including Sahalie and Koosah Falls.
  • Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route

    National Scenic BywayIllinois
    Here, the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers meet to form a 35,000-acre floodplain. The Mississippi, a working river, is also an environmental treasure. Historic 18th Century river towns, islands, bars, points and bends create beautiful scenery beneath limestone bluffs that are covered by forests extending over nearly 20,000 acres.
  • Merritt Parkway

    National Scenic BywayConnecticut
    Set in natural surroundings, Merritt Parkway s significant design brilliantly integrates the craft of the engineer and the artist. The bridges along the route are excellent examples of Art Deco, or Art Moderne, styles of the 1920s and 1930s. Magnificent foliage abounds in both spring and fall.
  • Midland Trail

    National Scenic BywayWest Virginia
    Begin at the State Capitol and travel through Malden, boyhood home of Booker T. Washington. Then continue through white-water mountain country and the breathtaking scenery of New River Gorge and Hawks Nest State Park. On the eastern end, encounter colonial Lewisburg, and the oldest golf course in the US.
  • Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    Located in the narrow Millstone River Valley in north central New Jersey, the Millstone Valley Scenic byway offers you a glimpse into the past where well-preserved pieces of the canal era, the revolutionary war era, and early Dutch and American heritage live on.
  • Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMinnesota
    The Minnesota River Valley is rich with stories of American Indian lifestyle changes entangled with the struggles of Euro-American immigrants making a home in this unfamiliar land. The establishment of agricultural cooperatives, railroad and river transportation, and land stewardship practices make this one of the most productive agricultural civilizations anywhere.
  • Mohawk Towpath Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew York
    Visit New York s historic canal system and see the locks and bridges that made canal transport possible for almost two centuries. The Mohawk Towpath Byway links scenic, recreational, and historic resources. Architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries endures, as do the landscape and the perseverance of the canal builders.
  • Mohawk Trail Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMassachusetts
    The Mohawk Trail Scenic Byway celebrates the history, heritage, and natural beauty of an important regional travel route. The Mohawk Trail is steeped in local and regional history and acts as a microcosm of the broader history of the region. Approximately 12,000 years ago, Native Americans used this route to travel between the Hudson River and Connecticut River Valleys. Later, the European settlers used the route, and eventually altered it, to support travel by horse and cart. As the use of automobiles increased, this route became the first to be constructed as a scenic auto touring route.
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway - I-90

    National Scenic BywayWashington
    Drive east from Seattle on I-90 through pastoral valleys, lush forests and a dramatic mountain landscape. Visit historic towns and scenic spots for forest walks or challenging hikes. Cross the Cascades into a drier climate where coal mining built pioneer towns on the way to the Columbia River.
  • Mt. Hood Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOregon
    On this byway, volcanoes once erupted and mammoth floods scoured deep gorges. Discover geologic wonders, waterfalls, temperate rain forests and wild rivers. Explore pastoral valleys with farm-fresh produce. Experience the formidable last leg of the Oregon Trail, the Barlow Road. Enjoy this bountiful wonderland that the pioneers called paradise.
  • Natchez Trace Parkway

    All-American RoadAlabama, Mississippi, Tennessee
    Native Americans, Kaintuck boatmen, post riders, government officials, and soldiers all moved across this trail, creating a vital link between the Mississippi Territory and the fledgling United States. Pass through forests, cypress swamps, and farmland to meander through the rock-studded hills of Tennessee, cotton fields in Alabama, and Mississippi s rural countryside.
  • Native American Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNorth Dakota, South Dakota
    The byway crosses the reservations of four tribes of Lakota Sioux: Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River, and Standing Rock. Its many memorial markers, monuments, museums, and sacred sites commemorate the heritage of the Sioux Nation and help you hear history from the Native American point of view.
  • Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayUtah
    From Nephi to Payson, this route has breathtaking views of the Wasatch Range and 11,929-foot Mt. Nebo, its tallest mountain. See flat bottomlands, high-alpine conifers, red rock formations, gray sandstone cliffs and salt flats all in the same day. Sights include Devil s Kitchen, Walker Flat and Mt. Nebo Wilderness.
  • Newfound Gap Road Byway

    All-American RoadNorth Carolina, Tennessee
    Newfound Gap Road is a 31-mile linear landscape that connects Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina. It forms a vital component of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s circulation system that is completely contained within the National Park’s boundaries. This roadway is often the first or primary means for visitors to acquaint themselves with the character of the National Park and its natural, recreational, and cultural resources. Travelers can stop along the roadway to take hikes and then continue on the byway to ascend along pronounced curves to view beautiful overlooks.
  • Norris Freeway

    National Scenic BywayTennessee
    Norris Freeway, located near the heart of East Tennessee, is a byway steeped in American innovation history. This byway passes over Norris Dam, the location of which was selected by the Tennessee Valley Authority, to control the flooding in the Clinch and Powell River watershed. This byway begins in Rocky Top (once known as “Coal Creek”) and heads southeast to the unincorporated community of Halls. Parts of Anderson County, Campbell County, and Knox County are traversed along the route. With the beautiful scenery of the Tennessee Valley and state parks, travelers along the Norris Freeway can marvel at the innovation of the Norris Dam.
  • North Shore Scenic Drive

    All-American RoadMinnesota
    This byway follows the majestic shoreline of Lake Superior, the world s largest freshwater lake. Experience some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. The drive provides access to eight state parks, and the Superior National Forest and offers unlimited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons.
  • Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadIdaho
    The Lewis and Clark Expedition journeyed through north-central Idaho 200 years ago in search of the Northwest Passage. The sparkling rivers, deep canyons, and rugged mountains they encountered are relatively unchanged. Experience the culture, recreation, and scenery in this breathtaking land of the Nez Perce.
  • Ohio & Erie Canalway

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    The Ohio & Erie Canalway is a place to actively explore and experience the stories of our past, present, and future on trails, trains, and scenic byways, in canal towns and ethnic neighborhoods, along working rivers and great lakes, within industrial landscapes and vibrant natural areas.
  • Ohio River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIllinois, Indiana, Ohio
    This history-rich byway meanders along the banks of the Ohio River, hugging its shoreline and offering almost continuous views of the river. The history of the Ohio is found both in rural landscapes and quaint river communities, covering periods from Native American habitation through western settlement, affecting transportation patterns and industrialization.
  • Old Canada Road Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaine
    The Old Canada Road Scenic Byway is a snapshot in time. Tracing the route of generations of travelers between Maine and Quebec, this segment of U.S. Rt. 201 winds right alongside the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake, and the Dead River. Encounter old-time villages and abundant wildlife in mountain ridges, forests, and rivers.
  • Old Frankfort Pike Historic and Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayKentucky
    The Old Frankfort Pike Historic and Scenic Byway extends over 15 miles through a memorable historic landscape in Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region. Old Frankfort Pike invites the traveler on an extraordinary drive through miles of countryside that were once typical of the Kentucky Inner Bluegrass, but rarely survive today with such cohesion and integrity. Here, traditional diversified agriculture and the international equine industry thrive and coexist in a unique landscape that has evolved over the past 200 years.
  • Old King's Highway (Route 6A)

    National Scenic BywayMassachusetts
    Old King’s Highway (Route 6A) forms the backbone of America’s largest historic district and is also one of the country’s most scenic corridors. This roadway is a major tourist attraction due to its scenic and historic attributes, as well as its proximity to Cape Cod beaches and recreational attractions. A trip down this roadway takes the traveler through America’s largest historic district and eight National Register districts, and past dozens of National Register buildings, including early Cape Cod houses, sea captains’ homes, and Victorian buildings. In addition to the historic treasures, the natural beauty of the corridor provides a scenic backdrop with bayside marsh views, open vistas, cranberry bogs, and an extensive tree canopy framing sections of the corridor.
  • Ormond Scenic Loop & Trail

    National Scenic BywayFlorida
    Visitors seeking a cultural and/or historic experience will find museums, historic public buildings, and private homes along the corridor, in Tomoka State Park, and in locations a few blocks off the designated roadways. This is a byway where recreational opportunities abound.
  • Outback Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOregon
    Outback refers to land with a natural ruggedness. Though people come here seeking independence, they know each other s first names. Community is paramount. Jonathan Nicholas, publisher of the Oregonian, said it is a star-spangled landscape of marsh and mountain, of reflection and rim rock, of seamless vistas and sage-scented dreams.
  • Outer Banks Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNorth Carolina
    Drive the Outer Banks Scenic Byway today. With the help of two ferries, visit the beaches and see the ocean from the barrier islands. Enjoy old-time village communities that haven t lost their maritime culture. Wrap yourself in local history on the Outer Banks Scenic Byway.
  • Pacific Coast Scenic Byway - Oregon

    All-American RoadOregon
    Starting in Astoria and traveling south to Brookings, the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway provides views of amazing coastal scenery. The road winds by estuarine marshes, clings to seaside cliffs, passes through agricultural valleys, and brushes against wind-sculpted dunes. Charming small towns, museums, state parks, overlooks, historic bridges, and lighthouses ensure a delightful journey.
  • Palisades Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Palisades Scenic Byway in New Jersey connects New York City, the nation’s largest metropolitan area, to vast areas of protected parkland. This byway links travelers to the National Natural and Historic Landmark Palisades Cliffs and provides expansive views of the Hudson River. One cannot help but be awed by the scenery along the byway, as evidenced by the 250,000 visitors that use the New Jersey portion of the Palisades Scenic byway annually.
  • Palisades Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew York
    Palisades Scenic Byway in New York is a scenic drive that connects the nation’s most populous city, New York City, to nature. The opportunity for visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the byway was the primary motivation for the Parkway’s development and design, as a part of the historic New York State Parkway system. The journey along the byway includes views of the New York City skyline, the Hudson River, the Hackensack River, and more. no other American byway has such a proximal relationship to a large population center, such as New York City, and a magnificent scenic destination.
  • Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMinnesota
    Like nature s table of contents, the lakes and woods of the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway are chapters filled with many recreational opportunities and adventures just waiting to be discovered. With the wink and wit of Paul Bunyan lore slipped in for fun, sites and events turn easily into sparkling memories.
  • Payette River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIdaho
    The Payette River Scenic Byway meanders through foothills, mountain valleys, canyons, forests, and wide-open valleys with expansive vistas. Visit Lake Cascade, with its beauty and wildlife, and enjoy Payette Lake among the mountains and trees. Easy access to rafting, kayaking, camping, and fishing make this a trip for everyone.
  • Pend Oreille Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIdaho
    Visitors to the Pend Oreille Scenic Byway find an abundance of recreational opportunities, postcard-quality scenery, and historical elements. Each season enhances the numerous recreational opportunities created by the interplay of Lake Pend Oreille, the Clark Fork River, and the surrounding forests, all bordered by immense natural beauty within the byway s corridor.
  • Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywaySouth Dakota
    This byway will lead you on a delightful adventure as it winds its way around spiraling pig-tail shaped bridges, through six rock tunnels, among towering granite pinnacles and over pristine, pine-clad mountains. Highlights include Mt. Rushmore, Harney Peak, Sylvan Lake, the Needle s Eye and Cathedral Spires rock formations.
  • Pine Barrens Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Pine Barrens Byway traverses a landscape of sublime natural beauty: the rare pygmy pines, lakes and streams fed by a 17 trillion gallon aquifer situated beneath sandy soils, and biomes that include a vast array of plant and animal life, some unique to the Pinelands and nationally protected. But the deeper charm and allure of the Pine Barrens and our Byway is even subtler than these things. A journey along the Byway beckons to the traveler to actively engage with the landscape as the original, indigenous inhabitants of the region did for thousands of years, and the European settlers that followed them generations later.
  • Pioneer Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIdaho
    Begin at Franklin, Idaho s first city, and then travel up the Bear River to northern Mormon settlements, military campaigns, and the first Yellowstone route. Relive the byway s pioneer saga and walk Oregon Trail ruts in emigrant footsteps. See major geologic and natural sites, massacre sites and Chesterfield, a Mormon ghost town.
  • Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNevada
    Pyramid Lake, sponsored by Native Americans, takes you to one of the largest desert lakes in the world. It is landlocked on the barren desert floor and its colors change from green, to turquoise, to deep blue. The lake is also a resting place for a variety of migrating waterfowl.
  • Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaine
    Wind through the mountains and lakes of western Maine on the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway. Step back in time and treat yourself to spectacular scenery, outstanding recreational opportunities, abundant wildlife, local museums, and quaint New England villages. Slow down, relax, and enjoy nature s abundance at every turn.
  • Red River Gorge Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayKentucky
    One of the nation s special natural areas, Red River Gorge offers stone arches, caves, cliffs, ravines, and waterflows. Designated as a National Natural Landmark, a National Wild and Scenic River, and a National Geological Area, the landscape of this part of Kentucky offers scenic, natural, and recreation experiences.
  • Red Rock Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadArizona
    Red Rock Scenic Byway winds through Sedona s Red Rock Country, often called a museum without walls. Travelers are amazed by the high desert s power, diversity, and sense of intimacy with nature. Inhabited for thousands of years, the stunning red rocks are alive with a timeless spirit that captivates and inspires.
  • Religious Freedom Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaryland
    This byway, with several branches that reach toward the Potomac River, incorporates many of the nation s oldest churches, the site of the first Roman Catholic Mass held in English-speaking America, and Maryland s colonial capital, Historic St. Mary s City.
  • Revolutionary Heritage Byway

    National Scenic BywayRhode Island
    The Revolutionary Heritage Byway in Bristol, Rhode Island leads travelers through a quintessential New England town rich in history and culture that provides an unparalleled experience for the traveler. The byway is studded with historic homes, waterfront parks, and a distinct downtown listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mature trees line the Revolutionary Heritage Byway with gorgeous views of the Bristol Harbor and Narragansett Bay. On the byway, travelers experience a vibrant historic downtown with shops, restaurants, and museums and can experience the Nation’s oldest continuous Fourth of July celebration along the byway itself.
  • River of Lakes Heritage Corridor

    National Scenic BywayFlorida
    The story of the River of Lakes Heritage Corridor is one of history, culture, and opportunity. It spans the time from the very earliest inhabitants of Florida, as told by its parks and museums, to the founding of its many cities, as represented through the historic districts and historic properties that thrive in the region’s communities. This byway embodies a unique blend of history, sophisticated contemporary culture, and gorgeous natural Florida.
  • River Road Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMichigan
    River Road Scenic Byway showcases all the AuSable River Valley has to offer. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Huron National Forest, enjoy panoramic views from high bluffs, spectacular fall colors, or quiet winter splendor. Hike, canoe, birdwatch, snowmobile, or ski--River Road can be explored during any season.
  • Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOregon
    From rolling, oak-covered hills to towering coniferous forests; from roaring whitewater rapids to incised inter-canyon lava flows; the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway invites you to experience 172 miles of diverse river and mountain landscapes. Drive alongside the Upper Rogue and North Umpqua Wild and Scenic Rivers, both of which contain world-class fisheries.
  • Route 1 - Big Sur Coast Highway

    All-American RoadCalifornia
    Travel the route that hugs the California coast, providing access to austere, windswept cypress trees, fog-shrouded cliffs and the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean. Views include rugged canyons, towering redwoods, sea lions, and other marine life.
  • Route 1 - San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway

    All-American RoadCalifornia
    The San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway provides an extraordinary experience. The unique geographic sections of the corridor offer a mosaic of experiences. From Hearst Castle, to Morro Estuary and the Pacific, to the outdoor recreation of hiking, biking, and kayaking, the corridor offers something for everyone.
  • Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayGeorgia
    Surrounded by the beauty of the Chattahoochee National Forest, the byway winds through the valleys and mountain gaps of the southern Appalachians. From the vistas atop Brasstown Bald to the cooling mists of waterfalls, scenic wonders fill this region. Hike the Appalachian Trail or fish in a cool mountain stream.
  • San Juan Skyway

    All-American RoadColorado
    Travel the road to the sky which offers views from the towering 14,000-foot San Juan Mountains to rolling hillsides speckled with ancient Indian pueblo ruins. Victorian towns offer both excitement and relaxation. Soak in hot springs, ride the narrow-gauge railroad, and sleep under the stars or in a cozy lodge.
  • Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNebraska
    The largest area of stabilized sand dunes in the western hemisphere, the Nebraska Sandhills, occupies nearly 20,000 square miles. In this timeless, windblown ocean of undulating dunes, native grass and vivid blue lakes, nature is still master of the land. Nebraska Highway 2, the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway, bisects this ancient ground, leading travelers to treasures that cannot be found anywhere else. This byway traverses an area where the wind blows, the stars glow, the rivers flow, and the grasses grow. Visitors leave with an immediate desire to return, a sense of rejuvenation, and the comforting feeling of knowing that there is still a wild, timeless place in the heart of Nebraska.
  • Santa Fe Trail

    National Scenic BywayColorado, New Mexico
    One of America s first great trade routes, the Santa Fe Trail was critical to our country s westward expansion. Visit historic sites and landmarks like Bent s Fort, Trinidad, Raton Pass, Cimarron, Fort Union, Pecos, Point of Rocks, and Santa Fe. Enjoy spectacular scenery, from rugged mountains to the plains.
  • Savannah River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywaySouth Carolina
    The Savannah River Scenic Byway affords scenic views, glimpses of life in the rural South and opportunities to experience southern hospitality. Whether receiving a casual lesson on barbecue traditions, fishing tips or stories about the state s role in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, You ll feel welcome.
  • Scenic Byway 12

    All-American RoadUtah
    Scenic Byway 12 takes you to the heart of the American West. This exceptional 124-mile route negotiates an isolated landscape of canyons, plateaus, and valleys ranging from 4,000 to 9,000 feet above sea level. You ll encounter archaeological, cultural, historical, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities while driving this exhilarating byway.
  • Scenic Byway 143 - Utah's Patchwork Parkway

    National Scenic BywayUtah
    Scenic Byway 143 - Utah’s Patchwork Parkway serves as the western gateway to a breathtaking route across Utah’s high plateaus, connecting to Heritage Highway 89 and Scenic Byway 12, Utah’s first All American Road. These routes allow travelers to experience a nationally renowned passage through two national parks and two national monuments as they explore the vast landscape between Interstate 15 and Interstate 70.
  • Scenic Highway 30A

    National Scenic BywayFlorida
    Scenic Highway 30A is an iconic two-lane highway in Walton County, Florida, where the natural and man-made environments co-exist to provide an experience unlike anything in the region. White sand beaches, conservation lands, cultural sites, and quaint historic beach communities dot the route, while providing visitors with a variety of attractions to choose from. Residents and visitors can spend their day swimming in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, biking to local shops and nearby cafes, hiking a trail in one of the many state parks, taking a unique tour of the coastal dune lakes, or just relaxing on a porch to take in the post-card-perfect view.
  • Scenic Highway of Legends

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    The Scenic Highway of Legends features the Spanish Peaks micro mountain range. In addition to the Spanish Peaks, the roadway features natural attractions, including San Isabel National Forest, Wilderness, Four Colorado State Wildlife Areas, the Gap at Stonewall, and Goemmer Butte. The Scenic Highway of Legends marks a crossroads of cultures, where diverse peoples have protected its intrinsic natural and scenic qualities, and today, the roadway’s travelers are astonished by how profoundly undisturbed this land remains.
  • Schoodic Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaine
    The Schoodic Scenic Byway travels through the eastern seaboard, including the quiet side of Acadia National Park. The landscape remains unspoiled, revealing a part of Maine where lobstering and clamming are still a tradition. Discover the local artisans crafts and let the mountains, coastal islands, historic buildings, and lighthouses enchant you.
  • Selma to Montgomery March Byway

    All-American RoadAlabama
    Journey through history along the trail that marks one of the major historic events in 20th-century American history, the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March, led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Wind through the streets of Selma; pass through countryside where marchers spent the night on their way to Montgomery.
  • Sequatchie Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayTennessee
    The Sequatchie Valley Scenic Byway runs through Marion, Sequatchie, Bledsoe, and Cumberland Counties, connecting one of the most picturesque and undisturbed regions of the United States. Rich in history and offering many opportunities for outdoor recreation, agritourism, and regional folk culture, the Sequatchie Valley Scenic Byway is poised to become one of Tennessee’s most desirable destinations. The Sequatchie Valley holds one of Tennessee’s most dramatic landscapes, its geographic and geological characteristics shaping its history and culture. The byway’s side roads offer opportunities for outdoor recreation on trails and the Sequatchie River, and the Valley tells the story of the mining history that was prevalent in the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries and shaped the historic built environment in the Sequatchie Valley.
  • Seward Highway

    All-American RoadAlaska
    Seward Highway showcases the natural beauty of south-central Alaska between Anchorage and Seward. From jagged peaks and alpine meadows to breathtaking fjords and crystal lakes, find a concentrated series of diverse landscapes and experiences. See sights such as Beluga whales or dog teams in the winter.
  • Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNorth Dakota
    In a state known for its flat horizons, a dip into a tree-speckled valley with snaking river and winding roadway is a welcome variation. Discover Native American, Viking, and pioneer lore. Explore 27 interpretive sites that include historic sites, trails, bridges, antiques, birds, and starry nights. Quaint towns and farmsteads lend charm to your journey.
  • Silver Thread Colorado Scenic & Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    The Silver Thread Colorado Scenic & Historic Byway is known for its incredible contributions to the nation’s silver mining boom as well as for some of the country’s most notorious outlaws. This byway provides important access to the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and intersects the Old Spanish Trail. Today, this byway still acts as a reminder that this road not only winds up toward the sky, but also back in time.
  • Sky Island Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayArizona
    Start your journey among giant saguaro cacti of the Sonoran desert and climb to shady conifer forests at nearly 9,000 feet, passing biological diversity equivalent to a drive from Mexico to Canada in just 27 miles. Enjoy spectacular views and recreational opportunities from hiking and camping to picnicking and skiing.
  • Skyline Drive

    National Scenic BywayVirginia
    During its over seventy year history, Skyline Drive has offered travelers the opportunity to view many of the most scenic vistas in the eastern United States. The experience combines the protected setting of Shenandoah National Park with two visitor centers, miles of hiking trails, and opportunities for wildlife viewing.
  • St. John Valley Cultural Byway/Fish River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMaine
    The St. John Valley Cultural Byway / Fish River Scenic Byway is a 134-mile roadway situated in the St. John Valley at the northeastern point of Maine alongside the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Québec. Travelers enjoy a captivating cultural journey in a pastoral river valley as they wind through small towns, fertile fields, and deep forest. In this rural corner of the nation, the traveler is welcomed with kindness and a gentle pace of life. They will come to know “chez nous,” which means our home, as a genuine place of simple living and distinct culture, shaped over centuries in one of the last frontiers of wild, undivided forestland in the nation.
  • Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike

    National Scenic BywayWest Virginia
    Crucial in the First Campaign of the Civil War, this road now features pristine Civil War sites and charming historic towns. Hike through vast forests; fish in secluded waters; ride a wild mountain railroad. Explore this byway whose woods, small farms and beautiful mountain vistas take you back to an earlier time.
  • Stevens Pass Greenway

    National Scenic BywayWashington
    Follow the thundering Skykomish River from pastoral Puget Sound through the towering peaks of the Cascade Mountains. At Stevens Pass the byway descends sharply to the fragrant pine forests and fruit orchards of the Wenatchee River Valley. Historic communities shaped by the rugged landscape share their stories and their hospitality.
  • Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway - SR 112

    National Scenic BywayWashington
    Travelers on the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway are in the most northwest point of the mainland. Catch glimpses of eagles diving, gray whales spouting, or otters splashing. Walk, bike, boat, or kayak to explore the wild shoreline or forests, fish for salmon, or learn about Native American cultures.
  • Talimena Scenic Drive

    National Scenic BywayArkansas, Oklahoma
    Visual delights await those who travel along the Talimena Scenic Drive. See vistas with shades of green in the foreground s forests to blue haze in the distant mountains. Rocky fields and trees gnarled from winter winds and ice testify to the harsh environment the early settlers encountered in these mountains.
  • Talladega Scenic Drive

    National Scenic BywayAlabama
    Talladega Drive offers a bird s-eye view of scenic mountains, rock outcroppings, and small rural settlements within the Talladega National Forest. Heading towards Cheaha State Park and Alabama s highest peak, with an elevation of 2,407 feet, travel the backbone of Horseblock and Cheaha Mountains, the southernmost extension of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Test Car

    All-American RoadArizona
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  • The Battle Road Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayMassachusetts
    The Battle Road Scenic Byway tells the story of the American Revolution and is home to literature, environmental, and technological revolutions that have shaped the American experience. Located in the Massachusetts towns of Arlington, Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord, the byway includes Minute Man National Historical Park and other attractions that encapsulate the American Revolution. During the nineteenth century, the byway was a hub for American literature, transcendentalism, abolitionism, and environmental conservation. Classic American authors including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Fuller, and Nathaniel Hawthorne all lived and wrote along this storied route and drew inspiration from its natural and cultural resources. American history, culture, literature, technology, and recreation all converge to make the Battle Road Scenic Byway a National treasure.
  • The Energy Loop: Huntington/Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayUtah
    The Energy Loop: Huntington/Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway winds across the Manti-La Sal National Forest, rising up to 10,000 feet above sea level. Explore the rich history of industrial development as you view coal mining operations, historic mining towns, and coal-fired power plants. Nearby Sanpete Valley contains some of the best-preserved Mormon Pioneer settlements in existence.
  • The George Parks Highway Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayAlaska
    Completed in 1971, the George Parks Highway shares with travelers some of Alaska s most memorable and spectacular scenery. Access to Denali National Park and Preserve is via the Parks Highway.
  • Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat Road

    National Scenic BywayCalifornia
    This byway offers a spectacular passage over the Sierra Nevada. Drive through the highest automobile pass in California and experience an elevation change of over one mile. Experience glacier-carved granite peaks, pristine lakes, wildflower-covered meadows, and lush evergreen forests with Giant Sequoia groves in this serene yet rugged landscape.
  • Top of the Rockies

    National Scenic BywayColorado
    With altitudes seldom dipping below 9,000 feet, this byway earns its name. Visit historic mining railroad towns en route to historic Leadville, the highest incorporated community in the U.S. Old mining camps attest to the state s rich mining heritage. The route crosses the Continental Divide twice and traces the Arkansas River.
  • Trail of the Ancients

    National Scenic BywayColorado, Utah, New Mexico
    Explore the long and intriguing occupation of the Four Corners region by Native American peoples. Travel through the archaeological heartland of America while crossing the beautiful and diverse landscapes of the Colorado Plateau. World-renowned Mesa Verde National Park, Monument Valley Tribal Park, and Four Corners Monument are highlights on the trail.
  • Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Mexico
    The Trail of the Mountain Spirits beckons. Go where the spirits of miners, homesteaders, Indians, Spanish explorers, and mountain men have left their marks. Cross the Continental Divide, experience the wild Gila River, walk amongst the ruins of ancients to sense life before history, and hear the sounds of solitude.
  • Trail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow Road

    All-American RoadColorado
    Trail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow Road is America s highest continuously paved road. Overlooks present peaks ranging from 12,000 to over 14,000 feet. Eleven miles of the route roam above tree line in the alpine tundra. Travelers may encounter forms of life and climatic conditions also found at the Arctic Circle.
  • Turquoise Trail

    National Scenic BywayNew Mexico
    Believed to be an ancient path, Turquoise Trail travels between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The natural geological formations found here are like nowhere else on Earth. See nature up-close in the Cibola National Forest and Sandia Mountain Wilderness Area. Appreciate the distinctive, artistic communities of Madrid and Los Cerrillos.
  • Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

    All-American RoadCalifornia, Oregon
    Explore the wonder and beauty of a dramatic volcanic landscape from Oregon s Crater Lake National Park to California s Lassen Volcanic National Park. Encounter ancient natural forces that shaped exquisite mountain lakes. Amid spectacular scenery, You ll enjoy charming towns, abundant wildlife, world-class birding, and extraordinary recreational, historical, and cultural opportunities.
  • Washington Heritage Trail

    National Scenic BywayWest Virginia
    Follow the footsteps of George Washington through West Virginia s Eastern Panhandle and a landscape rich in historic, natural, and scenic resources. Mountains and valleys, rivers and springs, vestiges of bygone industries and five picturesque 18th-century towns highlight a rural retreat combined with rich cultural attractions.
  • West Cascades Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOregon
    This byway offers some of the best up-close views of thundering waterfalls, ancient forests, rushing whitewater, and cool, placid lakes. The drive begins in the historic logging city of Estacada, immersing you in old growth forest. Continue and see snowcapped volcanic peaks and the breathtaking Wild and Scenic Clackamas River.
  • Western Heritage Historic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIdaho
    <p>Explore the Western Heritage Historic Byway s vast sagebrush lands and canyon rims of the Snake River. The panoramic, breathtaking view encompasses the snowcapped Owyhee Mountains, the Boise Front, and the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. At Dedication Point enjoy an unforgettable sight overlooking the Snake River s cliffs.</p>
  • Western Highlands Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Western Highlands Scenic Byway is a roadway that offers visitors beautiful scenery and year-round recreation. It is located in the northwest corner of New Jersey within Sussex County and the New Jersey Highlands. This area is part of a larger Highlands area that extends well into New York State and Connecticut to the north and east and into Pennsylvania to the south and west. Whatever the season, the Western Highlands Scenic Byway offers recreational opportunities for everyone, amidst some of the most beautiful panoramic vistas in the United States.
  • Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayKansas
    Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway moves through radiant wetlands full of wildlife, prairie vistas with immense skies, and rural communities shaped by nature and the entrepreneurial spirit. Clouds of Sandhill and Whooping Cranes descend; and pelicans, Bald and Golden Eagles, shorebirds, ducks, and geese gracefully rest here, capturing the spirit of this byway.
  • White Mountain Trail

    National Scenic BywayNew Hampshire
    The White Mountain Trail offers New England s most rugged mountain scenery as it travels easily through three historic notches or mountain passes. Views abound of villages and unspoiled National Forest. Stops include views of Mount Washington and the grand Mount Washington Hotel, mountain cascades, wildlife, and the Appalachian Trail.
  • White Pass Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayWashington
    Enjoy outdoor recreation in any season on the versatile White Pass Scenic Byway. Its astounding beauty and eclectic style will keep you coming back for years.
  • Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIndiana
    Along the Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway in Indiana, visitors can hike nature trails, bike the state’s longest rail trail, canoe or kayak on the River, or go trout fishing at the base of the Brookville Dam. Travelers can take walking tours through charming towns filled with antiques shops, wonderful museums, beautiful homes, and historic landmarks. Overnight lodging options abound from quaint Bed & Breakfasts to modern casinos. This byway connects the National Road Scenic Byway and the Ohio River Scenic Byway, all three of which were critical to the settlement of the northwest Territory.
  • Wichita Mountains Byway

    National Scenic BywayOklahoma
    A natural beauty capable of astonishing even well-traveled visitors, the Wichita Mountains Byway guides you through the protected valleys of the 550 million-year-old Wichita Mountains, which shelter the largest remnant block of southern mixed grassland and ancient cross-timbers in North America. Experience the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, one of the oldest managed nature preserves in the Nation and the site that President Theodore Roosevelt chose for the first effort to save American bison from extinction.
  • Wilderness Road Heritage Highway

    National Scenic BywayKentucky
    The Wilderness Road Heritage Highway is an important historic route and was crucial in the West s settlement and during the Civil War. Today places like Cumberland Gap National Historic Park preserve that history. The route also leads to Renfro Valley, the famous country music venue, as well as Berea, Kentucky s crafts capitol.
  • Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayWisconsin
    The Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway follows the shoreline of the largest freshwater lake in the world and provides access to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and abundant opportunities for recreation along the way. The route starts at the Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Ashland and stretches along the Lake Superior shoreline. The byway brings travelers to the sandy beaches of the Port Wing Boreal Forest and hiking opportunities at Twin Falls hiking trail. The mouth of the Brule River, located within Brule River State Forest, is a world famous trout stream and wilderness area where five presidents have visited. The Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway holds an abundance of pristine natural features and recreational opportunities, making the byway an outstanding destination for all travelers looking for outdoor recreation and scenic beauty.
  • Woodlands Trace

    National Scenic BywayKentucky, Tennessee
    Running along a ridge of land between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, Woodlands Trace is a beautiful, easy drive in rolling terrain with opportunities to pull off and explore on your own or at developed interpretive facilities. This outdoor setting includes the seasonal splendors of nature, with blossoming trees and flowers, a green canopy, brilliant fall foliage, and the open view in the forest in the winter.
  • Woodward Avenue (M-1) - Automotive Heritage Trail

    All-American RoadMichigan
    If Broadway = Theater and Rodeo Drive = High Fashion and Jewelry, then Woodward = the Automobile. The Motor City, and in particular, Woodward Avenue, put the world on wheels. America s automobile heritage is represented along this byway in famed industrial complexes, office buildings, residential mansions, world-renowned museums, and cultural institutions.
  • Zion Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayUtah
    Zion Scenic Byway showcases unparalleled scenery, sensitive natural resources, and diverse opportunities for outdoor recreation. This renowned landscape demonstrates a confluence of geology, climate, vegetation, wildlife, and human settlement that awes and exults all who enter. Ancient inhabitants left petroglyphs carved along the corridor, along with the remains of dwellings and storage granaries. Travelers along this byway enjoy activities such as hiking, road and mountain biking, fishing, river running, swimming, camping, picnicking, bird watching, Off-highway vehicle riding, and photography. With towering peaks, canyons, mesas, cinder cones, cliffs, and vivid colors, the Zion Scenic Byway offers some of the most beautiful and interesting vistas on earth.