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Nebraska (NE)

  • Lincoln Highway Scenic & History Byway

    All-American RoadNebraska
    To travel along Nebraska’s Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway is to travel through America’s transportation history. Previously known as the “Great Platte River Road,” the Lincoln Highway Scenic & Historic Byway was traversed by Native Americans and later fur traders who explored the west. The route was then used in America’s great westward migration. Modern travelers will experience the small rural towns that developed along the route every six to twelve miles across the entire byway. Across the byway, travelers will find numerous historical markers commemorating significant incidents along the highway.
  • Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNebraska
    The largest area of stabilized sand dunes in the western hemisphere, the Nebraska Sandhills, occupies nearly 20,000 square miles. In this timeless, windblown ocean of undulating dunes, native grass and vivid blue lakes, nature is still master of the land. Nebraska Highway 2, the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway, bisects this ancient ground, leading travelers to treasures that cannot be found anywhere else. This byway traverses an area where the wind blows, the stars glow, the rivers flow, and the grasses grow. Visitors leave with an immediate desire to return, a sense of rejuvenation, and the comforting feeling of knowing that there is still a wild, timeless place in the heart of Nebraska.
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