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New Jersey (NJ)

  • Bayshore Heritage Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Bayshore Heritage Byway of New Jersey’s western shore guides visitors along the Delaware Bay through a rich mosaic of views typified by vast protected landscapes and historic villages. Eleven historic districts are nestled along the byway. Bayshore communities grew and thrived based upon natural assets including fishing; trapping; crabbing; oyster, clam, and caviar processing; shipbuilding; iron-making; milling; glass-making; and salt hay farming. Visitors to the Bayshore Heritage Byway experience the full breadth of the region’s rich cultural and architectural history. Visitors wind their way through open farmland and quaint villages, seeing ship captains’ homes and Victorian architectural influences, culminating in the elaborate seaside resort homes of Cape May.
  • Delaware River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    Located on Route 29 along the Delaware River, this byway starts in Trenton and travels north to Frenchtown through historical communities, agricultural landscapes, and recreational areas.
  • Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    Located in the narrow Millstone River Valley in north central New Jersey, the Millstone Valley Scenic byway offers you a glimpse into the past where well-preserved pieces of the canal era, the revolutionary war era, and early Dutch and American heritage live on.
  • Palisades Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Palisades Scenic Byway in New Jersey connects New York City, the nation’s largest metropolitan area, to vast areas of protected parkland. This byway links travelers to the National Natural and Historic Landmark Palisades Cliffs and provides expansive views of the Hudson River. One cannot help but be awed by the scenery along the byway, as evidenced by the 250,000 visitors that use the New Jersey portion of the Palisades Scenic byway annually.
  • Pine Barrens Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Pine Barrens Byway traverses a landscape of sublime natural beauty: the rare pygmy pines, lakes and streams fed by a 17 trillion gallon aquifer situated beneath sandy soils, and biomes that include a vast array of plant and animal life, some unique to the Pinelands and nationally protected. But the deeper charm and allure of the Pine Barrens and our Byway is even subtler than these things. A journey along the Byway beckons to the traveler to actively engage with the landscape as the original, indigenous inhabitants of the region did for thousands of years, and the European settlers that followed them generations later.
  • Western Highlands Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayNew Jersey
    The Western Highlands Scenic Byway is a roadway that offers visitors beautiful scenery and year-round recreation. It is located in the northwest corner of New Jersey within Sussex County and the New Jersey Highlands. This area is part of a larger Highlands area that extends well into New York State and Connecticut to the north and east and into Pennsylvania to the south and west. Whatever the season, the Western Highlands Scenic Byway offers recreational opportunities for everyone, amidst some of the most beautiful panoramic vistas in the United States.
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