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Ohio (OH)

  • Amish Country Byway

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    Discover the cultural and historic treasures of the Amish and northern Appalachian people as you wend through curves and over the hills of the pastoral countryside. Experience simple living and sustainability along charming country roads, taking you to a bygone era still present, manifest in the people and their lifestyle.
  • Historic National Road

    The Historic National Road was the nation's first federally funded interstate highway. It opened the nation to the west and became a corridor for the movement of goods and people. Today, visitors experience a physical timeline, including classic inns, tollhouses, diners, and motels that trace 200 years of American history.
  • Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway takes travelers deep into the historic hills of southeast Ohio. The byway traverses hills and valleys and passes the six non-contiguous sites of the Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio’s natural crown jewels. The byway passes historically significant sites and connects the Hocking Hills State Park sites – Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, Conkle’s Hollow, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave – from north to south. Hocking Hills is a gem that people from all over the world come to see – it highlights the best natural beauty of the area with its sandstone rocks, dense forests, and unique local communities.
  • Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    Experience 12,000 years of history along Lake Erie. Visit the Lake Erie Islands, coastal marshes, prairies, rivers, and waterfalls. Follow tales of early shipping and sailing at maritime museums, restored freighters, and lighthouses. Learn about the Western Reserve, the Underground Railroad, and the War of 1812 at historic sites and museums.
  • Ohio & Erie Canalway

    National Scenic BywayOhio
    The Ohio & Erie Canalway is a place to actively explore and experience the stories of our past, present, and future on trails, trains, and scenic byways, in canal towns and ethnic neighborhoods, along working rivers and great lakes, within industrial landscapes and vibrant natural areas.
  • Ohio River Scenic Byway

    National Scenic BywayIllinois, Indiana, Ohio
    This history-rich byway meanders along the banks of the Ohio River, hugging its shoreline and offering almost continuous views of the river. The history of the Ohio is found both in rural landscapes and quaint river communities, covering periods from Native American habitation through western settlement, affecting transportation patterns and industrialization.
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