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Federal-aid Division Offices

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Each office is responsible for maintaining its specific information in the Key Field Directory. Designated individuals have been trained and given access to the FHWA Organization and Information System (FOIS) for keeping information current. The Directories & Listings User Guide can be referenced as a refresher for designated contact points and as a means of self-training for new contact points. Please advise Jane Nitchals at 785-271-2448 Ext.222 or Jane.Nitchals@dot.gov about changes to the most recent Key Field Directory Points-of-Contact List so that new individuals can be provided with the necessary FOIS access to enable them to make updates. Jane Nitchals is available to answer questions and assist with additional training as appropriate.

This listing is for information purposes only. Soliciting of Federal employees is a violation of law. See Title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Sections 101-20.308 and 101-20.002-2.

This page last modified on April 08, 2014

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