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Project Name: I-70 and 110th Street Interchange
C03 Project ID: 8
Project type: Interchange
State: KS
Topic Supports: Integrated Programming and Fiscal Constraint Application; PRO 1: Approve Revenue Sources

Improvement of the I-70 and 110th Street Interchange and the surrounding road network in Wyandotte County, Kansas was initiated by state and local agencies as part of a package of transportation improvements and economic incentives to attract a NASCAR speedway and associated new development to the region. In order to effectively compete with other local areas interested in attracting the speedway, several agencies collaborated in this effort. Along with the Kansas Department of Transportation, partnering agencies included: the state Department of Commerce that initiated several tax incentives, the local government that prepared the master plan, and the legislature that supported the use of Sales Tax Revenue (STAR) bonds for constructing the project.

Funding for the land and infrastructure investments came from several sources: KSDOT, Kansas Turnpike Authority, state economic development funds, bonds floated by the unified government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, and the STAR bonds. The local government worked with developers on land assembly as well as rezoning to allow mixed use development. Master planning for the speedway site and surrounding areas, including development of the mixed use Village West project adjacent to the speedway, was also led by the local government. The unification of the city and county governments limited the number of required government approvals for the project. The high level of collaboration and was cited as a key factor in the decision to locate the speedway in the area. The project has spurred additional development throughout the county.