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Implementing the Vision

Activity Area: Approve Indicators and Commitments

Vision Activities

Implementation of a vision necessitates actions on a range of issues, may encompass many jurisdictions and regulatory agencies, and requires the continued involvement of many partners and stakeholders. Two critical tools for advancing implementation efforts include the application of indicators and the tracking of commitments. Reaching a point of consensus approval for either of these tools provides a framework for embarking, monitoring, measuring, communicating, and revisiting the outcomes of a visioning process.

Maintain public and stakeholder relationships – Recognizing partner and public contributions to the visioning process and communicating opportunities for future involvement is critical to maintaining the vision. Developing post-vision leadership programs, recognition awards, or involvement opportunities are some activities employed to maintain the relationships developed in the previous phase.

Example: Greenville Forward’s implementation efforts include comprehensive follow-up reporting on projects and community indicators.

Develop commitment tracking process – Developing a clear, transparent, adaptable commitment tracking process within the sponsoring organization or within participating public agencies helps ensure that the vision is acted on and any benefits to an agency, such as improved public perception, are maintained.

Example: The Columbia Vision Commission developed a comprehensive commitment and outcome measurement report for vision goals.

Establish measurement process – Reporting progress toward the vision is critical to judging results and establishing priorities for implementation. A measurement process should identify the indicators to be reported, responsibilities for data collection, and a period of consistent measurement moving forward.

Example: The Piedmont Triad Regional Vision Plan includes extensive benchmark indicators to judge progress toward the vision’s goals.

The research report for the Vision Guide contains extensive information about reaching stakeholders and tools that support stakeholder engagement. See Linking Community Visioning and Highway Capacity Planning in the PlanWorks Library Reports.

Visioning Components
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