Outback Scenic Byway

Outback Scenic Byway

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  • Abandoned Log Cabins Near Fort Rock

    A door stands open in an abandoned homestead near Fort Rock.

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  • Snow Covered Ridges of the Abert Rim

    Stark ridges stand out from the white snow along the Abert Rim.

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  • Postcard View from the Abert Rim

    A patchwork of landscape presents a serene view from the top of the Abert Rim.

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  • Birds Take Flight Over Abert Lake

    A flock of white birds take flight over Abert Lake.

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  • Devils Garden

    A visitor to the Devils Garden Wilderness Study Area stands on top of the volcanic rock formations.

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  • Old Perpetual Geyser

    Near Lakeview, a flock of geese gather around Oregon\'s only geyser.

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  • A Spot of Warmth in the Snow

    The warmth of the geyser contradicts the snow-covered land around it.

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  • Frozen Landscape around Summer Lake

    Mountains provide a peaceful backdrop during the winter months around Summer Lake.

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  • Escarpment over Abert Lake

    Below the Abert Rim is a dazzling view of Abert Lake.

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  • Frosty Sunrise on Abert Rim

    Frost edges desert vegetation on the tip of Abert Rim during a chilly morning.

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  • Ancient Petroglyphs at Picture Rock Pass

    Along Picture Rock Pass, visitors can see the ancient Native American petroglyphs drawn on the rocks; like this one that is located near the town of Adel, east of Picture Rock Pass, known as Greaser Boulder.

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  • Homes and Fort Rock

    Old homesteads at Fort Rock stand desolate, surrounded only by dusty earth, a vacuous blue sky, and thickets of grey-blue sagebrush.

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  • Fort Rock at Fort Rock State Park

    The rock formation created from a maar volcano stands tall under the blue sky in Lake County, Oregon.

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  • Fort Rock and Old Homesteads

    An old log home stands amidst sagebrush with Fort Rock in the background.

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