Scenic Byway 143 - Utah's Patchwork Parkway

Scenic Byway 143 - Utah's Patchwork Parkway

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  • Dixie National Forest Entrance Sign

    A recognizable US Forest Service sign introduces the traveler to the Dixie National Forest’s high alpine terrain along Utah’s Patchwork Parkway.

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  • Lizard Sunning in the Desert West of Parowan

    This lizard, sunning in the desert west of Parowan, matches the reddish-brown rocks so well he is hard to see.

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  • Passing By Rugged White Cliffs

    The road reveals rugged white cliffs and thick forest stands on the way from Parowan.

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  • Wetlands Along Panguitch Lake

    Wetlands line Panguitch Lake's western shoreline and Copper Knoll lies in the distance.

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  • Copper Knoll Peak at Panguitch Lake

    The peak of Copper Knoll rises over the eastern end of Panguitch Lake.

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  • Sandy Beaches at Panguitch Lake

    Sandy beaches stretch along the east end of Panguitch Lake.

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  • The Clear Blue Waters of Panguitch Lake

    Looking northwest, the clear blue waters of Panguitch Lake are visible under a pleasantly cloudy sky.

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  • Curving Road on the Way to Panguitch

    Scenic Byway 12 curves on its way to Panguitch.

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  • Ancient Lava Flows above Dixie National Forest

    SR-148 winds ahead past ancient lava flows peeking above the evergreen-edged alpine meadows in Dixie National Forest.

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  • Observation Shelter and Sign Atop Brian Head Peak

    This observation shelter and sign reside on top of Brian Head Peak.

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  • White Hoodoos above Forest on Road from Parowan

    White hoodoos rise above the thick forests on the road from Parowan.

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  • Sagebrush and Pine Near Panguitch Lake

    Sagebrush and pine dot the mountaintop near Panguitch Lake.

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  • Oldest Log Cabin in Southern Utah

    Built in Parowan in 1851, this log cabin is the oldest in southern Utah. It was moved to the grounds of Iron Mission State Park in 1983 to preserve and protect it.

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  • Striking Abstract Petroglyphs at Parowan Gap

    Several striking abstract petroglyphs remain on the rocks at Parowan Gap, including this one, nicknamed the "funnel drop".

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  • Driving Through Cottonwood and Oak in the Lower Canyon

    The road cuts through cottonwood and oak in the lower canyon from Parowan.

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  • Parowan Gap West of Parowan

    Parowan Gap stands out on the desert west of Parowan.

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  • Penstemon Fields

    An old wire and log fence borders a wide field filled with clumps of purple penstemon.

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  • Panguitch Canyon Creek

    Panguitch Canyon Creek softly cuts through red walls, passing sporadic spurts of greenery.

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  • Dramatic Switchback

    A dramatic switchback along Brian Head-Panguitch Lake Scenic Byway curves through thick forests.

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  • Serious Switchbacks On the Way To Brian Head Ski Resort

    Serious switchbacks pave the way as the road leads up to Brian Head Ski Resort.

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  • Hoodoos on North Side of Road in Vermillion Cliffs Area

    Hoodoos can be seen on the north side of the road in Vermillion Cliffs area of the Brian Head-Panguitch Scenic Byway.

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  • Fishing Near Vermillion Cliffs on a Sunny Autumn Day

    Two fisherman cast their lines at a wide spot on the canyon river, near Vermillion Cliffs on a sunny autumn day.

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  • Driving up to Brian Head through Red Slopes

    On the way up to Brian Head, red slopes line the roads on one side and slender trees line the other.

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  • Fall at Cedar Breaks

    Vibrant colors seldom seen outside southwestern Utah are clearly evident from the north overlook at Cedar Breaks National Monument: crisp blue skies, brilliant white fluffy clouds, deep red formations of Cedar Breaks, shades of green spruce and pine melded with rich autumn yellow aspen and framed by the ancient limbs of a bristlecone pine.

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  • Fly Fishing at Panguitch Lake

    The reflection of a fly line on the calm waters of Panguitch Lake parallels a reed-covered shoreline.

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  • Weeping Rock on Hidden Haven Trail

    Two streams flow out of solid rock on the Hidden Haven Trail.

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  • Shepherd on Horseback by Mammoth Creek

    A shepherd (or sheep-herder) and his black and white dog look over a flock of sheep in the high country of Dixie National Forest by Mammoth Creek.

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  • South Face of Brian Head Peak

    Brian Head Peak stands majestically against an overcast sky.

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