Stakeholder Collaboration

Please respond to the following statements based on your current situation. The assessment takes only a few minutes, and you can skip any section. Once finished, click View Result tab to see the summary report with your results and all strategies are available there.

You may also take the assessment off-line as an individual or as a group. The Assessment Statements (    ) and Supporting Strategies (  ) provide you with all information in a printable format.

Your responses indicate that there are some areas in which engaging fully in collaborative decision making may be difficult for you. As identified below, those areas which represent the greatest need of attention are located to the left. The results provide you recommendations on ways to address the challenges to collaboration as well as potential risks to your plan or project if the challenge is not addressed. Other areas which you provided an assessment of are included in the results with supporting information for you to consider.

Completion of the diagnosis should assist in identifying those areas of the Decision Guide that are most useful for you at this time. As your process evolves, it may be useful to return to the Collaboration Assessment questionnaire to assess where less severe challenges may be addressed.