Expediting Project Delivery

Please respond to the following statements based on your current situation. The assessment takes only a few minutes, and you can skip any section. Once finished, click View Result tab to see the summary report with your results and all strategies are available there.

To take the assessment offline as an individual or as a group, download the Assessment Statements (    ).

Using your responses, each constraint to expediting project delivery is scored Weak (this issue is holding you back), Average (not currently a problem, but keep in focus), or Strong (not a problem).

Use the links below to access each constraint and see where you need improvement. Risks to Project Delivery helps you understand how your project might be affected. Recommended strategies are outlined in Things You Can Do. For additional resources see How PlanWorks Can Help.

A single strategy may address multiple constraints. To print specific strategies and see the full relationship between constraints and strategies, see Select Strategies of Interest.