Stakeholder Collaboration

The transportation system is an integral part of the fabric of every community. Collaboration with community stakeholders provides transportation practitioners with information and understanding of an array of community needs and interests that may be impacted by transportation decisions. Transportation practitioners are aware of this reality; however, it can take time and significant effort to understand and consider the effects of transportation decision making on economic, environmental, and other community interests.

Stakeholders are groups or individuals who are interested in and potentially affected by the outcome of a transportation decision. Collaboration means inviting stakeholders to share their interests early in the process and maintaining engagement throughout. Collaborative decision making will keep stakeholders informed and engaged by providing timely feedback on the progress and the basis of decisions about their community's transportation system.

PlanWorks can help with stakeholder collaboration by presenting questions to consider, supporting data, and examples of success at key decisions. Use the Decision Guide image below to identify where collaboration with stakeholders is most important.

Hover over the highlighted Key Decisions to understand the specific relationship of stakeholder collaboration to the decision. Click on any highlighted Key Decision for more information about questions, data, and relationships that support this interface. Key Decisions that are greyed-out have no specific relevance to the individual application or topic area but are still accessible from this graphic.