SES Biographies

Note: The SES Biographies are maintained in the FHWA Organization Information System (FOIS). If you want to edit/update your biography, please contact Hayly Bangley or Crystal Taylor, DOT Executive and Political Resources Center.

Position/Office Name
 Texas Division Administrator, Austin Alonzi, Al
 Director of Field Services - North (Baltimore, MD) Arnold, Robert E
 Director, Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management Baker, Shana
 Chief Financial Officer Bezio, Brian R
 Director, Office of Project Development & Environmental Review Biondi, Emily C
 Director, Office of Transportation Management Briggs, Valerie
 Chief Counsel Camire, Adrienne E
 Florida Division Administrator, Tallahassee Christian, Jamie
 Director, Office of Safety and Operations R&D Cronin, Brian P
 Director, Office of Acquisition and Grants Management Curtis, Stephanie D
 Associate Administrator for Policy and Governmental Affairs Etchen, Alex
 Director, Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (Sterling, VA) Evans, Monique R
 Assistant Administrator (Executive Director) Everett, Thomas D
 Associate Administrator for Administration Finfrock, Arlan
 Deputy Chief Counsel Fleury, Nicolle M
 Director, Office of Preconstruction, Construction, and Pavements Fouch, Brian J
 Director, Office of Safety Programs Gigliotti, Dana
 Director, Office of Safety Technologies Griffith, Michael
 Director, Office of Bridges and Structures Hartmann, Joseph L
 Associate Administrator for Federal Lands Highway Hess, Timothy
 Director, Office of Freight Management and Operations Hughes, Caitlin H
 Director, Office of Natural Environment Jensen, Gary A
 Associate Administrator for Infrastructure Kalla, Hari
 Director, Office of Transportation Operations Kehrli, Mark R
 Associate Administrator for Operations Knopp, Martin C
 Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems/Joint Program Office Leonard, Kenneth M
 Director, Office of Human Resources Lewis, David A
 Chief Technical Services Officer Lucero, Amy C
 Chief Innovation Officer Lucero, Amy C
 California Division Administrator, Sacramento Mammano, Vincent P
 New York Division Administrator, Albany Marquis, Richard J
 Director of Field Services - West (Lakewood, CO) Osborn, Peter W
 Federal Highway Deputy Administrator Parker, Mala
 Director, Office of Planning Petty, Kenneth N
 Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology Regal, Kelly
 Director, Office of Public Affairs Reynard, Mike
 Assistant Chief Counsel for Legislation, Regulations, and General Law Richardson, Christopher
 Director, Office of Infrastructure R&D Richter, Cheryl
 Associate Administrator for Civil Rights Rico, Irene
 Director, Office of Legislative Affairs & Policy Communications Rusnak, Allison
 Director, Office of Human Environment Schaftlein, Shari M
 Associate Administrator for Planning, Environment, and Realty Shepherd, Gloria M
 Director, Central Federal Lands Highway Division (Lakewood, CO) Sigel, Renee
 Director, Western Federal Lands Highway Division (Vancouver, WA) Sigel, Renee
 Director of Field Services - Mid-America (Matteson, IL) Sosa, Mayela
 Director, Office of Stewardship, Oversight, and Management Stephanos, Peter J
 Director of Field Services - South (Atlanta, GA) Turner, Derrell E
 Associate Administrator for Safety Walker, Cheryl J
 Director, Office of Highway Policy Information Winter, David R
 Director, Office of International Programs Wright, Leslie
 Director, Office of Transportation Policy Studies Zimmerman, Mary Beth
 Federal Highway Administrator Vacant
 Resource Center Director, Lakewood, CO Vacant
 Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Chief Budget Officer Vacant
 Director, Office of Real Estate Services Vacant

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