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FHWA Active Project Status Report
Birmingham Northern Beltline - BNB (Corridor X-1, AHS)
  Birmingham,  Alabama
DO Contact - Shaun Capps
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The BNB is a proposed 52-mile freeway extending from I-59/20 west of Birmingham, Alabama to I-59 on the east of Birmingham.
  Estimated Overall Completion Date: 9/30/2054 (Current); 9/30/2054 (Last FP) Estimated Funded Phase Completion Date: 9/30/2033 (Current) 9/30/2030 (Last FP) The FEIS was signed June 12, 1997. The first segment from SR 79 to SR 75 is under construction. The contract is for $46 million and is currently 20% complete. Reevaluations are also underway for several sections of the project.
  $5.342 (Current) $5.342 (Last FP)
  The project has mostly utilized APD funds, but once all the remaining APD funds have been expended the State will utilize NHPP funds at 100% thru the FY 2022 at which time the State will provide a 20% match.
  The last FPU was approved 7/7/15. The next FPU is due 12/29/15.
  Alabama Department of Transportation
Juneau Access Project
  Juneau,  Alaska
DO Contact - Alex Viteri
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The purpose of and need for the Juneau Access Improvements Project is to provide improved transportation to and from Juneau within the Lynn Canal corridor that will reduce travel times, state, and user costs while providing capacity to meet demand and improved opportunity to travel. A Supplemental EIS is anticipated to be completed in August 2014. The preferred alternative would extend an existiong highway from Cascade Point (new location highway) to a terminus north of the Katzehin River. From there, shuttle ferries will provide connections to the road system in Haines and Skagway. Construction could begin as early as Spring 2015.
  Estimated construction completion date: 10/1/2020 (current) Supplemental EIS Anticipated in August 2014
  $0.530 (current)
  Federal and state funds
  To be developed as project progresses
  AK DOT and Public Facilities (AKDOT&PF)
Knik Arm Crossing
  Anchorage, Alaska to Matanuska-Susitna Borough,  Alaska
DO Contact - Alex Viteri
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construct a 9,200' vehicular toll bridge, with associated road connections, across Knik Arm connecting the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. The Knik Arm is a 13,500 foot wide body of water separating Anchorage from the Matanuska Susitna Borough.
  ROD issued December 15, 2010. Project advanced to the ROW phase in August 2011. The 2014 Alaska Legislature authorized a financial plan to construct the project. The bill directs Alaska DOT&PF to use a Design Build approach. With the exception toll collection the bill transfers all Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority responsibilities to the Alaska DOT&PF. The Alaska DOT&PF is updating project schedule to reflect legislative changes.
  In June 2014 FHWA conducted an updated cost estimate review for Phase I using a risk based approach. The results are not completed, yet. FHWAs 2008 cost estimate review estimated the project cost between 1.5 billion and 1.6 billion. The 2008 cost estimate for Phase 1 was between 670 M and 740 M. The 2008 estimate for Phase 2 was between 750 M and 920 M.
  The 2014 Alaska Legislature passed a bill authorizing the use of near equal amounts of TIFIA funds, Alaska Revenue Bonds, and federal aid funds for Phase I construction. The bill restricts the issuance of state revenue bonds pending award of TIFIA funds and allocated $55 million in Federal Aid for the project this fiscal year.
  An updated risk based Major Project Cost Estimate Review was done in June, 2014. The Project Management Plan, and Initial Financial Plan will be completed before Financial Close.
  Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.
SR-202L South Mountain Freeway
  Maricopa County, AZ,  Arizona
DO Contact - Lirange, Aryan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  SR 202L (South Mountain Freeway) would complete the Loop 202 from I 10 (Maricopa Freeway) (milepost [MP] 57.2) to I 10 (Papago Freeway) (MP 79.0), a distance of approximately 22 miles, in the southwestern quadrant of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The new system traffic interchange includes direct high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) ramp connection to and from the east on I-10. The locations of the directional ramps are consistent with the latest plans for the high-capacity transit corridor planned for I-10. The proposed roadway typical section consists of eight-lanes with three general purpose lanes and one high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction There are over 50 bridge sites along the freeway corridor. All of them except at Dobbins Road are overpass structures. Notable bridges include the Salt River Bridge, which is almost 3,000 feet long, and the north-to-west and west-to-south flyover ramps at I-10 (Papago Freeway) which will be constructed over active traffic.
  RFP ongoing with Proposals due Nov 2 2015. NTP expected February 2016. Construction complete 12/2019 (CER 70% schedule).
  CER : $1.902 (YOE)
  Local 1/2 sales tax initiative, Federal apportionments.
  Draft IFP and Draft PMP approved by FHWA. Final version prior to construction authorization expected Fall 2015.
  ADOT, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG).
State Route 303: I-10 to US-60
  SR-30 from I-10 (MP 124) to US-60 (MP 138) in western Phoenix,  Arizona
DO Contact - Aryan Lirange
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  21 miles of new freeway.
  Estimated Completion Date: 05/31/2017 (Current) 10/31/2015 (Last approved financial plan update) 10/2015 (Initial Financial Plan) All six phases are under construction. Five of the projects are substantially complete and open to traffic (Thomas to Camelback, Glendale to Peoria, Peoria to Mt View, Camelback to Glendale, AND I10/SR303 Interchange). The final phase (US60 / SR303 Interchange) is being done through the CM/GC delivery method and the contractor has been selected, work has begun and is at 51% complete (07/2015).
  $0.914 (Current) $0.89 (2014) $0.871 (2013) $0.871 (Last approved financial plan update) $1.2 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal-aid, State gas tax, and Prop 400 (regaional 1/2 cent sales tax)
  Annual Update of the Finance Plan was completed and approved in December 2014. Annual Update of the Finance Plan was completed and approved in January 2014. Annual Updated Finance Plan was completed and approved in March 2013. Original Finance Plan was approved.
  Arizona DOT
BART Seismic Retrofit System Wide
  San Francisco,  California
DO Contact - Peter Pangilinan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0044: Retrofitting and strengthening of the Bay Are Rapid Transit (BART) system.
  2014 FPAU estimated physical construction completion date: Dec. 2022 (increased scope). The project as originallly scoped in the IFP will be completed much sooner.
  $1.272: 2014 FPAU $1.217: 2013 FPAU $1.220: 2012 FPAU $1.037: 2008 IFP
  Additional BART Passenger Revenues, Caltrans Local Seismic Retrofit Program, Bay Area Regional Measure 2, General Obligation Bonds, and FHWA Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement program.
  01/28/16: Final 2015 FPAU received by the Division. 3/26/2015: 2014 FPAU approved. 8/14/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 9/3/13: 2012 FPAU approved. 2/27/13: 2011 FPAU approved. 1/7/11 - 2010 FPAU approved.
Centennial Corridor Project
  City of Bakersfield, Kern County,Californina,  California
DO Contact - Dominic Hoang
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The Centennial Corridor Project (Project) is located at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in the city of Bakersfield, Kern County, California. The Centennial Corridor Project includes the Kern River Bridge Improvements and the SR 58 Connector. Connector which combine to complete Segment 1 of the Centennial Corridor. Overall, the Project will include support capacity improvements on SR 99, SR 58, Westside Parkway (WSP),and Stockdale Highway.
  9/23/2015: Draft PMP recieved by Division. 11/24/2015: Sent Draft PMP comments to Caltrans. (DH) 12/31/2015: Anticipated NEPA completion date.
  $.617B -CER 70%
  PNRS,TEA-21, ISTEA,State, Local
  IFP being prepared 11/4/2005. 2/2/2016: Received IFP via email from Caltrans.(DH)
  CALTRANS City of Bakersfield, Kern County
Doyle Drive / Presidio Parkway Project
  City And County Of San Francisco, including Richardson Avenue From Lombard St to Golden Gate Bridge,  California
DO Contact - Lanh Phan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  PoCI, FMIS group: 051 (Previously named the Doyle Drive Project) Reconstruct and Widen Existing Doyle Drive on new alignment with two tunnels and several bridges.
  Estimated Final Acceptance Date is 9/30/2016. 9/24/2015: Substantial Completion request submitted to Caltrans. Caltrans accepted the request. 7/13/2015: Ribbon Cutting ceremony celebrated. Project is open to traffic. Caltrans issued partial Phase II NTP 3 on 11/6/2012 8/23/12: Concurrence in award for Phase 2. Phase I: substantially complete. June 2010: The project was divided into two phases: Phase I included contract 1-4 using Design/Bid/Build contract method, and Phase II included contract 5-8 using Design/Build method. CTC approved P3 (DBFOM) for Phase II in May 20, 10.
  2015 FPAUs: $0.857 2014 FPAUs: $0.857 2013 FPAUs: $0.857 2009 Caltrans IFP $0.928
  Golden Link Concessionaire borrowed TIFIA loan for the Presidio Parkway project (Phase 2) achieved Financial Close on Thursday, June 14, 2012. ARRA project and Tiger Grant recipient. State, local, federal (urban partnership)
  03/31/2016: Submittal due date for 2016 FPAU. 9/28/15: 2015 GLC FPAU "as of 12/31/14" approved. 9/25/15: 2015 Caltrans FPAU "as of 12/31/14" approved. 8/15/14: 2014 FPAUs (as of 12/31/13) approved. 4/28/14: 2013 FPAUs (as of 12/31/12) approved. 8/2/13: 2010-2012 FPAU approved as a supplement to the Phase II GLC P3 TIFIA Major Project IFP (approved same day). IFP approved 5/14/09
  Caltrans/San Francisco County Transportation Authority.
Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement
  07-LA-710, PM 3.7/5.0, Port of Long Beach,  California
DO Contact - Scott McHenry
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  PoCI, FMIS MP Grouping: 0104, Replacement of 5 lane existing structure with new 6 lane bridge with full bike/pedestrian facilities.
  2/2019: expected completion date (old bridge demolition). 6/2018: Expected Substantial Completion. 5/21/13: TIFIA loan closed. 1/8/13-SM: Groundbreaking Ceremony (Administrator Victor Mendez attended).
  2014 FPAU - $1.263* (*does not include $24.8 million in interest) 2014 TIFIA agreement - $1.288 2013 FPAU - $1.100 2013 IFP - 0.960
  5/21/14: $325 million TIFIA funds will repay bonds on project completion. Federal(HBP and other), State (SHOP and TCIF), Regional (Los Angeles Metro RSTI), Local (Port Funds)
  01/27/16: Division comments sent to project sponsor. 3/23/15: 2014 FPAU approved by HQ OIPD. 6/10/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 7/13/12- IFP Approved.
  Port of Long Beach (POLB)
I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening and High Occupancy Vehicle Improvements
  Los Angeles County,  California
DO Contact - Omar Elkassed
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 066: I-405, from I-10 to US 101. Design-Build project to construct a HOV lane and widen the five existing mixed-flow lanes from 11 feet to 12 feet in the northbound direction, and improve several interchanges. (PM 28.8/39.0)
  Estimated substantial Completion pushed out to September 2015. 9/5/14: entire roadway is open to traffic. 11/19/13: Estimated completion (CCA)- Dec. 2014.
  $1.141: 2014 FPAU $1.141: 2013 FPAU $0.950: 2009 IFP
  State Transportation Congestion Relief Program, SAFETEA-LU Program, and State Corridor Mobility Improvement Account ARRA project
  01/29/16: OIPD Concurrence received. Pending Division approval. 4/16/2015: 2014 FPAU approved. 1/27/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 10/4/13: 2012 FPAU approved. 4/23/9: IFP approved.
  Caltrans and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO).
I-5 HOV North (SR-134 to SR-118)
  Los Angeles County,  California
DO Contact - Josue M. Yambo
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Widen freeway and construct HOV lanes from State Route 134 to State Route 118. Includes 2 reconstructed interchanges.
  4/30/2015: Substantial Completion 6/30/2014: Segment 3 Ground-breaking on May 28, 2014. 07/02/13: Utility relocation delays on Segment 3 have pushed substantial completion to 12/2017 (previously June 2015).
  2014 FPAU: $0.860 2013 FPAU: $0.852 2011-2012 combined FPAU: $0.789 2008 IFP: $0.931
  01/20/16: Draft 2015 FPAU submitted to the Division. Currently under fatal flaw review. 6/19/15: 2014 FPAU approved. 12/23/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 11/24/14: PDT Concurrence on 2013 FPAU 7/25/13: 2011-2012 FPAU approved.
  Caltrans and METRO
I-5 North Coast Corridor (NCC) Project, San Diego County
  San Diego County,  California
DO Contact - Jacob Waclaw
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Add HOV and General Purpose Lanes from Solana Beach, Encintas, Carlsbad and Oceanside from the Del Mar Heights Overcrossing to 0.3 km north of Camp Pendleton Undercrossing (11-SD-05, PM R28.4/R55.4, in San Diego County, CA). Also double tracking existing rail line. Project will be built in 3 major phases.
  Phase 1 is expected to begin contruction in Summer 2016. Phase 1 is expected to be completed by 2020. Phase 2 and 3 are expected to start construction in 2025. 1/27/2015: Record of Decision was signed. 8/7/14: project targeted CM/GC workshop in San Diego. 6/16/14: POM sent draft PMP comments to Caltrans. 5/30/14: RFP for CM/GC services released. 10/2013: Draft PMP rc'd. FEIS signed 10/23/13 ROD expected December 2014 Phase 1 is estimated to start in March 2015 and estimated completion Jan 2020.
  Phase 1 CER 70% confidence is $0.679. Total cost of the 3 Phases is estimated between $3.5 to $4.0 Billion
  Federal-aid Apportionments; local funding, State funding, FRA and FTA funding
  Phase 1 Initial Finance Plan Expected in Feb/March 2016. 9/5/14: Project may submit request for OINCC determination, otherwise will be Phased Finacial Plan. 5/10/2013: NEPA CER
  San Diego Association of Governments, Caltrans
I-5 South Los Angeles County Widening Project
  Los Angeles County,  California
DO Contact - Omar Elkassed
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS Grouping 061 (PoCI): Widen for HOV and modify interchanges in Los Angeles County, in various cities from 0.2 mile south of Artesia Avenue to 0.2 mile north of Florence Avenue Overcrossing.
  September 2020 (per approved IFP): anticipated completion date(CCA) of the last construction segment (Seg. 2). 1/9/14: bids opened on first federally funded construction project (Seg. 5). 4/29/13: 3 projects are under construction with no federal construction funds. 11/28/11 Construction contract award Seg. 1 (no federal funds). 0/30/10: Final PMP
  2014 FPAU - $1.465 2013 IFP - $1.579
  01/29/16: OIPD concurrence received. Pending Division approval. 8/31/2015: Draft 2015 FPAU received by the Division. 5/29/15: 2014 FPAU approved. 4/2/14: IFP approved. 3/21/14: certified fully funded IFP rc'd.
  Caltrans, MTA, I-5 JPA, OCTA
I-80/I-680/SR-12 Interchange Project
  4-SOL-80, 680, 12 City of Fairfield, Solano County, CA.,  California
DO Contact - Lanh Phan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0105: The proposed project is designed to reduce congestion, accommodate anticipated increases in traffic, and address safety concerns. The project includes widen I-80, I-680 & State Route (SR) 12 by adding mixed-flow lanes and HOV lanes; construct connector ramps & interchanges: interstate to interstate, interstate to SR 12 & local roads; and improve local roads.
  12/2022: Project Completion date. Changed from 12/2020, due to delay in availability of State funding. 12/22/14: Contract 1 of 7 contracts' construction was started on 6/16/14 and anticipate to be completed on 6/17/2016. 8/15/13: Construction Authorization Phase 1. 5/31/13: PMP approved. 12/7/12: ROD signed. Phase 1C selected as fundable segment. 5/11/12: Due to the complexity and high cost of the full-build alternatives, the ultimate project is divided into two distinct and independently useful phases: Phase I & II to meet the long-term traffic and safety demands of the project area. Phase I will be built with the funding currently identified in the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) to resolve immediate needs for the project. Phase II is anticipated to be built in the future.
  2015 FPAU: $0.709 2014 FPAU: $0.705 2013 IFP: $0.695
  Local, state, and Federal funds. Following are the proposed funding types and sources for Phase I of the project per the RTP: Bridge Toll Funds:$99.0 CMIA:$24.0 STIP:$11.4 Committed Funds:$261.2 Discretionary Funds:$362.0
  02/03/16: 2015 FPAU approved. 6/9/15: 2014 FPAU approved 8/12/13: IFP approved. 2/13: construction CER 12/16/2010: NEPA CER complete. NEPA is assigned to Caltrans. It is the NEPA lead.
  Caltrans/Solano Transportation Authority (STA)
I-80/San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (East Span)
  San Francisco-Oakland,  California
DO Contact - Greg Kolle
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0007. Seismic safety replacement of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span truss spans.
  2/20/14: Work will continue on portions of the bridge until 2016. The Target completion date for the last contract; dismantling of old marine foundations is March 2017. 9/2/13: Open to traffic
  $6.465 - 2013 FPAU $6.385 - 2012 FPAU $6.451 - 2011 FPAU $5.487 - 2005 Baseline Budget (scope change) (AB 144/SB 66)
  Federal-aid (HBRRP) is $323 M of the $1,208 M to complete the Skyway contract in March 2008. No Federal-aid funds on any other SFOBB East Span Seismic Replacement contract. Bulk of funding revenues are generated from tolls and State Legislated Seismic Surcharge Revenues AB 1171 and AB 144.
  12/31/2015: Submittal due date for Draft 2015 FPAU. 3/30/15: 2014 FPAU approved. 5/19/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 9/26/13: 2012 FPAU acceptance letter. 6/8/2012: 2011 FPAU acceptance letter.
  Caltrans, California Transportation Committee (CTC), and the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) subgroup of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) are members of a Legislated Body, the Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee (TBPOC) that approves funding for the SFOBB East Span Seismic Safety Replacement and other Toll Bridge Seismic projects.
I-805 Managed Lanes North Project
  11-SD-805 in San Diego, CA,  California
DO Contact - Jacob Waclaw
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS Grouping: 0106 Managed Lanes project located on I-805 from just south of SR 52 to just north of Mira Mesa Blvd. The 4.4 mile project proposes to add 4 managed lanes (2 in each direction) from SR-52 to La Jolla Village Drive. Two HOV lanes (1 in each direction) are proposed from La Jolla Village Drive to just north of Mira Mesa Blvd. The project would also construct a transit station and Direct Access Ramp (DAR) at Nobel Drive, a park-n-ride at Governor Drive, the south facing portion of the Carroll Canyon DAR, and a direct connector from the SR-52 to the I-805 Express Lanes.
  2014 FPAU estimated construction completion date: 12/16/20. 5/20/14: construction inspection. 7/30/12: NTP 1 allowing limited work was issued starting contract clock with 780 working days to Substantial Completion. 3/15/2012: FHWA Funding Authorization and Concurrence in Stage 1 Award 3/31/11: PMP approved.
  2015 FPAU: $0.553 2014 FPAU: $0.553 2013 FPAU: $0.553 2012 IFP: $0.554
  Federal, State, and local sources.
  05/30/2016: Submittal for Draft 2016 FPAU. 6/1/15: 2015 FPAU approved. 7/22/14: 2014 FPAU approved. 9/14/13: 2013 FPAU approved. 3/13/12: IFP approved.
  Caltrans, TransNet Dollars
Marin-Sonoma Narrows
  Highway 101, Marin County (MP18.6/27.6) to Sonoma County (MP 0.0/7/1),  California
DO Contact - Lanh Phan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping: 0107 Widen and Realign Freeway, Add HOV, Replace Bridges, Soundwalls, and Drainage. The MSN project area will be upgraded from an expressway to a freeway consistent with the freeway segments north and south of the MSN project area. Web link: above.
  Contract B3 with Federal-aid Hwy. funds is under advertisement. Bids opened on October 14, 2015. This contract is nticipated to be completed in 11/2018. 2013 FPAU Estimated completion dates: Phase 1: Roadway- 2016 Closeout- 2017 Landscape- 2019 Closeout- 2020 Phase 2: Roadway- 2019 Closeout- 2020 Landscape- 2021 Closeout- 2022 Phase 1 construction began at the end of 2010 w/o federal funds. Phase II is scheduled to begin in approx. 2016
  2014 FPAU: $0.719 2013 FPAU: $0.685 2012 FPAU: $0.689 2011 IFP: $0.670
  9/27/13: Federal construction funds might be requested in 2013. Prior: State program dollars, and local funds.
  02/03/16: Sponsor addressing FHWA comments. Revised FPAU expected on mid-February 2016. 10/08/2015: Draft 2015 FPAU recieved by the Division. 3/31/15: 2014 FPAU approved 5/21/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 9/18/13: 2012 FPAU approved. 6/26/12: 2011 IFP approved.
  Caltrans, Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA)and Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM).
New Route, CETAP Mid-County Parkway (MCP) Corridor
  Riverside County,  California
DO Contact - Tay Dam
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  New east-west corridor from Jct. Ramona A 16 mile transportation Corridor designed to relieve local and regional traffic congestion in the San Jacinto and Perris areas and surroundin Riverside County Communites.Expressway/SR 79 to Jct of I-215. Construct new 6-lane multimodal facility. 16 miles (08-RIV-00, PM 16/32, Riverside County, CA)
  01.11.2016: Project sponsor to send Final PMP for approval ASAP. 8/17/15: ROD signed.
  $2.5 B (70% CER)
SR 905, from I-805 to Otay Mesa Port of Entry (POE)
  San Diego County,  California
DO Contact - Jacob Waclaw
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construct new 6-lane freeway to near the POE with Mexico, approx 6.5 miles
  5/23/14: 2014 FPAU shows Phase 3 split into 3A and 3B. 3A will start construction this year. 3B Construction and landscaping completion date pushed back to June 2020. Phase 4 is OINCC. 6/2013:Phase 1B Construction Complete 6/22/12: Phase 2 construction complete. 12/2010 Phase 1A Open to Traffic.
  All entries through 2015 include "OINCC" Phase 4 cost ($0.054). Starting in 2016, this will no longer be reported. 2015 FPAU - $0.645 2014 FPAU - $0.617 2013 FPAU - $0.611 2012 FPAU - $0.607 2011 FPAU - $0.614 2010 FPAU - $0.611 2009 FPAU - $0.622 2008 IFP - $0.618
  1/25/15-EW: Trade Corridors Improvement Funds (TCIF) will be pursued for completion of Phase 3B funding gap. Prior: SAFETEA-LU Border Infrastructure Program & Earmark, Federal Discretionary-CBI, Federal Demonstration-SEC 115 & Sec 330, Regional STP-SEC 117, City of San Diego, STIP-IIP, STIP-RIP, ITIP Augmentation, TCRP
  03.31.2019: Submittal due date for 2016 FPAU. 3/24/15: 2015 FPAU approved. 6/5/14: 2014 FPAU approved. 8/14/13: 2013 FPAU Approved 12/7/12: 2012 FPAU conditions met. 9/10/12: 2012 FPAU conditional approval. 6/30/11; 2011 FPAU approved. 4/8/10: 2010 FPAU approved. 1/30/08: IFP approved.
  Caltrans and San Diego Area Council of Governments (SANDAG)
SR-11 and Otay Mesa 'East' Port of Entry (OME-POE)
  CA District 11 San Diego Co, East Otay Mesa, from Rt 905-future 129/905 junction to US/Mexico border,  California
DO Contact - Jacob Waclaw
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0117 (PoCI): Construct 2.7 miles of new 4 lane highway from SR 905-future 125/905 junction to US/Mexico border and new Port of Entry (POE).
  11/4/15: Caltrans and SANDAG will be submitting their TIFIA LOI summer of 2016. (MR) 9/3/14: Caltrans has submitted the Traffic Revenue study to FHWA. This is a major milestone for the project. 6/14(SM): PS&E for 905 Connectors from SR11 to SR125 was approved on 6/10. PODI PS&E form uploaded to DMS. 3/13/14 PMP approved. 10/2/13: Segment 1 contract (100% State funded) awarded to Coffman Specialties, Inc. Project anticipated to break ground 12/1/13 12/14/12: Project Oversight Agreement Signed. 9/10/12: HQ PDT concurrence on draft PMP email. CER Dec 4-6, 2012.
  $0.755 - EE in 2013 Draft IFP $0.802 CER 70% confidence level adjusted for inclusion of Segment 4?(reported in IFP). $0.766 - 12/2012 CER 70% confidence level, minus Segment 4. $0.755 - bsaeline.
  11/4/15: Caltrans and SANDAG will be submitting their TIFIA LOI summer of 2016. (MR) 12/10/12: Seeking TIFIA loan for later phases. State, Coordinated Border Infrastructure (CBI) funds, tolls. FMIS code 117
  11/19/13: revised Draft (uncertified) IFP rc'd. 1/29/13: Draft IFP submitted to HQ-PDT. HQ declined review, deeming submittal premature. Division returned comments to Caltrans 6/25/13. 1/11/13: Draft IFP received.
  Caltrans and San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
SR-4 (East) Widening Project
  from Loveridge Road to SR 160 in Contra Costa County, CA.,  California
DO Contact - Lanh Phan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0108: The project will reduce congestion by widening the freeway to three mixed flow and one HOV lane in each direction and provide a widen median sufficient for a mass transit extension. This project includes the reconstruction of the interchanges and local street crossings at Loveridge Road, Century Blvd., Somersville Road, Contra Lome Blvd/L St., G St., Lone Tree Way/A Street, Cavallo Road and Hillcrest Ave. The total project length is approximately 7 miles
  12/30/16: Complete Landscaping. 06/30/16: Estimated completion. The project is divided into 7 contracts. It is scheduled to complete the construction of Contract 6 by 2014 and Contract 7, by 2015.
  2015 FPAU: $0.5302 2014 FPAU: $0.5306 2013 FPAU: $0.5285 2012 FPAU: $0.525 2011 FPAU: $0.546 2010 FPAU: $0.565 2009 IFP: $0.600
  Federal:$67 million per FMIS 11/30/12. Previously reported State funds of $192.3 million included some federal funds (adjusted 11/30/12) including STIP, RTIP, ITIP, Transportation Congestion Relief Program (TRCP), Proposition 1B: corridor Mobility Improvement Account (CMIA) and State Local Partnership Program (SLPP). Local and Regional: $375.3 million.
  01/11/16: 2015 FPAU approved. 2/26/15: 2014 FPAU approved 5/21/14: 2013 FPAU approved. 4/26/13: 2012 FPAU approved. 2/3/12: 2011 FPAU approved. 3/28/11: 2010 FPAU approved. 9/23/09: IFP approved.
  Caltrans/Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA).
SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project/HOT Lanes (Initial Project)
  08-RIV-91, PM 0.0/13.4, and 12-RIV-15, in Riverside California,  California
DO Contact - Tay Dam
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  From Riverside COL to Pierce Street. Design-Build project adding one new mixed-flow lane, one new Toll Express Lane (TEL) lane, and converting an existing HOV lane into a second TEL Lane in each direction on SR-91 from Riverside County Line to Pierce Street in the City of Riverside in Riverside County. Also adding one TEL lane in each direction on I-15 from Hidden Valley Parkway in the City of Norco to Cajalco Road in the City of Corona and constructing a Collector Distributor system between Main Street and I-15 in both directions.
  Construction Contract Completion (CCA) -Sept. 2017 Open to Traffic (Substantially Complete) - Jan. 2017. 12/11/13: Groundbreaking event. 7/2/13: TIFIA Loan Closing. 5/10/13: NTP 1 issued to Design-Builder 10/23/12- ROD signed for Initial CIP project. A separate ROD will be issued for the remaining work (now split out from this Major Project).
  2015 FPAU: $1.249 2014 FPAU: $1.239 2013 FPAU: $1.144 ($1.312 with financing) 2012 TIFIA application (IFP): $1.227 ($1.356 with financing)
  6/27/13: TIFIA loan amount will be $421 million. 12/28/12 - per TIFIA JPO, TIGER funds will no longer be used on the project. Originally: Local Measures Fund, Federal TIFIA Loan, Tiger 3 Funds ($20 million).
  12/01/15: 2015 FPAU approved. 4/24/15: 2014 FPAU approved. 11/8/13: BCFP (Major Project IFP) approved. 8/30/13: rc'd and distributed certified Base Case Financial Plan (BCFP - like Major Project IFP). 8/31/12- rcd TIFIA Application for Federal Credit Assistance. This also referred to as the (TIFIA) IFP.
  Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC)
State Route 46 Corridor Improvement Project
  San Luis Obispo, Californina,  California
DO Contact - Dominic Hoang
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Convert 2-lane highway to 4-lane expressway.. The project limits are from Airport Road, just east ofPaso Robles (KP 51.8, PM 32.2) to the eastern most junction of State Routes 46 and 41 (KP 90.6, PM 56.3), commonly known as the "Wye", a distance of approximately 38.8 kilometers (24.1 miles). The new roadway will be a four-lane, access controlled, divided expressway. It will be constructed mostly on the existing alignment with a few sections of the new expressway on new alignments. Right of way will be purchased throughout the entire project.
  April/2025(CER) PMP approved 12/3/2015.
  2/2/2016: Received revised IFP. (DH) 10/08/2015: FHWA IFP comments sent to project sponsor. (MR) Received IFP on 8/28/2015. (DH) 3/3/2015: IFP being prepared. (DH)
Central 70 (formally I-70 East)
  Denver,  Colorado
DO Contact - Chris Horn
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Improve capacity and safety to 12 miles of I-70 from just east of I-25 to Chambers Road, in the vicinity of Pena Boulevard - access to Denver International Airport, by reconstructing the Interstate and adding 1 managed lane (tolled express lanes) in each direction. The Central 70 project constructs full width from Brighton to Quebec (as needed for the ultimate configuration identified in the I-70 East FEIS), but only opens one managed lane to traffic in either direction. It also constructs a single managed lane from Quebec St to Chambers Road. Estimated cost: $1.1 billion. This project includes replacing an aging viaduct on the west end of the corridor with a lowered highway and constructing a 4-acre park over a portion of the interstate. Construction of the second managed lane east of Quebec St to Tower Blvd and adding direct connection ramps to I-270, I-225 and Pena Blvd is unfunded and will not be included in the Record of Decision.
  Procurement: RFQ issued 3/25/2015 SOQ's received 6/22/15 Shortlist to 4 teams Draft 1 RPF ITP issued: 9/14/15, PA issued 9/29/15 Draft 2 RFP Feb 2016 Final RFP Sept 2016 Award March 2017 Financial close July 2017 NEPA: SDEIS: 8/4/2014 FEIS: 12/18/2016 ROD: September 2016 Project Completion: Fall 2022
  Central 70 $1.1 B
  Federal: CMAQ, TIFIA, PABS State: SB 228, Bridge Enterprise Local; City and County of Denver
  Not Started
  Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado Bridge Enterprise (CBE), High Performance Transportation Enterprise(HPTE)
North I-25 Phase I ROD
  I-25 Denver to Fort Collins,  Colorado
DO Contact - George Jones
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction and widening of I-25 between Colorado 14 and Colorado 392 with continuous acceleration/deceleration lanes; construction of one buffer-separated tolled expressed lane in each direction between Colorado 56 and Colorado 66, and between 120th Avenue and US 36; and upgrades to 6 interchanges along I-25 including Colorado 14, Prospect Road, US 34 (Phase 1 includes construction of an interchange at US 34/Centerra Parkway), Colorado 56, County Road 34 and Colorado 7. The project also includes initiation of express bus service with six stations/stops along I-25, US 34 and Harmony Road with service from Fort Collins and Greeley to downtown Denver and DIA; implementation of commuter bus service along US 85 connecting Greeley to downtown Denver; construction of six carpool lots along I-25; and purchase of right-of-way for future commuter rail implementation.
  Completion date : 1/1/2035 Design for portions have started, but funding for all of the construction improvements will be stretched out through 2035. Projects have slowed down due to the ER event in Colorado. TIGER IV project under construction.
  $1.271 Cost of current construction project (with OINCC) $67.8M
  Federal, State, and Local
  The state is looking for ways to move the construction up to start within the next 2-3 years. I-25 from US36 to 120th Ave Managed Lanes Project OINCC request has been approved by OIPD. The current project is a TIGER IV. .
I-95/New Haven Harbor Crossing
  New Haven,  Connecticut
DO Contact - David Nardone
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of 7.2 miles of I-95, including a new 10-lane Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge over New Haven Harbor, and Interchanges 46 through 54. Major crossing to be the Nation's first extradosed bridge.
  Estimated Completion Date: 6/1/2017 (Current) 11/30/2016 (Last approved financial plan update) 5/2012 (Initial Financial Plan) This major project is almost completely designed and totally in the construction phase. The last major contract (Contract E) has been authorized and awarded. Contract B(extradosed cable stayed bridge structure) is awarded and underway. The Boathouse mitigation project, Phase I (the platform) was awarded on 6/21/2013. The Boathouse mitigation project, Phase II was advertised on 10/28/2015.
  $1.937 (Current) $1.987 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.8 (Initial Financial Plan)
  FHWA/State normal funding. Federal funding estimated to be approx. 88% of total cost.
  Initial Finance Dec. 2000. Annual update submitted to the Division in April of 2015 and approved by FHWA on 11/4/2015.
  ConnDOT City of New Haven
US 301 Project, DE/MD Line to SR1
  Middletown (Southern New Castle County),  Delaware
DO Contact - Daniel Montag, P.E.
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project consists of new alignment for US 301 and a new Spur Road. US 301 is designed to be a four-lane, limited access toll roadway on new location, extending from the Maryland/Delaware state line to SR-1, a distance of approximately 12.5 miles. The Spur Road will be a two-lane, limited access roadway on new location, extending from US 301 to Summit Bridge, a distance of approximately 4.5 miles. The purpose of the project is to improve safety and relieve congestion problems in the corridor.
  The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was published on November 30, 2007. Record of Decission - Signed April 30, 2008 Project Management Plan - approved May 27, 2008. Update received June 2010. Update recieved Dec 11. Publish Record of Decision in Federal Register- Sept 18, 2008 Start Right-of-Way acquisition - June 2008 Begin Design - Aug 2008 (four section designers and a GEC) Initial Finance Plan - Recieved June 2010, not approved at this time. IFP resubmitted Dec 11. Project Management Plan - Updated Dec 2011 Start Construction - Spring 2016 Open to Traffic - Fall 2018/Spring 2019
  CER January 2008 was $704 million (YOE) CER September 2012 was $682 million (YOE) at 70% confidence level CER January 2015 was $574,347,077 for the Mainline and $765,304,660 for Total project cost at 70% confidence level. (Mainline is was is being planned for construction)
  1. A combination of toll revenue secured by a pledge of the tolls to be imposed on US 301 and by a subordinate lien on the revenues of the State Transportation Trust Fund. 2. State transportation trust funds. 3. Federal highway funds. Federal Highway funds are not anticipated to be a significant part of the project. 4. State is looking at using Toll Credits. 5. GARVEE Bond of $125 million. (ROW and Design) 6. State is interested in seeking a TIFIA loan.
  IFP was initially submitted to FWHA in 2009. HQs has reviewed and provided comments. DelDOT submitted a draft Dec 11. We have not taken any action because as of today there is no federal funding in construction. (a small portion of GARVEE was used for utility)
  Delaware Department of Transportation
South Capitol Street Corridor Project
  SE and SW Washington, DC, from I-395 to I-295,  Dist Of Col
DO Contact - Joshua Cunningham
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The South Capitol Street Corridor Project is divided into 5 segments that encompass South Capitol Street and the Anacostia River. Segment 1 includes the construction of the new Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge and its approaches. Segment 2 reconstructs the interchange at I-295 and Suitland Parkway. Segment 3 includes a new interchange at Suitland Parkway and Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE. Segment 4 reconstructs South Capitol Street and includes an at-grade intersection reconstruction at M Street. Segment 5 includes streetscape improvements along New Jersey Ave SE.
  Phase 1 (Segments 1 and 2) PE ?/2016 - 1/2017; ROW/Utilities 10/2014 - 8/2015; Construction ?/2017 - 12-2020 Segment 3 8/2019-7/2022 Segment 4 8/2019 - 11/2022 Segment 5 8/2019 - 4/2020
  $0.86 (preliminary)
  Local, Federal-Aid, GARVEEs
  A Draft Initial Financial Plan that was submitted to the Division Office on 4/16/2015. Comments were sent back to DDOT on 5/5/2015. The IFP will be updated once the next CER, scheduled December 1-2, 2015,is completed.
  District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
Connector - I-4 to Lee Roy Selmon Expressway
  Tampa - Hillsborough County,  Florida
DO Contact - Marvin L. Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This is an elevated section of roadway that connect Interstate 4 to the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway through a series of ramps. The facility is limited access and will be tolled once completed.
  The new construction project has been let and a construction contract executed on Januaary 12, 2010. Construction began on March 1, 2010. Original Estimated Completion Date: 1/28/2013 Updated Completion Date: 4/1/2014 Updated completion Date June 30, 2014 Construction completed on 10/19/2014.
  $0.659(2013 cost) $0.645 (2012 cost) $0.63 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.65 (Initial Financial Plan) 2015 Cost - $0.695
  Federal: ARRA, National Highway Statysm, Earmarks, Equity Bonus and Surface Tansportation Program. State and local.
  IFP was approved on 10/20/09. 2011-FPAU approved 2/9/2012 2012-FPAU approved 12/12/12 2013-FPAU approved on 12/3/2013. 2014-FPAU approved on 2/24/2015. 2015-FPAU approved on 1/14/2016.
  FDOT, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, and the Hillsborough County Expressway Authority.
I-4 Ultimate W/Managed (Tolled) Lanes (Moving-4-Ward)
  Orange and Seminole Counties, Orlando Urban Area,  Florida
DO Contact - Marvin L. Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction and tolled lanes for 18 miles of I-4 in Oralando and Seminole Counties, District 5, FDOT. A light rail transit line will eventually be built in the southern portion of the reconstructed median as an independent environmental document and construction project.
  Final EIS completed, ROD signed December 2002 and subsequent ROD signed on December 8, 2005. Construction anticipated as a P3-Design-Build project in 2014 to construct the 18 miles project. Design/construction reevaluation approved on January 3, 2014.
  Currently in Design with an estimated construction cost of $2.5B to construct the 18 mile section from south of Kirkman Road (SR-435) to North of SR 434. the estaimated 40 year total cost is $7,247,777,622.00
  90% Federal. Florida's new Growth Management Plan will provide $300 million to the FDOT for right-of-way acquisition. PABs letter granted 9/12/2013 TIFIA loan in progress Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (Name changed to Central Florida Expressway Authority in 2014) financial contribution $230 million. TIFIA funds $990M.
  Initial Financial Plan approved on 9/27/13 with Project Management Plan and Cost Estimate Report accepted. Post IFP (post award) approved on 10/13/2015.
  FDOT and Central Florida Expressway Authority (formally the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA)), and the City of Orlando
I-75/SR826 Managed Lanes
  Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, FL,  Florida
DO Contact - Andrew DeTizio
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Provide two managed lanes in each direction of SR 826 from SR 836 to I-75 and I-75 from SR 826 to I-595 to improve mobility, relieve congestion and increase capacity. The total length of this project is 27 miles and composed of two components: FDOT District 4 (D4) and FDOT District 6 (D6) based on the geographical location of construction.
  CE Type II was approved on March 29, 2012. All contracts have been awarded and are currently under construction. Total project completion date is December 2017.
  $863.5 million
  State and Federal
  CER completed October 2012. IFP approved September 2013. Currently reviewing 2014 FPAU.
  Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
I-95 Express (Phase 3)
  Broward and Palm Beach Counties,  Florida
DO Contact - Andrew DeTizio
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project is located in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida. It will add two Express lanes in each direction along I-95, to relieve congestion and increase capacity. The project will be procured in 3 segments: 3A, 3B, and 3C. The total project length is 29 miles.
  3A was advertised as two D/B contracts: 3A-1 and 3A-2 anticipated Award mid-June 2015. Anticipated completion date of 3A is July 2018. 3B planned advertisement in 2017, and 3C planned advertisement in 2018.
  $1.22 (preliminary)
  State and Federal
  IFP approved June,2015.
  Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)
  Miami,  Florida
DO Contact - Andrew DeTizio
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Construction of multi-modal center for Miami International Airport, including rental car facility, intermodal center, people mover, and roadways.
  Estimated Completion Date: July, 2016 (Current) 12/2013 (Last approved financial plan update) 7/2005 (Initial Financial Plan). Currently in construction. Rental car facility and roadway construction are complete, people mover construction is complete.
  $2.010 (Current) $1.993 (Last approved financial plan update) $1.35 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal, State, MDAD, MDX, TIFIA loan, SIB Loan
  Initial Finance Plan accepted July 1999. 2014 Annual Update has been approved. Currently in review of 2015 FPAU.
  FDOT and MDAD. Also Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, Miami-Dade County, and Tri-County Commuter Rail Authority.
Port of Miami Tunnel & Access Improvement Project (POMT)
  Miami,  Florida
DO Contact - Andrew DeTizio
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The POMT will improve access to and from the Port of Miami, serving as a dedicated roadway connector linking the Port with the MacArthur Causeway (State Road A1A) and I-395. The project consists of three primary components: widening of the MacArthur Causeway Bridge; tunnel connections between Watson Island and Dodge Island (the Port of Miami); and connections to the Port of Miami roadway system. The project is being procured as a PPP through a 35-year design, build, finance, operate and maintain (DBFOM) contract with a concessionaire.
  Estimated Completion Date: 8/2014 (Current) 9/2014 (Last approved financial plan update) 5/2014 (Initial Financial Plan). The environmental process (EA/FONSI) was completed in 2000 with a re-evaluation in 2005) and the general project location and alignment have been identified. In March 2007 three shortlisted concessionaire teams submitted proposals in response to FDOT's Request for Proposals issued in November 2006. On May 2, 2007, the Miami Access Tunnel (MAT) consortium was selected as the Best Value Proposal. A 47-month construction schedule began upon execution of the concession agreement in October, 2009 and the project could be operational by 2014.
  $0.913 (Current) $0.91 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.92 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal (TIFIA), State, Miami-Dade County, City of Miami
  Initial Financial Plan approved June, 2009. 2013 Annual update approved January, 2014. Currently in review of 2014 FPAU.
  FDOT, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Miami
SR 429 - Wekiva Parkway
  Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties,  Florida
DO Contact - Marvin L. Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) from US 441 to I-4/ SR 417, completing the beltway around northwest metropolitan Orlando. Improvements include: Widening seven (7) miles of SR 46 in Lake and Seminole Counties. Rebuilding the US 441/SR 46 interchange in Mount Dora. Shifting the CR 46A connection to SR 46 so wildlife can move more safely between habitats. Building a multi-use trail along portions of the parkway in east Lake and Seminole counties.
  12/2021 (preliminary) FONSI approved 5/2012 Estimated completion in December 2021.
  $1.8 (preliminary)
  State, TIFIA, Expressway Authority and other funding.
  Initial Financial Plan (IFP) under development.IFP approved in 2015
  Florida Dept. of Trapnsportation (FDOT), and Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)
SR826/SR836 Interchange Reconstruction (Palmetto 5)
  Miami,  Florida
DO Contact - Andrew DeTizio
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project involves a major upgrade to the interchange. Capacity improvements include the reconstruction and widening along both SR826 (Palmetto Expressway) and SR836 (Dolphin Expressway), construction of a four-level interchange, and the reconstruction/modifications of the Flagler Street/SR826 and the Milam Dairy Road/NW 72nd Avenue/SR836 interchanges.
  Estimated Completion Date: 11/2015 (Current) 8/2015 (Last approved financial plan update) 12/2016 (Initial Financial Plan) In late October 2009, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Six in partnership with the Miami-Dade Exoressway Authority (MDX) began construction.
  $0.827 (Current) $0.824 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.840 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal (traditional and ARRA), State, and Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
  Initial Finance Plan accepted in September 2009. 2014 FPAU approved January, 2015.
Tampa Interstate System (TIS)
  Tampa - Hillsborough County,  Florida
DO Contact - Marvin L. Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction and widening of approx. 13 miles of I-4 and I-275, and construction of the Crosstown Connector, to improve operation, capacity, and safety.
  Estimated Completion Date: 7/14/2016 (Current) 9/2016 (Last approved financial plan update) 12/2013 (Initial Financial Plan) Project on schedule completion date 8/15/2016.
  $1.195 (Current) $1.2 (Last approved financial plan update) $1.0 (Initial Financial Plan)
  FHWA/State normal funding (90/10 for Interstate, 80/20 for Congestion Management), and Congressional Earmarks Construction funds for the I4-Crosstown Connector moved from 2010 to 2013, project now part of the 2009 Econmic Stimulus Package.
  IFP accepted 3/03. FPAU - 4/10/2014
Three Mile Pensacola Bay Bridge
  Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties,  Florida
DO Contact - Marvin Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Replacement of the existing Pensacola Bay Bridge ("Three Mile Bridge" - 2.96 miles) with a new 4-lane bridge carrying US 98(SR 30)across Pensacola Bay
  Anticipated completion date: 11/2021 (preliminary)
  0.529 (preliminary)
  State and Federal
  IFP Approved on 9/22/2015
  Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
I-285/GA 400 Interchange Project
  Fulton County, Georgia,  Georgia
DO Contact - Alvin Gutierrez
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The I-285/S.R. 400 Reconstruction Project will rebuild the interchange and also make improvements along I-285 from west of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs to east of Ashford-Dunwoody Road in DeKalb County, a 4.3 mile stretch. It will also make improvements along a 6.2 mile stretch of S.R. 400 from the Glenridge Connector to the Spalding Drive overpass. Improvements include the construction of new flyover ramps, new collector-distributor lanes and other facilities to aid east-west travel along I-285 and northsouth travel along S.R. 400. The project also includes the extension of PATH 400 trail system to inside the perimeter.
  Estimated completion date: May, 2020 (preliminary)
  TBD at development of IFP.
  Georgia DOT (GDOT)& SRTA
Northwest Corridor Project (I-75-I-575)
  Cherokee and Cobb Counties, GA,  Georgia
DO Contact - Alvin Gutierrez
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This project begins on I-75 where the current system ends at Akers Mill Road. It is proposed to construct 2 reversible lanes on I-75 between I-285 and I-575. One lane will continue north on I-75 to north of Hickory Groove Road. One lane will continue north on I-575 to Sixes Road. A barrier separated system is proposed. Tolling of managed lanes is proposed. The project includes approximately 16 miles on I-75, 12 miles on I-575, and 2 miles on I-285.
  The ROD was signed on May 23, 2013. Reevaluation #1 was approved on Sept 16, 2014. Contract with NWER was signed on November 14, 2014. TIFIA loan for $275M was closed as well. NTP1 Design 11/15/2013 NTP2 Construction 10/06/2014 completion date 4/12/2018
  Federal and State Funds, TIFIA, and partial private finance from the developer.
  IFP was submitted on Jan 14,2014. IFP was approved on May 1, 2014. Revised FPU was submitted on Oct 14,2014.
  Georgia DOT and State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)
Circle Interchange
  I-90/I-94 at I-290 Interchange in downtown Chicago, IL,  Illinois
DO Contact - Chris Byars
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Interchange Reconstruction
  Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2019 (Current) Construction is to start in Fall/Winter 2013. The Halsted / Harrison West Bridge Contract (60W26) Construction started on Feb 7, 2014. Project is 35% complete East Harrison Bridge (60W71) Construction started on Sept 2, 2014. Project is less than 1% complete. NW Flyover (60W28) Construction Started on Sept 2, 2014. Project is 7% complete. Morgan Street Bridge (60W25) Construction started on Aug 30, 2013. Project is 99.9% complete. Peoria Street Bridge (60W29) Construction started on Apr 23, 2014. The project is 44% complete. I-290 WB Express Lanes (60X61) Authorized for letting on Nov 14, 2014. Project is scheduled for Jan 2015 letting
  $0.535 (Current year of expenditure)
  NHPP and State funding
  Approved 9/25/2013
  Illinois Department of Transportation
Elgin-O'Hare Western Access
  Between US 20 and the O'Hare Airport and the West Access from I-90 to I-294,  Illinois
DO Contact - Mike Hine
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This project is converting an existing controlled access from US 20 to I-290 to a tolled facility and constructing a new full access controlled tolled facility from I-290 to the O Hare Airport and a new full access controlled tolled facility around the western side of the O Hare Airport from I-90 to I-294.
  current (1/1/2026) ROD was signed on December 12, 2012. Construction started in 2013 and is anticipated to be completed by January 1 2026. All existing construction has so far been funded with non-federal funds
  (current) $3.2B (prevsly) $3.4B
  State(Illinois Toll Highway Funds), Federal and Local
  September 19, 2014
  Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and Illinois Dept. of Transportation
Illiana Corridor
  Between I-55 near Wilmington, IL and I-65 near Lowell, IN,  Illinois
DO Contact - Mike Hine
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This Project is studying a new full access controlled roadway from I-55 to I-65
  (current) 10/2018 ROD for the Tier II EIS is anticipated in April 2014. The Chicago Metropoliton Agency for Planning added this project to the 2040 plan.
  (current)$1.5 B
  State, Federal (P3 Procurement)
  Not started
  Illinois Dept. of Transportation and Indiana Dept. of Transportation
O'Hare Con-RAC
  At Manheim and Zemke Road in Chicago, Illinois, a gateway into the O Hare International Airport,  Illinois
DO Contact - Scott McGuire
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This project constructs a parking structure, a rental car service center, and automated transit facilities in order to eliminate rental car shuttle busses for cleaner air, as well as to modernize the O Hare Airport
  (current): January 2017 The parking structure and related facilities to start construction in April 2014 with completion expected in January 2017 Procuring the automated transit facilities started January 2014 with completion expected in July 2016
  (current) $0.8B
  TIFIA and local funds
  Initial plan approved; update submitted March 2014.
  Chicago Department of Aviation
I-69 SIU 3 Section 4
  From US-231 in Greene County near Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center(NSWC) to SR-37 S of Bloomington,  Indiana
DO Contact - Robert E. Dirks
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Section 4 of the I-69 corridor project, is 27 Miles of new Interstate freeway on new alignment (within Section of Independent Utility #3 of 26 of the National I-69 Corridor). Includes three interchanges at SR-45, Green/Monroe County line, and SR-37. The project will improve transportation linkage and accessibility, enhance economic growth, reduce congestion and improve safety.
  Estimated Contract Completion Date: June 2016 Estimated Open to Traffic Date: December 2015 The PMP was approved by FHWA on 9/26/11 and updated on 8/30/12. Record of Decision was signed 9/8/11. FEIS was signed on 7/13/11. DEIS was signed on 7/30/10. Section 4 includes 7 primary construction contracts which are all under construction.
  $0.6063 (draft 2013 FPAU - submitted 10/17/2014) $0.5890 (2012 FPAU) $0.6001 (Initial Financial Plan 2011)
  Federal and State.
  2013 FPAU was due to FHWA on 9/30/13, was submitted on 10/17/2014. Submitted to HQ for review on 12/2/2014. 2012 FPAU was due to FHWA no later than 9/30/12, was recieved by FHWA on 4/21/2014, and approved on 5/29/2014. The IFP was approved on 9/26/11; first update was received and approved on 8/30/12. The result from the CER was $600.1 million (YOE).
  State of Indiana (INDOT)
US 31 Hamilton County
  US 31 from I-465 to SR 38, North of Indianapolis, IN,  Indiana
DO Contact - Eryn Fletcher
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Upgrading 12.5 miles of divided signalized expressway from I-465, north to SR 38 to freeway standards.
  Estimated Completion Date: 06/30/2016(2014 FPAU) 06/30/2016 (2013 FPAU) 8/2017 (IFP) All contracts have been awarded. Some work is complete.
  $0.579 (2014 FPAU) $0.578 (2013 FPAU) $0.600 (IFP)
  Indiana Major Moves funds (Toll Road lease proceeds), Federal NHS and STP funds, State Highway funds. Project approved in 2013 to receive Freight funding at pro-rata rate of 90/10 for contracts let in calendar year 2013.
  2014 FPAU received 1/30/15 and approved 5/19/15. Next FPAU as of 10/30/15 and due on 1/30/16.
Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvements, Segments 1, 2 and 3
  Council Bluffs,  Iowa
DO Contact - Andy Wilson
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The NEPA Tier 1 project area included approximately 18 miles of mainline interstate on I-29, I-80, and I-480; 3 system interchanges; and 13 service interchanges. The proposed improvements to the Council Bluffs Interstate System are intended to upgrade the mobility through the I-80, I-29, and I-480 corridors. The corridor was split into 5 segments in the Tier 1 EIS: -Segment 1: Missouri River Bridge -Segment 2: West Systems Interchange (I-29/I-80) -Segment 3: East Systems Interchange (I-29/I-80) -Segment 4: I-29/I-480/West Broadway -Segment 5: I-80 North of Madison The Iowa DOT and the Nebraska DOR have decided to proceed with Tier 2 NEPA, design, and construction of a Major Project comprised of Segment 1, and an operationally independent interim build of Segments 2 and 3. The NEPA Tier 2 documents have been completed for the work to be done in these 3 segments.
  Estimated Completion Date: 6/30/2023 (Current) 6/30/2021 (Previous approved financial plan update) 12/2018 (Initial Financial Plan) A Tier 1 EIS is complete for the corridor which established 5 segments for the corridor. Tier 2 NEPA work has been completed for Segments 1, 2 and 3. Construction work on the Segments is estimated as follows: Segment 1: 2008-2020 Segment 2: 2008-2020 Segment 3: 2013-2020
  $1.356 (Current) $0.986 (Previous approved financial plan update) $0.76 (Initial Financial Plan) Currently, the DOT plans to construct Segment 1 and Segments 2/3 concurrently, and these will make up the Major Project portion of this corridor improvement. Segment 1: $112.4 million Segment 2/3 interim: $1243.9 million Segements 4 and 5 of the identified in the CBIS Tier 1 EIS are not part of this major project.
  The project will be financed using a combination of federal and state funding.
  IFP was approved on 1-9-08, and the last annual update was approved on 9-24-14.
  Iowa DOT and NE DOR (Iowa is the lead state)
I-74 Quad Cities Corridor Study
  Davenport and Bettendorf, IA and Moline, IL,  Iowa
DO Contact - Andy Wilson
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of the I-74 corridor from the Avenue of the Cities Interchange in Moline, IL to 1 mile north of the 53rd Street Interchange in Davenport, IA. Due to funding constraints, Iowa and Illinois have decided to phase construct this project with the following phases: Phase 0--Lincoln Rd. Overpass and 53rd St. Interchange (construction has been completed on this phase), Phase 1--Local Road improvements in Bettendorf and Moline, Phase 2--Central Section work including new bridges over the Mississippi River, Phase 3--North Section (north of Middle Rd.), and Phase 4--South Section (south of Avenue of the Cities).
  Phase 1 completion date: Nov. 2015 (IFP) All Phases completion date: June 2023 (IFP) The Record of Decision for the project was signed on April 29, 2009. The corridor is in final design. Construction of the Central Section of the project (including the Mississippi River Bridge) is expected to begin in 2017/2018.
  $1.161 (all phases) Phase 0: $0.018 Phase 1: $0.025 (fully funded in IFP) Phase 2: $0.930 Phase 3: $0.165 Phase 4: $0.022
  TEA21, SAFETEA-LU, MAP-21 and special appropriations. Iowa and Illinois DOTs have received about $85 million in Congressionally-designated funding for the project. To date, approximately $80 million in total federal funding has been obligated on the project. Additional project funds will be a combination of Federal formuala funds, State funds, and possibly special appropriations.
  Initial Finance Plan was approved on 7/24/2014.
  Iowa DOT and Illinois DOT (Iowa is the lead state).
Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project
  Kentucky/Indiana (Louisville),  Kentucky
DO Contact - Jeff Schmidt
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Construction of two new bridges crossing the Ohio River; one to connect Indiana SR-265 with KY 841, providing a beltway around the east end of Louisville, and the second just upstream of the existing I-65 Kennedy Bridge in downtown Louisville (new bridge for northbound traffic and existing bridge for southbound traffic). The Kennedy Interchange will be re-constructed within the footprint of the existing Kennedy Interchange to address multiple deficiencies with the existing convergence of I-64, I-65, and I-71.
  Estimated Completion Date: 12/9/2016 (Current) Kentucky awarded a Design Build contract for the Downtown Crossing to Walsh Construction on 12/6/2012. Indiana awarded a P3 contract to WVB East End Partners on December 28, 2012. The East End Crossing is scheduled for completion in October 2016. The Downtown Crossing is scheduled for completion in December 2016.
  $2.323(Current) $2.584 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Funding sources for the project include traditional federal funds, GARVEE, state funds and toll revenue bonds. Section 129 Tolling Agreements were approved on 8/1/2012. Initial toll rates were established on 9/11/2013. KYTC secured a TIFIA loan in December 2013 for $452.2 million. IFA secured a TIFIA loan in April 2015 for $162 million.
  Approval of the 2015 FPAU with a cost of $2.323 billion was given on1/07/16.
US68/KY80, Land Between the Lakes, West of Cadiz, KY
  Trigg and Marshall Counties, KY,  Kentucky
DO Contact - Boday Borres and Duane Thomas
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruct US 68/KY 80 to 4 lanes from Cadiz to Aurora including 2 new bridges over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.
  Estimated Completion Date: 9/30/2018 (Current) 4/1/2017 (Initial Financial Plan) FONSI approved in October 2006. Roadway portion between the lake bridges (design build section) was constructed using a combination of state funds and ARRA funds. That section is completed and is open to traffic. A construction project for the far western end of the project was broken out from the Kentucky Lake Bridge Section and was awarded on March 1, 2013. This project included the construction of a three span Lagoon Bridge, along with causeway work and pile testing for the ultimate Kentucky Lake Bridge. Construction began on April 18, 2013 and is completed. A contract for the Kentucky Lake Bridge was awarded on February 10, 2014 and was approximately 15% under the engineers estimate. Construction is currently 77% completed. The Lake Barkley Bridge project was awarded February 6, 2015 and was approximately 16% under the engineers estimate. Construction is currently 28% completed. The three remaining roadway widening sections of the project were awarded on December 4, 2015 and were approximately 4% over the engineers estimate. The anticipated completion date for the entire project is now September 30, 2018.
  $0.512 (Current) $0.583 (Initial Financial Plan)
  The Initial Finance Plan and the Project Management Plan were approved on September 27, 2012. A Cost Estimate Review was completed in September 2011. The second annual update of the Finance Plan was submitted in December 2014 and approved on January 16, 2015. An updated PMP has been submitted and is currently under review by the Division.
  Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Gordie Howe International Bridge
  Detroit, MI,  Michigan
DO Contact - Amelia (Millie) Hayes
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  New Crossing facility between US/Canada including Bridge, new Ports of Entry in Detroit and Windsor, new I-75 Interchange, and connection to Right Honorable Herb Gray Parkway which will provide connectivity to Highway 401 in Ontario.
  Current status: Request for Qualifications currently being evaluated; Request for Proposals release to short-list scheduled in early 2016; Target to be open to traffic 2020.
  $1.8 (Preliminary)
  Current status: Project financed by Canada to be repaid through tolls.
  Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA), Michigan DOT.
  Oakland County,  Michigan
DO Contact - Amelia (Millie) Hayes
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of an 18-mile segment of I-75 from M-102 to south of M-59 in Oakland County. The project includes a lane addition as a High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) lane in the peak hours (approximately four hours a day) and a general-purpose lane for the remaining hours. The lane addition will bring the entire project length to four through lanes in each direction.
  Current status: PMP approved December 22, 2015. Currently procuring a Design-Builder to construct the first segment of the project, with limits from north of Coolidge to South Boulevard. The procurement will utilize the two-phase approach. Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was issued in September 2015 with Request for Proposals (RFP) issuance to short-listed proponents planned for early 2016. Overall project completion (all eight segments) planned in 2032.
  Preliminary Estimate of $1.3 billion (year of expenditure dollars), per June 2015 CER.
  To be determined; IFP currently under development.
  CER was held in June 2015; IFP currently under development.
  Michigan DOT.
I-94/Edsel Ford Freeway
  Detroit,  Michigan
DO Contact - Amelia (Millie) Hayes
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Widening and reconstruction a 6.7-mile segment of Interstate 94 within the city of Detroit. The project extends along I-94 (which is also known as the Edsel Ford Freeway) from just east of the I-94/I-96 interchange to west of the Conner Avenue interchange.
  Current status: Currently in the Advanced Bridges phase of the project, which includes bridges in greatest need of replacement. Design of the remaining eight Advanced Bridges began in fall 2015 with anticipated construction lettings range from December 2016 to December 2017. Overall project completion (all four segments) planned for September 2036.
  $2.9 billion (year of expenditure dollars), per November 2013 CER and February 2014 IFP.
  Federal Aid (NHS, IM, HBP), per IFP.
  IFP was approved by FHWA on March 5, 2014. The 2014 FPAU was approved on June 1, 2015.
  Michigan DOT.
St. Croix River Crossing
  Stillwater, MN and St Joseph Township, WI,  Minnesota
DO Contact - Tim Anderson
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Replacement of bridge crossing on new alignment with added capacity. Construction of new roadway approaches.
  Estimated Completion Date: 11/30/2017 (Current) 11/30/2017 (Initial Financial Plan) The ROD was signed on November 20, 2006. Final Design Complete Estimated at Summer of 2013 (Bridge Design) Bridge Construction Estimated to Begin Spring of 2014 Estimated Project Completion 2017
  $0.646 (Current) $0.677 (Initial Financial Plan)
  State Bonds and Federal Apportionments
  Initial Financial Plan approved.
  Minnesota DOT, Wisconsin DOT
I-269 Corridor
  DeSoto and Marshall Counties, Mississippi,  Mississippi
DO Contact - Mississippi Division
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  New construction of 26 miles of four lane interstate.
  Estimated Completion Date: 10/2018 (Current approved FPAU, 9/2015) 10/2018 (Last approved FPAU, 9/2014) 6/2018 (Initial Finance Plan, 9/2011)
  $0.653 (Current approved FPAU, 9/2015) $0.665 (Last approved FPAU, 9/2014) $0.670 (Initial Finance Plan, 9/2011)
  Advanced Construction (AC), Federal-aid (Apportioned), Earmarks, State Funding, and Highway Enhancement through Local Partnership(HELP)Bonds.
  The FY2015 FPAU was recommended for approval by FHWA-HQ - Major Projects Team on 10/20/2015. The FHWA approval letter to MDOT is dated 10/21/2015.
  Mississippi DOT
I-15 South
  Las Vegas, NV,  Nevada
DO Contact - Iyad Alattar
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Widen the existing freeway and Las Vegas Boulevard, add three new interchanges and revise three others.
  Estimated Completion Date: 9/2030 (Current) 12/2030 (Initial Financial Plan). NEPA complete. I-15 Design/Build contract completed. Cactus interchange completed CER complete.
  $1.209 (Current) $1.421 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal (STP), State (gas tax), Local (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, gas tax, developers)
  IFP approved Sept 2009. FPAU submitted as required.
  NDOT; Clark County; City of Henderson
I-15/Project NEON
  Las Vegas, NV,  Nevada
DO Contact - Greg Novak
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Widen I-15 from 6 to 14 lines (including HOV and auxiliary lanes), construct Martin Luther King Boulevard/Industrial Road equivalent arterial connector, reconstruct Charleston Boulevard interchange, and Oakey/Wyoming arterial connector in six phases.
  NEPA complete.ROD signed October 21, 2010). Final Design/ROW target is 2015 for Design/Build. Construction to start in 2016 and complete by 2035.
  $1.5 (Preliminary)
  NHS, STP, NDOT Bonds, Local gas tax, P3 option analyzed but switched to Design/Build
  Will be completed before Construction starts in 2016. Draft Phased IFP received in April 2015.
  NV DOT, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.
US 95 Northwest Corridor
  Las Vegas,  Nevada
DO Contact - Greg Novak
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Widen US 95 from 6 to 8 lanes between Washington Avenue and Durango Road, including HOV lanes (3+1). Widen US from 4 to 6 general purpose lanes from Durango Road to Kyle Canyon Road. Complete the system interchange at US 95/CC 215 Northern Beltway. Add a new interchange at US 95/ Horse Drive. Convert the at-grade intersection at US 95/ Kyle Canyon Road to a service interchange. Add auxiliary lanes and modify existing interchanges and grade separations. Add a park and ride facility at US 95/Durango Drive. Total project length is 11.5 miles.
  Estimated Completion Date: 3/2029 (Current) 9/2028 (Initial Financial Plan). 5 Phases scheduled between 2008 and 2035 (updated in 2035 RTP)
  $0.568 (Current) 2014 FPAU $0.71 (Initial Financial Plan)
  11 sources from Federal (NHS, STP and High Priority), State (state gas tax), Local (Convention Authority, Property/Privilege Tax, Flood Control, Beltway, High Speed lane miles, local gas tax) and Private (developer) sources.
  Initial Finance Plan submitted 9/2008. Cost estimate review held 11/2008. IFP approved May 5, 2009. FPAU reviewed and approved for 2011-2014
  Nevada DOT, Clark County Public Works, City of Las Vegas, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
I-93 Reconstruction
  Salem to Manchester,  New Hampshire
DO Contact - Brigitte Mandel
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project will improve safety and transportation efficiency by improving geometrics, adding capacity, and reconfiguring interchanges along a 19-mile segment of I-93 between Salem and Manchester in southern New Hampshire.
  Estimated Completion Date: 9/30/2020 (Current) 9/20/2020 (Last approved financial plan update) 9/2017 (Initial Financial Plan). ROD signed June 2005. The Draft SEIS was available to the public beginning August 4, 2009. A public hearing was held on September 22, 2009. The public comment period ended on Oct. 9, 2009. Notice of availability of the FSEIS was posted in the Federal Register on May 14, 2010. Comments are being accepted until June 14, 2010. The SROD was signed on September 20, 2010. Per the 2013 FPU, the final completion date for the project is 2020.
  $0.784 (Current) $0.748 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.78 (Initial Financial Plan)
  ARRA Funds were used on the 13933G project. 5 Projects have been awarded using $195 million in GARVEE funding. Additionally, the State is using Turnpike Toll Credits for much of their match. A relatively small percentage of State and local funds are included as well. The State legislature approved an additional $250 million in GARVEE authority for NHDOT. In May 2014, the State Legislature passed a 4.2 cent gas tax increase which has dedicated funding for completing the remaining work on I-93.
  The IFP was approved on 07/31/2007. The 2008 FPU was approved on 2/23/09. The DOT received an extension of the 2009 FP update to 12/31/2010. FHWA approved the 2010 FPU 8/2011. 2011 FPU was submitted and approved. 2012 FPU was approved 2/2013. 2013 FPU was submitted and approved in July 2014. 2014 FPU was submitted 1/2/2015 and is under FHWA review.
  New Hampshire DOT The Project Management Plan was approved in July 2007.
Rt. I-295 & 42/I-76 Direct Connection
  Camden County, NJ,  New Jersey
DO Contact - John Miller or Nunzio Merla
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This project will provide a direct connection for I-295 traffic through the interchange with I-76 and Route 42. The project will improve safety and reduce congestion by eliminating ramp movements on mainline I-295 as well as eliminating the merge of I-295 traffic with I-76 and Route 42 traffic.
  Estimated Completion Date: 11/30/2021 (Current) 11/30/2021 (Initial Financial Plan) Construction of this project will be broken out into four contracts due to size and funding constraints. An advanced ITS project was let in 2012 (prior to Contract 1) due to the critical location of this project. This will ensure network integrity as well as continuity during construction. Advanced ITS Contract construction is progressing and approximately 100% complete. Contract 1 construction is also progressing and approximately 80% complete. Contract 2 construction is also progressing and approximately 20% complete. Contracts 3 through 4 are continuing through the FD phase. The NJDOT is currently updating the Project Management Plan with expected submission of June 2015.
  $0.888 (Financial Plan Update 2014) $0.873 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Interstate Maintenance State TTF
  Annual update #3 was provided to the NJ Division on 10/8/2015. Comments were provided to NJDOT on 11/4/2015. NJDOT provided a revised FMP update on 12/9/2015. NJ Division currently reviewing.
Brooklyn Bridge Contract 6
  Counties of New York and Kings,  New York
DO Contact - Dean Majzoub
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Rehabilitation of the Approach Spans and Ramps and Painting of the Entire Bridge
  93% work complete in term of dollars & 93% in terms of time.(Through 6-30-2015 (PTE#2)). Completion by Calendar Days; Original Completion date is April 21, 2014;However, the Approved Partial Exceptional Time Extension #1 for April 11, 2015 was approved by the NYCDOT on April 15,2014. PTE#2 for April 11,2016.
  $0.619 (Last Approved Financial update) $0.448 (Initial Finanical Plan)
  Initial Financial Plan was approved FY 2009. 1st AUFP was approved on 7-11-2013. 2nd AUFP was approved on 5-5 2014. 3rd AUFP was approved on 5-6-2015.
Goethals Bridge Replacement
  I-278 between Howland Hook-Staten Island, NY to Elizabeth City, NJ,  New York
DO Contact - Joe Mondillo
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project will construct a replacement bridge over the Arthur Kill Channel. It will include two general purpose 12 foot lanes and one 12 foot multi-use, managed lane. The project is being procured via public-private partnership and will have a Design and Construction phase supported by TIFIA and PABs as well as a 35 year maintenance phase. The developer remains fully responsible for the funding of this improvement and its maintenance.
  Work completed (Earned Value + $464.4 or 49%) for D/B contract. Time elapsed NTP2 + 591 days (36.1%) Award date 8/30/2013 NTP 2 construction start 5/7/14 PANYNJ That developer has accepted the pre-negotiated TIFIA and PABs terms that FHWA had the PANYNJ include within the Instructions to Proposers. The Project Management Plan, was approved. TIFIA fiscal close November 2013.
  TIFIA loan and private activity bonds
  An initial financial plan was submitted as part of the PANYNJ's TIFIA application on February 2013. The Initial Financial Plan resubmitted and certified by the Developer sponsor. FHWA approval of IFP September 23, 2015.
  Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Kozciusko Bridge Replacement, I-278 over Newtown Creek
  Brooklyn/Queens, NY,  New York
DO Contact - Dean Majzoub
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruct bridge to improve Interstate operations, eliminate substandard features, and improve safety.
  Work complete is 49% and time elapsed is 41% As for the difference between the time elapsed of the project and the percentage paid to date (24%/17%) we do not see the project as behind schedule. The difference is because most of the early work performed to date is design work. As the actual construction work ramps up the payments will increase and should catch up to the time elapsed. Also the current CPM update does not show the project as behind schedule Estimated Completion Date: 6/30/2020 (Current) 6/30/2020 (Initial Financial Plan) NEPA ROD was issued by FHWA in March 2009. A Reevaluation Statement was completed in June 2011. New York Works Program allowing first stage of project to be progressed as Design-Build. The second stage of the project to be let as a separate future contract. Design-Build Procurement process has commenced. Draft Request for Qualifications was released on December 21, 2012. The Draft Request for Proposal was received for review As of 7-11-13. Notice to proceed May 23,2014 for the first phase of the project
  $0.971 (Current) $0.971 (Initial Financial Plan)
  90% Federal/10%State
  10-9-12/Initial Financial Plan was signed. 3-13-14/1st Financial plan Annual Update (FPAU) was signned. 4-20-15/2nd FPAU was signed. 2nd PMP update signed on 8-20-15
  New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
Route 347
  Smithtown, Islip and Brookhaven, NY,  New York
DO Contact - Dean Majzoub
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Improve safety and mobility for 15 miles between the Northern State Parkway and NY Rt. 25A
  Estimated Completion Date: 11/30/2033 (Current) 11/30/2033 (Initial Financial Plan). ROD signed in August 2007. First phase of construction let on March 18, 2010, in the amount of $26.8 million. This is the first of ten construction phases, and was 100% funded with State money. __________________ Cost Estimate Review (CER) - final risk based CER completed May 2013
  $929.5 Annual Update $1.007 (Current) $1.007 (Initial Financial Plan)
  89% State/11% Federal
  The First Annual Update of the IFP was approved on July 23, 2014. The Initiail Financial Plan(IFP) was approved by the Division on April 9,2013
Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing/New NY Bridge Project
  South Nyack, Rockland County, New York and Tarrytown, Westchester County, New York,  New York
DO Contact - John Burns
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing/New NY Bridge Project (Project) includes replacing the existing Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee toll bridge that carries Interstate 87 (New York State Thruway) and Interstate 287 over the Hudson River. The Project is intended to address the need to correct substandard structural, operational, mobility, safety and security features of the existing bridge.
  ROD - September 25, 2012 D-B Contract Award/NTP - January 18, 2013 Project Completion - July 2018
  $4 The contract with the D-B amounts to $3.1 billion. There will be several other Project costs amounting to approximately $500 million including costs for oversight engineering using both NYSTA personnel and consultants; NYSTA contingency costs; ROW acquisition costs, utilities and permit costs; environmental mitigation costs; DB stipend costs; financing costs; and previous Planning, Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Documentation and D-B Procurement costs.
  NYSTA will finance the project with bonds secured with toll revenues, TIFIA credit assistance, State dedicated funds and other possible financial resources.
  TIFIA Loan close was December 2013. Initial was submitted in March 2013, as required, and was approved in April 2015. A Financial Plan Update was submitted in April 2015 and was approved in June 2015.
  New York State Thruway Authority
Willis Avenue Bridge
  Manhattan and Bronx Counties,  New York
DO Contact - Dean Majzoub
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruct the Willis Avenue Bridge over the Harlem River between Manhattan and the Bronx.
  Work completed 94.95% (Based on payment to date without change orders) Work Elapsed 101.41% (Partial time extension # 3 for 10/1/2015 is under review) Original contract time 1,950 CCD Approved time extension # 1 is 407 days Approved Extension # 2 is 268 days Estimated Completion Date: 11/2/2014 (Current) financial plan update) 11/2012 (Initial Financial Plan) Letting = early March 2007; Construction 2007-2013 The FHWA concurred in the award on April 19th, 2007.
  $0.743 (Current) $0.743 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.50 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal HBRR = $255.6 million; State Marchiselli = $15.1 million; State Dedicated Funds = $4.0 million; City Funds = $464.1 million
  1st AUFP was approved on 5-11-11. 2nd (AUFP)was approved on 4-2-12. 3rdAUFP was approved on 4-16-13. 4th FPAU was approved on 5-15-14.
  New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT)
I-77 Express Lanes from Exit 11 (I-277 Brookshire Freeway) to Exit 36 (NC 150)
  Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties,  North Carolina
DO Contact - Jim Martin
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Improvements to 26 miles of I-77 from the I-277 Brookshire Freeway (Exit 11) in Mecklenburg County to N.C. 150 (Exit 36) in Iredell County with the inclusion of High Occupancy/Toll (HOT) managed lanes.
  Construction began: 11/2015 Estimated completion date: 10/31/2018 (current) Environmental Document approved: 10/16/2013 Commercial Close was on 06/24/2014. Project Management Plan was approved on 11/12/2014. Financial close was on 05/20/2015. IFP completed on 8/24/2015.
  $0.655 (current)
  Private,Federal and State funds
  IFP was approved on 8/24/2015 by Division Administrator
  North Carolina Department of Transportation I-77 Mobility Partners
Monroe Bypass
  Mecklenburg and Union Counties, NC,  North Carolina
DO Contact - Jim Martin
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The Monroe Bypass is a proposed high-speed, controlled access facility that would extend for approximately 19.7 miles from the interchange of US 74 and 1-485 near Matthews, at the western end of the project, to a terminus at US 74 east of Wingate at the eastern end. It will follow a general east-west orientation, essentially paralleling US 74.
  Estimated Completion Date: 11/1/2018(Current) Last approved financial plan: 9/29/2011 The DEIS was completed in March of 2009, the FEIS was completed in May of 2010, and the ROD was completed in August of 2010. The design build construction contract was advertised in April 2010 and price proposals were opened in October 2010. The Design Build Team with the apparent best value proposal was the Monroe Bypass Constructors (a joint venture between United Infrastructure, Boggs Paving, and Anderson Columbia). The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) filed a complaint in the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina alleging FHWA and NCDOT violated NEPA in approving the project. The award of the construction contract was delayed until the successful resolution of a lawsuit. In October of 2011, the US District Court ruled in favor of the FHWA and NCDOT after which NCTA reached financial close and awarded the contract. The SELC subsequently filed an appeal with the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the lower court's decision that rejected their lawsuit. The US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the SELC. The FHWA and NCDOT are currently working on correcting the deficiencies identified by the 4th Circuit. Construction began on May 28, 2015.
  $0.718 (Current) $0.72 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.72 (Initial Financial Plan)
  State Appropriated Funding, Toll Revenue Bonds, GARVEE, and STIP funding
  The NC Division approved the IFP on Sept 29,2011. FPU in division office for review/follow up.
  North Carolina Department of Transportation, North Carolina Turnpike Authority
Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project
  downtown Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH and Covington, Kenton County, KY,  Ohio
DO Contact - Lamin Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Improve the operational characteristics of I-71, I-75, and the Brent Spence Bridge by improving safey, capacity, and geometric deficiencies.
  Project currently in NEPA phase. The NEPA document classifcations was changed from a EIS to EA as a result of the anlayses and studies documented in the Conceptual Alternatives Study. EA approved March 7, 2012, FONSI approved August 10, 2012. EA is currently being reevaluated to consider potential impacts of tolling and design modifications.
  $2.77 (Initial CER 2/2012)
  TBD. To this point Bridge Discretionary Program Earmarks have been used to fund NEPA and preliminary design
  ODOT and KYTC.
Cleveland Innerbelt
  Cleveland, OH,  Ohio
DO Contact - Adam B. Johnson, PE
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Major reconstruction and reconfiguration of the Interstates 71, 77 and 90, and connecting radial freeways and local roadways, known as the Cleveland Innerbelt. The Cleveland Innerbelt is routed across the Cuyahoga River valley and around the south and east sides of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The project termini are: State Route 176 (the Jennings Freeway) and I-71 southwest of downtown; south of the existing I-90/I-77 Central Interchange on I-77 south of downtown; and east of the I-90/State Route 2 interchange east of downtown along the shore of Lake Erie.
  Estimated Completion Date: 6/30/2033 (Current) 6/30/2033 (Last approved financial plan udpate) 11/2013 (Initial Financial Plan) FEIS/Section 4(f) and the Access Modifications Study were approved on July 22, 2009. ROD issued 9/18/09 Implementation expected to occur in phases over the period from 2010 to 2033. The first construction contract has been awarded as the first value based design build contract by ODOT. The schedule for the value based design build contract is as follows: 06/30/14 Contract completion date. The second construction contract group will provide for the replacement of the I90 Central Viaduct Bridge with a new EB I90 bridge on essentially the existing alignment. Contract Group 2 was awarded 9/23/2013. Contract completion date 5/15/2017.
  $874.9 (Current Phase) $2,877 (Last approved financial plan update 2014) $3,200(Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal-aid (including ARRA) and state funds. The first costuction contract was advanced using: C220 C240 HY20 L010 L01E L1CE L22E L24E LQC0 LQCE LY20 LY30 Funding has been designated for the second construction project but no construction contract groups that would follow the second. However, all of the work and the necessary funds to carry out the complete Cleveland Innerbelt Project as defined by NEPA have been identified within the MPO's Long Range Plan.
  The Finance Plan for the project has been developed in coordination with HQ. The DO approved the initial FP on 9/7/2010.
  Ohio DOT
I-70/71 Columbus Crossroads - Phases 1-5
  Columbus, OH,  Ohio
DO Contact - Adam B. Johnson
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction and widening of I-70/71 Overlap Segment in Downtown Columbus Project consists of five phases. Phase 1 - I-71/I-670 North Interchange. Phase 2 - I-70/I71 East Interchange. Phase 3 - East Trench (I 71) Phase 4 - South Trench (I 70/71 overlap section) Phase 5 - East Freeway (I 70)
  3/2025 (Last approved financial plan update) 10/2018 (Initial Financial Plan) Construction of Phase 1 began in the summer of 2011 and and is substantially complete. Phase 2 began construction in March 2012 (sub-phases) and is estimated to be completed in October 2019. Phase 3 is scheduled for construction from July 2019 through September 2021. Phase 4 and 5 construction planned for July 2022 and 2024.
  $587.8 M(Current funded Phase) $1.062 B total (Last approved financial plan update 2014) $1.084 (Initial Financial Plan) Project Total $1.062 decrease from $1.08 B in previous AFPU
  STP, NHS, IM, IMD (FY2008 - Interstate 70/71 Cap Project, Interstates 70 and 71, Downtown Columbus, Franklin County - roadway reconstruction, including interchange modifications and caps over the Interstate - $316,589)  
  Initial Finance Plan (IFP) approved 3/29/2011 2014 Current FPAU Approved October 2015 - as of date December 31, 2014
  Ohio DOT; City of Columbus/MORPC Project recieved Highways for Life (HFL)funding in 2010.
I-75 (HAM-75-2.30), City of Cincinnati (Mill Creek Expressway)
  Cincinnati, OH,  Ohio
DO Contact - Lamin Williams
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction, widening, and modernization of 7.80 miles of I-75 (nine construction contracts).
  The FONSI was approved on May 7, 2009 Cost Estimate Review 11/2009 Initial Finance Plan Completed: 10/2011 Estimated Completion Date: 5/2020 Estimated Project Cost: $ 802.3 M Estimated Completion Date: 10/2017 (Current Funded Phase) Estimated Completion Date: 09/2022 (Overall Project, 2014 AFPU) Last approved Annual Financial Plan Update as of date: 11/02/2014 Funded Phase Cost $327.7 M Total Project cost: $731.3 M Project consists of 9 phases. Funded Phase consists of Phases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (ROW & Design), 6, 7, 8 and 8A (ROW only) & 9. Phases Completed: Phase 2 & 9 Phases in Construction: Phase 1, 3, 4, 6 & 7 Phases in Design: Phase 8 & 5
  $0.3277 (Current Funded Phase 2014) $0.7313 (Total Project 2014 AFPU) $0.8023 (2011 Initial Finance Plan)
  State and Federal (including ARRA).
  The initial Finance Plan was approved by the DO on 12/10/2009. The 1st update was approved in 10/2011. The 2nd update was approved in 03/2012. The 3rd update was approved in 10/2013. The 4th update was approved in 11/2014. The 5th update was approved in 11/2015.
  Ohio DOT
Portsmouth Bypass
  City of Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio,  Ohio
DO Contact - Daniel Brodhag
MPT Contact - Ian Cavonaugh
  It is proposed to construct a new four-lane, divided, limited-access highway around the City of Portsmouth in Scioto County, Ohio. The highway will be a 16 mile, four-lane divided highway that bypasses approximately 26 miles of US 52 and US 23 through Portsmouth.
  Single-phased construction project. Estimated 4-5 year construction period. Original FEIS approved by FHWA on 8/10/05. Original ROD was issued on 6/9/06. Initial PMP approved on 11/17/11. Reevaluation of the FEIS/ROD for Phase 1 approved on 4/5/12. Reevaluation of the FEIS/ROD for Phases 2 and 3 approved on 4/16/14. Updated PMP approved on 4/21/14. Final RFP approved on 4/24/14. Construction authorization signed on 7/9/14. Commercial close occurred on 12/5/14. Advanced design is progressing and ODOT/PGG are having on-going design/deliverables meetings. Notice to Proceed with Work (NTP) occurred on April 10, 2015. Advanced construction and clearing is occurring on the project.
  Design/Construction $450 million O and M $1.1 billion Total $1.550 (DBFOM)
  Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) funds; TIFIA loan; Private Activity Bonds (PABs); and Developer Financing.
  Initial Finance Plan approved on January 23, 2012. Financial Plan Update to be submitted 90 days after financial close. This will be in the form of an Initial Finance Plan, since it will now incorporate the P3 procurement. FHWA approved the FPAU in 11/2015.
I-40 Crosstown
  Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma
DO Contact - Souzan Bahavar
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Realignment of 4.5 miles of I-40 from just east of I-44 to I-35/I-235. Reconstruct existing I-40 alignment to a boulevard access to downtown Oklahoma City.
  Estimated Completion Date: 12/2013(Current) 12/2013(Last approved financial plan) 9/2015 (Initial Financial Plan) I-40 mainline is open to traffic. The Oklahoma DOT held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan 5th, 2012 to celebrate the opening of mainline interstate facility to the traveling public.
  $0.7092 (current) $0.6793 (Last approved financial plan update) $0.560 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Through TEA-21, SAFETEA-LU , Special appropriations and state bond funds
  The IFP was approved on 8/22/07. The 1st FP update was approved on 7/7/08. The 2nd FP update was approved on 5/22/09. The 3rd FP pdate was approved on 8/26/10. The 4th FP update was approved on 5/17/2011.The 5th FP update was approved on 12/31/2013. The 6th FP update was approved on 10/20/2014. The 2015 FPU was approved on 5/29/2015.
  Oklahmoa DOT and City of Oklahoma City
Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation (CSVT)
  North-central Pennsylvania,  Pennsylvania
DO Contact - Clint Beck
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project is in north-central Pennsylvania (Snyder, Union, and Northumberland Counties) near the Susquehanna River and will be a 12+ mile, 4-lane, limited access highway on new location. The EIS and ROD were issued for the entire project. The final design and staged construction were divided into two sections: Southern and Northern. The Southern Section begins at the existing partial SR 11 & SR 15 interchange near Selinsgrove Borough, Snyder County and extends northward to a planned interchange with SR 15 south of Winfield, Union County. It will include a planned extension and interchange with the SR 61 Connector. The Northern Section begins immediately to the west of the planned SR 15 interchange and extends northward to the southern end of the 4-lane section of SR 147 near the Route 45 interchange near Montandon, Northumberland County. It will include a river crossing and a planned interchange with Ridge Road, Point Township, Northumberland County.
  The environmental evaluation (EIS & ROD) was approved in 2003. A re-evaluation was approved in 2006. The project was placed on hold in 2008 and was reactivated in 2009. A second re-evaluation was approved on 6/30/2015. The cost estimate review was conducted on 4/28-30/2014 with the issuance of the final report on 7/5/2014. The Project Management Plan was approved on 6/11/2015. ROW acquisition is underway for the Northern and Southern Sections. The river bridge contract was authorized for construction on 7/2/2015; the let date was 9/11/2015; the contract award date was 10/19/2015. The second contract (earthwork and minor structures) has an anticipated let date of August 2016. The Southern Section started the Final Design phase in the spring of 2015. It is anticipated that the entire project will be completed during 2022.
  $0.615 (Preliminary) in anticipated YOE. The 70th percentile cost in the CER report is $0.669.
  Funding sources are ADHS, SAFETEA-LU earmarks, and State funds. Federal funds totaling $195 million have been obligated.
  Final report, dated 6/8/2015, was issued. HQ concurrence memo was dated 6/15/2015. Division Office approval was dated 6/18/2015.
  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)
Commonwealth of PA Rapid Bridge Replacement Project
  Statewide - Various Cities and Counties in PA,  Pennsylvania
DO Contact - Bren I. George-Nwabugwu
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The Rapid Bridge Replacement Project will accelerate the replacement of 558 geographically dispersed, structurally deficient, bridges across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, within 3.5 years. The majority of the bridges are single and multi-span bridges that will be replaced in-kind.The project will be procured as a public-private partnership through an availability payment structure over an anticipated term of 25 years. The concession will include responsibilities for designing, building, financing, and maintaining the Project for 35 years after each bridge is satisfactorily completed and accepted by PennDOT. The Project will help improve the connectivity of the transportation network in Commonwealth, while minimizing the impacts on the traveling public. The improved connectivity, including removal of weight restrictions on new bridges, will increase the efficiency of freight and commercial movements, which will benefit the economy of the Commonwealth.
  On October 24, 2014, the $899 million proposal submitted Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners (PWKP) was selected based on scoring that considered cost, financial capability to carry out the project, background and experience in managing comparable projects, and understanding of the project. PWKP will start construction in June 2015 at the northeast and southwest PA, complete the replacements within 36 months, and is responsible for maintaining each bridge for 25 years after its replacement. The project will cost an average of $65M/year for the 28-year contract term. 58 bridges to be completed in 2015. Commercial close - 1/8/15; NTP1 & Start of Design work - 1/30/15 Financial close - March 2015; Authorization in FMIS - 5/20/15; NTP2/NTP3/Construction - 6/9/15; 558 Replacement Bridges Substantial Completion - 12/2017; Final Acceptance of 558 bridges - 10/2018
  $899 Million
  Federal, State, Private Activity Bonds
  CER - completed 8/2014, & Final Report completed 11/2014; IFP - completed 3/4/15.
  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
I-95 Betsy Ross Interchange and Bridge Street Ramps Reconstruction
  Philadelphia, PA,  Pennsylvania
DO Contact - George Fleagle, P.E.
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of the I-95 Betsy Ross Interchange and Bridge Street Ramps.
  Environmental clearance (Categorical Exclusion) issued July 26, 2011. Construction of first phase started 2/2015.
  $0.95 (1st CER) $1.41 (2nd CER)
  STP Federal Funds and State Funds. Interstate TIP and Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission TIP.
  Initial Financial Plan approved.
  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Bergstrom Expressway - US 183 From US 290 to SH 71
  Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson (sdPOM), Justin Ham (POM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction and additional capacity - Toll Road
  12/1/2020 completion date. Design-build contract concurrence in award July 29, 2015.
  $0.675B CER conducted 2014 $.659B CER update March 2015 $.743 total cost and completion date of 11/30/2020 shown in TIFIA and IFP
  Toll TIFIA Loan = $283M Regional Mobility Authority
  IFP Approved 11/25/2015
  Texas Dept. of Transportation and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
DFW Connector
  State Highway 121 and State Highway 114 in Grapevine,  Texas
DO Contact - Corey Dunn (Division POM) Brett Jackson (sdPOM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Design Build (TxDOT has right to exercise three capital maintenance agreements in increments of 5 years) Reconstruction of an access control highways with additional toll managed lanes on SH114. PMP updated and approved by Division 4/9/14
  Estimated Completion Date: 3/2017 (2013 FPAU)Due to scope change and addition of FM 2499 5/2014 (Last financial plan update) 5/2014 (Initial Financial Plan)
  $1.234 (2014 FPAU) $1.233 (2013 FPAU) $1.15 (2012 FPAU) $1.116 (2011 financial plan update) $1.071 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal (including ARRA funds) and State
  Operational independence of phases I and II approved 6/7/11. IFP Approved 9/16/11. Annual update covering 2010 and 2011 approved 3/5/2013. 2012 FPAU approved 1/27/14 2013 FPAU approved 1/8/2015 2014 FPAU approved 1/23/2015 2015 FPAU under review
IH 35 (From IH37 to Schertz Parkway)
  Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson (sdPOM) Justin Ham (POM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Expand to 14 lanes(various) (Value Pricing Tolls Possible)
  08/28/2022 CER 4/2015
  $2.042B initial cost estimate $1.68B CER 4/2015
  Tolling / unknown (not currently funded)
  Alamo Regional Mobility Authority, and Texas Dept. of Transportation
IH 35E Managed Lanes (Dallas and Denton), Phase I
  Dallas and Denton, TX,  Texas
DO Contact - Kevin Spohrer (POM) Brett Jackson (sdPOM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  From IH 635 to US 380; expand existing IH 35E to include tolled managed lanes and reconstructed general purpose lanes and frontage road lanes.
  Design/build contract awarded May 17, 2013. Estimated Phase 1 construction completion date March 2017.
  $5.02 billion (Ultimate, based on 2010 CER). Phase I estimate between $1.1 and $1.5 billion. Updated CER held Dec. 2012 results Phase 1 estimate $1.225 billion. IFP cost estimate $1.2222 billion.
  Federal, state and local funds.
  IFP approved October 15, 2013.
LBJ Freeway
  From Interstate 35E to US75 in Dallas,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Public Private Partnership to reconstruct Interstate Highway 635 from Interstate 35E to US 75. Project includes free main lanes, tolled managed lanes and frontage roads.
  Estmated Completion Date: 12/15/2015. Likely to open to traffic 7/2015 7/2016 (Last financial plan update) Financial close completed June 22, 2010.
  $2.200 (2014 FPAU) $2.218 (2013 FPAU) $2.214 (2012 FPAU)$2.2 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal, State and developer Private Activity Bonds $606 million. TIFIA Loan $850 million. Developer equity $672 million. Toll revenue $17 million. Public funds $490 million.
  Initial Financial Plan Approved 12/21/2011. FPAU #1 approved 2/4/2013. FPAU #2 approved 12/2/2013. FPAU #3 Approved 1/8/2015 2014 FPAU approved 8/5/2015
Loop 12/ Interstate Highway 35E Corridor
  Loop 12/ Interstate Highway 35E in Dallas,  Texas
DO Contact - Anita N. Wilson (Division POM) Brett Jackson (sdPOM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction and widening of Loop 12 and Interstate 35E. Project includes free main lanes, reversible managed lanes and frontage roads.
  Estimated Completion Date: 5/2018 (Current) 8/2015 (Last finanical plan update) 3/2015 (Initial Financial Plan)
  2013 FPAU: Phase I = $295.6M. Total Project cost = $.989 B 2012 FPAU: Phase I = $276.8M. Total Project cost = $1.024B $1.248 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal and State
  Cost estimate review (CER) in August 2008. Initial FP and Operational Independence approved 4/9/09. 2014 FPAU approved 2/6/15
Midtown Express (SH 183 Managed Lanes Project)
  Dallas Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Anita Wilson (POM) Brett Jackson (sdPOM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The SH 183 Managed Lanes Project (the Project and also known as the Midtown Express) includes 27.8 miles of improvements along SH 183, SH 114 and LP 12 in Tarrant and Dallas Counties. The Project will be implemented in multiple phases of interim improvements (Interim Project) and ultimate improvements (Ultimate Project). The Interim Project generally includes the construction of one-lane concurrent managed lane, the reconstruction of general purpose lanes and frontage roads along portions of SH 183, and the construction of intersection and interchange connectivity improvements. The Ultimate Project includes the reconstruction of the remaining portions of the roadways, construction of added tolled and non-tolled capacity, and construction of other intersection and interchange connectivity improvements.
  Completion date: Interim:07/18 Ultimate:12/2035
  Total Project cost: $5287.10 Interim : $1,415.1 Ultimate: $3,872.0
  Federal/State Gas tax State Vehicle registration fees Toll/User fees State and Local bond Local Government general funds
  IFP Approved on 11/21/2014. FPAU #1 @ TxDOT coming to Division for review 9/15
North Tarrant Express 3A & 3B (NTE 3A & 3B)
  IH 35 W Fort Worth, TX,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction and addition of tolled managed lanes.
  3A Segment Construction completion estimate September 2018. 3B Segment TxDOT construction contact started May 2013. Completion estimate December 2015.
  $1.6567 (3A $1.4358, 3B $0.2209) Prior to IFP. IFP PHASE I = $1.4438 B 3A $1045.17M = Developer's plan pg 4 $41.58M Developer's plan tolling/its $19.99M Developer bid fees $126.6M TxDOT Agency fees table 3.2 TxDOT plan $27.0M Professional fees TxDOT plan table 3.2 3B $182.7M page A -10 TxDOT plan $731,445.54 Change orders ULTIMATE BUILD OUT COST $4.198B
  TIFIA, Equity Public Funds, PAB's
  IFP approved 5/14/14 2014 FPAU approved 8/6/2015
Project Horseshoe IH-30/IH-35E
  Dallas, TX,  Texas
DO Contact - Anita Wilson (Division POM) Brett Jackson (sdPOM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction of the IH-30/IH-35E Interchange over the Trinity River Floodway in downtown Dallas. Project includes a signature bridge element designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.
  Estimated Completion Date: 3/1/2017 (Current) 3/1/2017 (Initial Financial Plan).
  $0.828 (2014 FPAU) $0.829 (2013 FPAU) $0.842 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal, state and local funds.
  Initial Financial Plan approved 2/27/13. 2014 FPAU approved 11/21/14
  TxDOT, City of Dallas
SH 288
  Brazoria and Harris Counties, Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Daniel Mott
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The SH 288 roadway improvements include construction of toll lanes in each direction within the existing grassy median between US 59 and CR 60 (a distance of approximately 26 miles), interchange improvements at I-610 and BW 8, additional general-purpose lanes between I-610 and BW 8, and improved access to the Texas Medical Center. Travel on the toll lanes would be tolled while travel on the existing and proposed general-purpose lanes would not require a toll or fee.
  Summer 2035 (ultimate project) Summer 2017 (first phase) Developing RFQ. RFP for PPP project released 1/31/2014. Conditional Award 10/2015 Construction Completion Fall 2017.
  $1,917 (70% level of confidence from CER, in YOE)
  Concessionaire (TBD) for the project within Harris County, and bond proceeds to be obtained by Brazoria County for the project within Brazoria County. TIFIA funded with TIFIA loan.
  CER was conducted on June 24-26, 2013. Updated CER for July 21, 2015. TIFIA Plan of Finance scheduled 1/2016.
SH 99 Grand Parkway, Segment H and I-1
  Montgomery, Harris, Liberty, and Chambers County, TX (from US 25N to IH 10E),  Texas
DO Contact - Daniel Mott
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The project extends from US 59N (near Community Dr) to IH 10E (at segment I-2) of approx 37 miles. The segments are located north of Lake Houston Park and then proceed south to IH 10, located east of FM 2100 and west to Dayton. To be developed in phases; the initial phase consists of a 2-lane controlled access toll facility (1 lane in each direction) with occasional passing lanes. The facility is grade separated at US 59N, Loop 494, FM 1485, future Galaxy Blvd, FM 1010, Stoesser Rd, FM 686, CR 621 (Gun Grove), FM 1960, CR 615, Texaco Rd, CR 603 (John Damek Rd), US 90, FM 1413, Private Roads in Exxon Plant, SH 146, FM 565, Future Road north of IH 10, IH 10. Two 2-lane frontage roads are planned from US 59 to Loop 494, along a 3-mile segment when parallel with FM 1485, and from IH 10 to approximately 4000 feet north of IH 10. Passing lanes (4-lane section) are planned from US 59N to east of Loop 494, south of Luce Bayou, across US 90, and from west of SH 146 to south of FM 565.
  Early 2019 (tentative opening to traffic date). ROD - Signed 6/24/2014. Final RFP released 4/29/2015 TxDOT addressing bids, discussing possible options due to higher cost.
  $1.16 (ultimate project); $0.89 (initial phase)
  Concessionaire (TBD) and bond proceeds obtained by the Grand Parkway Transportation Corporation (GPTC). TxDOT and the GPTC plan to submit application for consideration of a TIFIA loan.
  Pending CER and advancement of procurement process. Cost Estimate Review held 3/6 - 3/7/2014 in Houston.
SH 99, The Grand Parkway (Segments F-1, F-2, and G)
  Houston, Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Dan Mott
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  www.grandpky.com and www.gpprocurement.com
  The Grand Parkway or SH99 is a proposed 180-mile circumferential highway traversing seven counties in the Houston Metro area from SH146 in Galveston County to SH146 in Baytown. It is divided into 11 segments designated A through I-2. Segments F-1, F-2 and G are initially four-lane toll facilities and begin at U.S. 290 and ends at U.S. 59N. Below is a more detailed description of Segments F-1, F-2 and G. Segment F-1 begins south of US 290 and terminates west of SH 249. This segment contains 4 DCs at U.S. 290 and 24 bridges in the initial build. Segment F-2 begins west of SH 249 and terminates west of IH 45. This segment contains 2 DCs at I-45N and 23 bridges in the initial build. Segment G begins west of I-45N and terminates west of U.S. 59. This segment contains 2 DCs at U.S. 59N and 37 bridges in the initial build. Discontinuous frontage roads throughout Segments F-1, F-2, and G.
  Design Build Award Scheduled 9/2012 TIFIA Close 2/6/2014 Project Completion 1/2016.
  $1.168 * Seg F-1: $343 Seg F-2: $374 Seg G: $451 *Does not include O&M costs
  TIFIA, Local funds
  2014 FPAU 5/28/15 2015 FPAU TxDOT updating comments submitted
Southern Gateway Managed Lanes Project
  Dallas, Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett jackson (sdPOM) and Anita Wilson (POM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The Southern Gateway project (TSG) was approved during the 83rd Legislature as a possible design build public-private partnership (PPP) project. The potential impacts of the project, known as "TSG Managed Lane Project" would be addressed in an environmental assessment (EA) and would include a section of I-35E within the Dallas Horseshoe (HS) project. Separate Eas would be prepared for the remaining sections of the corridor including the addition of general purpose lanes from the I-35E/US 67 split to Marsalis Ave., full reconstruction along I-35E from I-20 to the split, and along US 67 from FM 1382 to the split. The initial TSG full reconstruction project was previously cleared in 2006 environmentally as a facility that implemented HOV lanes. However, in place of the proposed HOV lanes, tolled managed lanes would be implemented, which will provide the opportunity for single occupancy vehicles to use the facility as well (toll).
  $0.515 B
  Texas Dept. of Transportation
Southwest Parkway (SH 121) - Chisolm Trail
  Fort Worth,  Texas
DO Contact - Wesley Kaisershot (Division POM) Brett Jackson (sdPOM)
MPT Contact - sajid aftab
  The proposed project is approximately 15 miles in length from Interstate 30 near downtown Fort Worth south to Farm to Market Road 1187 in Tarrant County. It is planned to be a controlled access divided tollway. The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) is planning to construct an approximate 8-mile portion from Interstate 30 South as a toll facility. The ultimate development of the entire project could be as a toll facility.
  Estimated Completion Date: April 2015(Current) 7/2014 (Last approved finanical plan update). 12/2012 (Initial Financial Plan)
  $1.169 (Current) $1.2 (Last approved financial plan update) $1.5 (Initial Financial Plan)
  TxDOT, FHWA, NTTA, and City of Fort Worth Revenue Bonds $1.216 B Federal $231.5 M State $29.3 M Local $4.0 M
  Cost Estimate Review completed February 2009. Initial FP approved 2/23/10. First Annual Update approved 9/2/11. Second annual update approved 8/16/12. Third annual update approved 8/2/13. 2014 FPAU approved June 2015
  TxDOT and NTTA Project is also called the Chisholm Trail Project.
Trinity Parkway (from IH 35E/SH 83 to US 175/SH 310)
  Texas,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson (sdPOM), Anita Wilson (POM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The proposed Trinity Parkway will connect Interstate 35E to U.S. 175, providing a new, approximately 9 mile relief route around the west and south sides of Dallas central business district. The Trinity Parkway would be a six lane, tolled bypass around downtown Dallas, which would provide traffic relief for the I30 and I35E corridors.
  $1.512B CER 2014
  North Texas Tollway Authority and Texas Dept. of Transportation
U.S. 181 Harbor Bridge Project
  City of Corpus Christi,  Texas
DO Contact - Daniel Mott
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  TxDOT propose to improve US 181 at the existing Harbor Bridge between US 181 at Beach Avenue and I-37 in the city of Corpus Christi, Nueces County, by improving the current 6- lane structure that has no shoulders with a 6- lane divided structure with a 4- feet to 10 feet inside and 6- feet to 10- feet outside shoulders.The total Project length is 6.44 miles
  Late 2020( Per CER) FINAL RFP late 2014. Early 2016. Conditional Award: Spring 2015 Construction Complete: Late 2020. Concurrence in AWARD 9/2015.
  Local Contribution Port of Corpus Christi City of Corpus Christi Nueces County San Patrico County
  draft IFP submitted for review, 12/2015
US 290
  Houston,  Texas
DO Contact - Daniel Mott
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The Houston District of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA), are developing improvements in the US 290 corridor from IH 610 to FM 2920, a distance of approximately 38 miles (including Hempstead Road and the connections to the IH 610 West Loop). The Major Investment Study (MIS) has been completed and the project is moving forward with the Environmental Impact Statement and Schematic Design. The alternatives studied in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be variations of the multi-modal configurations suggested in the MIS: general-purpose lanes, managed lanes (possibly toll), and a reserve for advanced high-capacity transit (light rail/bus rapid transit).
  Estimated Completion Date: 8/31/2021 (Current) 8/2021 (Last finanical plan approval) 8/2021 (Initial Finanical Plan) Construction has began 7/2011 on Seg 1. Projects let or under construction since 2011, K, J1, I, H, G, F, E. Total cost estimate, $1.6B. Construction $0.934B. 8 projects have been advertised and awarded.
  The total project cost is currently estimated at 2,365 Billion. This represents an overall reduction of 106 million from the Initial Financial Plans.
  Federal, State, and local including Harris County Toll Authority. Tolling will play a large role in the financing of the project.
  IFP(6/2011) 2012 FPAU 11/18/13 2013 FPAU 05/23/14 2014 FPAU 04/16/15 2015 FPAU being updated by TxDOT. 1/2016.
  TxDOT and Harris County Toll Authority
I-95 HOV/HOT Lanes, Northern Segment
  Edsall Road to Garrisonville Road in No. Virigina,  Virginia
DO Contact - Tarsem Lal
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Development of HOT lanes along 29 miles of Interstate 95 including new HOV/HOT lanes and conversion of HOV lanes to HOT lanes.
  Estimated Completion Date: 3/31/2015 (Current) 3/2015 (Initial Financial Plan) In Oct 2011, FHWA conducted a cost estimate review of VDOT's independent cost estimate and a final report has been issued. The IJR was approved by the VA Division Office in Dec 2011.
  As of June 30,2015, total project cost is $916 million
  This project has various funding sources such as: VDOT contribution of 94 million, Private Equity 293 million, PAB 244 M, TIFIA loan $300 M.
  IFP approved on July 24, 2012. TIFIA loan was approved in Nov. 2012. 2015 Financial Plan Annual Update is under review, and waiting for VDOT to submits its supplemental financial plan (12/2/15).
  VDOT and 95 Express LLC (Concessionaire)
Midtown Tunnel/Downtown Tunnel/Martin Luther King Extension Project
  Hampton Roads District of VDOT,  Virginia
DO Contact - Tarsem Lal or John Mazur
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This project consists of three facilities (the Midtown Tunnel, the Downtoun Tunnel, and the Martin Luther King Extension) in the Hampton Roads District of VA. The proposed Midtown Tunnel consists of a new tunnel under the Elizabeth River running parallel to the existing Midtown Tunnel and modifications to the existing tunnel to provide increased capacity for east-west travel linking Route 58 and I-264 in Portsmouth to the interchange at Brambleton Avenue/Hampton Boulevard in Norfork. The proposed improvements to the Downtown Tunnel consist of modiciations to the existing northbound and southbound tunnels necessary for the existing facility to conform to the National Fire Protection Association Standard 502. The proposed MLK Extension consists of extending U.S. Route 58 south from London Boulevard, approximately 0.8 miles and constructing a new interchange at I-264.
  Estimated Completion Date: 8/30/2018 (Current) 8/30/2018 (Initial Financial Plan)
  $1.577 (Current) $1.577 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Private Equity, TIFIA and Public Funds (GARVEE)
  A comprehensive agreement between VDOT and ERC was signed on December 5, 2011. A TIFIA Loan is closed, and ERC need to submit updated Financial Plan to the TIFIA Office within 60 days. The VA division has authorized the project to allow the contractor to proceed with the final design and construction. JM 8/13/2013 - currently working on the first update
  VDOT and Elizabeth River Crossings, LLC (ERC)
Thimble Shoal Parallel Tunnel Project
  Virginia Beach, VA,  Virginia
DO Contact - Tarsem Lal
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Construction of two-lane immersed tube or bored tunnel beneath Timble Shoal Channel on an alignment parallel to the west of existing CBBT Thimble Shoal Channel tunnel.
  Anticipated completion date: January, 2021 (preliminary)
  $0.86 (preliminary)
  Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District (CBBT).
SR 520 - Pontoon Construction Project
  Grays Harbor, WA,  Washington
DO Contact - Anthony Sarhan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  This project will construct a casting basin in Grays Harbor, WA and will subsequently construct pontoons to restore the Seattle, WA SR 520 Floating Bridge in the event of a catastrophic failure. Pontoons are to be stored in Grays Harbor until they are needed for a recovery effort. If the pontoons are not needed for emergency use, they would be used for the planned replacement of the SR 520 Floating Bridge.
  Estimated Completion Date: 04/2015 (Current) 04/2015(Initial Financial Plan). DEIS Issued May 2010. FEIS Issued Dec 2010. ROD Signed Jan 10, 2011 11/19/15: WSDOT granted physical completion on July 23, 2015. Contractor has completely demobilized from site including office trailers. All pontoons are in final location on Lake Washington.
  $0.575 (Current) $0.609 (Initial Financial Plan
  Federal Funds: $.313 Billion (GARVEE) State Toll Funds: $.191 Billion State TPA Funds: $.070 Billion
  The 2014 FPAU was approved on 5/29/15 2015 FPAU was submitted 11/25/15. Approval expected February 2016 pending final resolution of FHWA comments.
  Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
SR 520, I-5 to Medina: Bridge Replacement and HOV Project - Floating Bridge and Landings Stage
  Seattle, WA,  Washington
DO Contact - Anthony Sarhan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The Floating Bridge and Landings Stage replaces the SR 520 Evergreen Floating Bridge and east approach with a 6-lane facility which includes two HOV lanes. This Stage will also provide a connection to the west approach structure. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is vulnerable to wind and wave damage on Lake Washington and risks catastrophic failure if not replaced.
  Estimated Completion Date: 6/2017 (Current) 10/2016 (Initial Financial Plan) Completed: FEIS signed May 26, 2011. ROD signed August 4, 2011. DB Contract Executed September 1, 2011. 1/20/16: Grand opening for new floating bridge planned April 3 and 4th. WABN: Traffic switched to new temporary WB off ramp. Demolition of WB off ramps to Lake Washington Boulevard and Montlake Boulevard underway 55 of 99 casings installed 48 of 99 shafts installed 26 of 95 new columns complete
  $1.479 (Current) $1.129 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal Funds: $.582 Billion (GARVEE and PAYGO) State Toll Funds: $.390 Billion State Funds (TPA & Nickel): $.207 Billion TIFIA: $.300 Billion
  2014 FPAU approved 5/29/15 2015 FPAU submitted 11/25/15. Approval expected 2/2016 pending resolution of FHWA comments.
  Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
SR 520, Medina to SR 202: Eastside Transit and HOV Project
  Seattle,  Washington
DO Contact - Anthony Sarhan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of SR 520 from Medina (East side of Lake Washington) to SR 202 to enhance travel time reliability, mobility, access, and safety for transit, public, and HOV traffic.
  Estimated Completion Date: 12/30/2015 (Current) 12/30/2015(Initial Financial Plan) EA issued December 2009. FONSI signed May 2010. Project Awarded to Design Build Contractor in October 2010 5/4/15: Contractor completing final work.
  $0.513 (Current) $0.534 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal Funding: $.212 Billion (GARVEE) State Toll Funding: $.180 Billion State Funding (TPA & Nickel): $.119 Billion Local: $1.7 Million
  2014 FPAU was approved on May 29, 2015 2015 FPAU submitted 11/25/15. Approval expected February 2016 pending final resolution of FHWA comments
  Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
SR 99: Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project
  Seattle, WA,  Washington
DO Contact - Anthony Sarhan
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The project will replace State Route (SR) 99 from approximately South Royal Brougham Way to Roy Street with a tolled single bore tunnel with two lanes in each direction. Southbound lanes will be located on the top portion of the tunnel, and the northbound lanes will be located on the bottom. Travel lanes will be approximately 11 feet wide, with a 2-foot-wide shoulder on one side and an 8 foot-wide shoulder on the other side. The bored tunnel will be designed to provide emergency access, evacuation routes, ventilation, and fire suppression systems in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards and other codes and regulations. The project will also remove the existing viaduct and will close and fill the existing Battery Street Tunnel.
  Estimated Completion Date: 6/30/2017 (Current) 6/30/2017 (Last approved financial plan udpate) 12/2018 (Initial Financial Plan) Completed: FEIS signed June 20, 2011 ROD signed August 22, 2011 DB Contract Award of NTP2 August 23, 2011 North Access Bid-Build contract awarded on January 3, 2014. 2/1/16: Tunneling resumed 1/5/16. WSDOT suspended tunneling operations on 1/14/16 pending safety review. Tunneling remains suspended as of 2/1/16.
  $2.244 (Current) $2.240 (Last approved financial plan update) $2.2 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal Funding: $489,300,000 State Funding: $1,300,600,000 Toll Funding: $62,800,000 Local Funding: $391,400,000
  Initial Finance Plan Approved August 23, 2011 First Annual Update Approved September 11, 2012 Second Annual Update Approved July 23, 2013 Third Annual Update Approved November 3, 2014 Fourth Annual Update Approved August 20, 2015
  Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
WV Corridor H- Section 2, Kerens to Parsons Project
  Randolph and Tucker Counties, WV,  West Virginia
DO Contact - Ronald Krofcheck
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The Kerens to Parsons Project involves the construction of an approximately 15.3-mile, new location, four-lane divided highway, with partial control of access, between the West Virginia localities of Kerens and Parsons. The project begins where previous Corridor H construction ended - in Kerens, 0.2 miles north of the intersection of US 219 and Randolph County Route 7 (Clifton Run Road). The project ends east of the City of Parsons, 0.2 miles south of the northernmost point at which Tucker County Route 219/4 (Mackeyville Road) intersects US 219.
  Estimated Project completion date: 6/2021(preliminary) Re-evaluation of SFEIS and ROD(5/2003): 11/9/2015
  Estimated Project cost: $0.82 (Preliminary)
  TBD with submission of IFP.
  West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH)
  Illinois State line to Madison, Wisconsin,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Tracey Blankenship
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  45.5 miles of reconstruction with added capacity of I-39/90 in Rock and Dane Counties (from Illinois Stateline to Madison, Wisconsin).
  FONSI signed 10/19/2010. Final PMP approval 07/01/2012. PMP most recently updated 10/28/2015. NEPA re-evaluation for corridor completed and approved on 10/30/2014. In addition, EA/FONSI for I-39/90 - I-43 system interchange was approved on 8/28/2015. An EIS is underway for Phase 2 of the project which is the Beltline (US 12/18) - I-39/90 Interchange. The most recent Project Specific Oversight and Stewardship Plan & Agreement for this project was signed on 11-23-2015.
  $1.37 Billion (Phase 1) in Year Of Expenditure Dollars (70% confidence level) based on CER from 12/2014 which was amended 07/2015. Phase 2 (Beltline Interchange) estimated at $527 million. Recent funding issues have resulted in some delays to the timing of the funding but cost currently remains as amended per the July 2015 CER update.
  Funding established for Phase 1 (to include Federal, State and Local Highway Funds and State Bond Funds). CER completed in December 2008, June 2013 and December 2014 (as amended in July 2015). Due to recent State legislation, some modifications to the project were needed, so the CER results were amendment to reflect these adjustments. Phase 2 funding will be provided but has not yet been committed.
  Under development for completion in early 2016 prior to first federally-funded major let.
  Wisconsin DOT
I-41 Reconstruction
  Winnebago and Brown Counties,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Andrew Brinkerhoff (Temporary)
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Project involves reconstruction on I-41 in Brown and Winnebago Counties. The project will include reconstruction of all system and service interchanges and will add one general capacity lane in each direction.
  Estimated Completion Date: Summer of 2017 The work in Winnebago County is finished. Major project work at I-43 and I-41 (Glory Rd to Ninth St) in Brown County is currently underway. Project approximately 93% complete. An updated Project Stewardship & Oversight Agreement/Plan was signed on 08/03/2015. The CMP component of the PMP was last updated in July 2013 with a new update currently under development for early 2016.
  $1.515 (Current) $1.515 (Last financial plan update) $1.52 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal Program, State Transportation Fund and State General Bonds
  State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2015 Financial Plan Update was submitted to HQ for review on 10/01/2015.
  Wisconsin DOT
I-43 North-South (Silver Spring Drive- Wis 60)
  Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Andy Brinkerhoff (Temporary)
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  14.1 miles of reconstruction to address infrastructure deterioration and substandard features, including capacity expansion from 4 to 6 lanes. Includes partial depression of freeway section and reconfiguration of several interchanges. Also includes new interchange at Highland Road.
  FEIS/ROD signed 11/25/14. Scheduled completion date: 12/2023 (revised) PMP approved 11/5/2015. Updated Stewardship and Oversight Agreement/Plan was completed in November 2015 and is awaiting finalization and signature.
  $0.56 (preliminary-June,2014 CER)
  TBD (Federal and state funding sources are anticipated)
  TBD (waiting on submission of IFP; will be later in design phase when funding determinations are finalized)
  Wisconsin DOT
I-94 North-South
  Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha Counties,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Andy Brinkerhoff
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction with capacity expansion. All interchanges will be reconstructed and exit/entrance ramps on the system interchanges will be relocated from the left to the right. Mainline will be expanded from six lanes to eight lanes. Project liimts are from the Illinois Stateline northward for approximately 35 miles ending at the Howard Ave interchange. Project includes the first exit west on I-894 (27th Street).
  Estimated Completion Date: 12/30/2022 (Revised in Fall of 2015) 12/2016 (Initial Financial Plan) Construction began in 2009 and several major contracts have been completed including the $170 M Mitchell Interchange. Completion of the entire project has been delayed (for a second time) until 2022 based on funding priorities in the State's current budget. EDC technologies such as precast columns, precast pier caps, and Self Propelled Modular Transporter were implemented on the Rawson Avenue project. The most recent Project Specific Oversight and Stewardship Plan & Agreement for this project was signed 11-24-2015. No new contracts will be let until SFY 2018. Updated PMP will be completed before construction resumes.
  $1.65 (Current) $1.9 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal program funds, state transportation funds and state general bonds.
  State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2015 Financial Plan Update was submitted to HQ for review on 10/01/15.
  Wisconsin DOT
Tri-County Freeway, USH 10/441
  Appleton, WI,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Andrew Brinkerhoff (Temporary)
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Five mile reconstruction and expansion of the Tri-County Freeway from 4 to 6 lanes, including construction of a parallel bridge structure over Little Lake Butte des Morts.
  EA Re-evaluation completed and approved on 1/16/2014. Initial Cost Estimate Review completed on September 25-27, 2012. Final Cost Estimate Review completed on April 29-30, 2014. PMP approved on June 27, 2014; latest update approved on 12-08-2015. Initial Finance Plan approved on July 25, 2014. 2015 FPAU completed and submitted to HQ on 11-13-2015. Design ongoing. Construction began in 2014 and is currently 21% complete. Construction is now scheduled to be completed 06/30/2021. This is a 19 month delay from the original schedule.
  $0.543 (year of expenditure)
  Federal Program, State Transportation Fund and State General Bonds
  Initial Financial Plan approved on July 25, 2014. FPAU due 9/30/15, but WisDOT requested extension due to ongoing State budget discussions. 2015 FPAU subsequently submitted to HQ on 11/13/2015.
  Wisconsin DOT
Zoo Interchange (I-94/I-894/US-45)
  Milwaukee, WI,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Tracey Blankenship
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Major urban interchange reconstruction with operational and safety improvements. Also includes reconstruction of parallel arterial routes.
  Estimated Completion Date: 11/30/2020. This date was revised from 11/30/2018 (as shown in the 2014 FPAU). Completion date in IFP was 10/31/2108). Original DEIS signed 5/20/09. Added reduced impacts alternative (RIA). SDEIS that includes RIA approved 2/4/11. ROD signed 2/10/12. SOL published in FR 3/9/12. Initial PMP was approved September 2012, with the most recent update completed in March 2015 and accepted by FHWA on 12/03/2015. The Project Specific Oversight and Stewardship Plan & Agreement for this project was signed 10-1-13 with the most recent update completed and signed on 11-24-2015. The Phase 1 Zoo IC core contract was awarded 8-29-14 and work has been underway since October 2014. The Phase 2 Zoo IC core contract was awarded 10/02/2015.
  $1.718 (Current) $1.718 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal program funds, state transportation funds and state general bonds.
  Initial FP approved 10/1/12. 2015 FPAU update (with revisions)was submitted to HQ for review on 10/07/2015.
  Wisconsin DOT
FHWA Active TIFIA Project Status Report (Less Than $500 Million)
US 36 Managed Lanes Phases 1 & 2
  Denver,  Colorado
DO Contact - Monica Pavlik
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction and widening of US 36 from I-25 to 88th St to accommodate a new buffer-separated managed lane. The project is approximately 11.5 miles. Phase 2 would complete the managed lane between I-25 and Foothills Parkway, Boulder.
  Estimated Phase 1 Project Completion: October 19, 2015. However, the contractor is not complete and accruing liquidated damages. Acceptance: January 16, 2016. July 22, 2015: Phase 1 open Project for toll collection End of December 2015 Phase 1 was 99%. End of December 2015 Phase 2 was 94.4% complete. June 27, 2013: Commercial Close Phase 2. February 27, 2014 Phase 2 Financial Close. January 1, 2016 Phase 2 open for toll collection and project complete.
  $0.304 - Phase 1 $0.147 - Phase 2
  Phase 1 State, Local, Federal, TIFIA loan (closed 9/1/2011) Phase 2 Construction project funding sources are state, local, federal, TIFIA, private equity from the PPP and PABs.
  Phase 1 2015 Annual Update was approved October 30, 2015. Phase 2 2014 Financial Plan AU was approved June 4, 2015.
  Phase 1: HPTE, CDOT, RTD Phase 2: HPTE, CDOT, RTD and PRD
Chicago Riverwalk
  Along the north side of Wacker Drive from State Street to Lake Street in the commercial business dis,  Illinois
DO Contact - Scott McGuire
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Complete a pedestrian facility along the main branch of the Chicago River, which will build a continuous walkway and recreational amenity connecting the lakefront with the heart of downtown. Six additional blocks will be connected to existing walkways; Phase 2 completes three blocks and Phase 3 completes the remaining three blocks. This project is part of the Wacker Drive reconstruction project, but the roadway costs are not included below.
  (current): August 2016 Phase 2 completed construction in mid-2015, some punchlist items remain. Phase 3 started construction in mid-2015 with completion expected in late summer of 2016
  (current)$0.1B Larger Project (including Riverwalk and Wacker Drive): $0.5B
  TIFIA, Federal Earmark, Local and State Funding.
  Initial plan approved; update submitted March 31, 2015. Minor adjustments were made and the update was resubmitted July 15, 2015.
  Chicago DOT
FHWA Completed Active Project Status Report
Alameda Corridor
  Los Angeles,  California
DO Contact - Josue Yambo
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  20 mile express line corridor linking Los Angeles and Long Beach ports with rail network in downtown Los Angeles.
  Baseline completion date : 3/2001 Final completion date : 04/2002
  Baseline(IFP) cost= $2.1 Final cost= $2.4
  Baseline (IFP)= Federal(%) 21% State/Others(%)= 79% Final(FPAU)= 21% Federal(%) State/Others(%)=79%
  Final FPAU approved by Division) date: All major project requirements have been met:
  Caltrans and Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority. Also Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach.
I-15 Managed Lanes, SR-163 to SR-78
  San Diego County,  California
DO Contact - Jacob Waclaw
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0030, EA 2T08x - Construction of 20 new miles of barrier seperated managed lanes within the existing median, in three segments: South, Middle, & North. A moveable barrier within the lanes will allow a 2+2 or 3+1 lane as well as connecting to Direct Access Ramps (DAR's) for HOV and Bus Rapid Transit system users.
  Baseline completion date : 12/1/2012 Final Project completion date: 1/23/2013
  Baseline(IFP) cost:$1.095 Final(FPAU): $0.986
  Baseline(IFP) Federal(%): 24% State/ Local/Others(%):76% Final FPAU Federal(%): 23% State/ Local/Others(%):77%
  11/18/2013: Final FPAU (approved by Division) All major project requirements have been met.
  Caltrans and SANDAG - San Diego Area of Government
I-215 San Bernardino North Corridor Project (from I-10 to I-210)
  City of San Bernardino,  California
DO Contact - Tay Dam
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping 0047: Addition of one high occupancy vehicle lane and one mixed flow lane in each direction on I-215 from post mile 4.1 to post mile 10.1. Also, including new interchanges and existing interchange improvements.
  Baseline completion date: 06/2013 Final completion date : 01/2014
  Baseline(IFP) cost:$0.676 B Final cost(FPAU) : $0.584 B
  Baseline(IFP) Federal(%):29.1% State/Local/Others(%):70.9% Final(FPAU): 2013 Federal(%):54.6% State/Local/Others(%):45.4%
  05/22/2014: Final FPAU approved by the Division. All major project requirements have been met.
  Caltrans and SANBAG.
SR-210/Foothill Freeway
  Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties,  California
DO Contact - Eric Worrell
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  FMIS MP Grouping: xxxx 28.2 miles of 8-lane freeway construction, including 2 HOV lanes, from Foothill Blvd. in La Verne (Los Angeles County) to I-215 in San Bernardino (San Bernardino County).
  Baseline completion date: Information Not available Final completion date: 07/1/2008
  Baseline(IFP) cost : $1.2 B FinalCost= $1.2B
  Baseline (IFP): Federal(%):64% State/Local/Others : 36% Final FPAU: Federal(%):64% State/Local/Others : 36% Federal-aid funding=$751 M Remainder State and local funding.
  Final FPAU approved by Division) date : Not available All major project requirements have been met
  Caltrans. Also SANBAG and LACMTA.
SR-52 Extension
  City of Santee in San Diego County,  California
DO Contact - Eric Worrell
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of 4 miles of a 4 lane freeway in the City of Santee in San Diego County from Santo Road to State Route 67.   This project also constructed freeway to freeway connectors to complete interchanges at State Route 125   and State Route 67.   It included new roadway, bridges and local interchanges at Fanita Drive, Cuyamaca Street and Magnolia Avenue.
  Baseline completion date: 12/31/2010 Final Completion date: 03/31/2011
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.5995 B Final Cost:$0.5205 B
  Baseline(IFP) Federal(%)= 25.79% State/Local (%)=74.21% Final(FPAU) Federal(%)= 21.88% State/Local(%)=78.12%
  Final FPAU ( approved by Dvision) date. 10/24/2011. All Major Project requirements have been met
I-25/I-225 Southeast Corridor (T-REX)
  Denver,  Colorado
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction of 18 miles of I-25 and I-225, and construction of 19 miles of light-rail transit line with 13 new rail stations.
  Baseline completion date was September 2006 (per Initial Finance Plan). Final completion was August 22, 2006.
  Baseline= $1.667 (Initial Finance Plan) May 2001 Final cost = $1.681
  Baseline IFP: Federal: 55% State/Others:45% Final FPAU Federal:55% State/Others: 45%
  Final FPAU (approved by the Division) Date: 01/3/2008 All Major projects requirements have been met
  Colorado DOT and Denver Area Regional Transportation District (RTD). Also, local cities, counties, and associations.
(iROX) I-75 from GG Parkway to SR-80, D/B/Finance
  Lee and Collier Counties,  Florida
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  This project consists of reconstruction of I-75 from 4 to 6 lanes and the reconstruction of the Immokalee Road interchange in Collier County. The project will widen 30 miles of I-75 from the I-75/ Golden Gate Parkway interchange in Collier County to Colonial Boulevard in Lee County. Also, this project will make reconstruct the Immokalee Road interchange (CR-846).
  Baseline completion date: 8/2010. Final Project completion date: 9/2010.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.5 Final cost: $0.5
  Final FPAU 67% Federal and 33% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) 1/2011. All Major Project requirements have been met.
  Florida Department of Transportation.
I-595 Corridor Improvements
  Ft. Lauderdale,  Florida
DO Contact - Andrew DeTizio
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Widening of I-595 between the I-75 interchange and I-95 Interchange, adding reversible lanes, and major interchange improvements.
  Baseline completion date: 6/2012 Final project completion date:
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $1.9 Final cost: $1.39
  Final FPAU 17% Federal and 83% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU approved 9/18/2015.
  Florida DOT has a Public Private Partnership with the Concessionaire, ACS-Dragados, thru a 35-year Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Maintain (DBFOM) contract.
I-465 West Leg Reconstruction (Accelerate 465)
  Indianapolis,  Indiana
DO Contact - Eryn Fletcher
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Pavement replacement and widening of I-465 from SR 67 to 56th Street. Current facility is 3 lanes. The proposed project will provide 4 through lanes plus auxiliary lanes between interchanges. Seven interchanges will also be reconstructed.
  Baseline completion date: 12/2012 Final project completion date: 6/2015
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.74 Final cost: $0.549
  Final FPAU 18% Federal and 82% State/Other funding.
  2014/Final FPAU approved 4/6/15.(received on 1/30/15)
  Indiana DOT
I-10 Twin Span Structures
  Slidell,  Louisiana
DO Contact - Mark Stinson
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Replacement of the I-10 Twin Span Structures over Lake Pontchartrain east of New Orleans.
  Baseline completion date: 3/1/2011 Fina Project completion date : 10/31/2012
  Baseline intial Financial(IFP)cost: $0.80 Final cost:$0.7326
  Bseline(IFP) Federal:100% State/Local/others:0% Final(FPAU) Federal:100% State/Local/others:0% Emergency Relief (ER)Program (100%)
  Final FPU (approvedby Division)date: 4/16/2014. All major project requirements have been met
Intercounty Connector
  Montgomery and Prince George's Counties,  Maryland
DO Contact - Lourdes Castaneda
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  The proposed Intercounty Connector (ICC) project is to construct an east-west limited access highway between the I-270 and I-95/US 1 corridors within central and eastern Montgomery County and northwestern Prince Georges County, a distance of approximately 18 miles.
  Estimated Completion Date: 6/14 (per 2013 FPAU); 4/14 (per 2012 FPAU); and 12/12 (2006(Initial Financial Plan) FEIS - 1/06 ROD - 5/06 Contract A: I270/I370 to MD97 ($478.7M) Open (Segment 1): 2/24/11 Full NTP: 11/13/07 Project complete: 99% - project close out process. Contract C: US29 to I95 ($513.9M) NTP: 4/7/08 Open: late 2011 Project complete: 99% - project closeout process. Contract B: MD97 to US 29 ($559.75M) RFP: Dec 2007 Full NTP: 1/16/09 Open: late 2011 Project complete: 99% - project close out process. Contract D/E Modiefied: $89.3M Procurement: 100% Design: 100% Open: late 2014 Construction: 97% (punishlist items) ES/CM Contract ($93.5M) Total contracts: 47 CS Contracts: ($16.7M)
  Per the last approved 2013 FPAU the total Project cost is $2.386B; 2012 FPAU is $2.399B; 2011 FPAU is $2.425B; and 2006 Initial Financial Plan is $2.445B.
  GARVEE Bonds: $750 million, MDOT P.A.Y.G $180 million, Special federal funds $18.5 million, MdTA Bonds $ 1,232.5 million, Maryland General fund transfers $264.91 million On 12/19/08, USDOT and the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) signed the (TIFIA) loan agreement in the amount of $516 million for the Inter County Connector project. ICC will be a toll road (managed facility).
  The last FPAU will be the 2014. It is expected in Feb/Mar and will be as of 12/31/14 (instead of 6/30/14), per discussions with the Major Project Team. Per the last approved FPAU, the current Project cost estimate in the 2013 FPAU is $2.386B; in the 2012 FPAU is $2.399B; in the 2011 FPAU is $2.425B; and in the 2006 Initial Financial Plan is $2.445B.
  Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA).
Central Artery/Ted Williams Tunnel
  Boston,  Massachusetts
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Replacement of existing I-93 viaduct in downtown Boston with 8-10 lane tunnels and new cable-stayed bridge over the Charles River, and construction of I-90 extension with 4-lane tunnel to Logan Airport (7.5 miles total).
  Baseline completion date: 12/2004. Final Project completion date: 10/2007.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $13.5 Final cost: $14.8
  Final FPAU 58% Federal and 42% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) 3/2009. All Major Project requirements have been met.
  Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge
  Mississippi River Crossing in downtown Minneapolis,  Minnesota
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The project consists of rebuilding the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River that collapsed on August 1, 2007. The new bridge is designed with a 100-year lifespan and will carry 10 lanes of traffic (five in each direction). It is being built to accommodate a managed lane and will support one lane of light-rail transit in each direction, if designated by future transportation needs. The contract delivery method is Design-Build.
  Baseline completion date: 12/2008. Final Project completion date: 11/2008.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.3 Final cost: $0.3
  Final FPAU 98% Federal and 2% State/Other funding. (ER Program funding)
  Final FPAU (approved by Division)9/2008. All Major Project requirements have been met.
  Minnesota DOT
I-64, from Spoede Rd. to Sarah Street
  St. Louis County and St. Louis City,  Missouri
DO Contact - Greg Budd
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of 12 miles of I-64, consisting of multiple interchange locations, including a fully directional interchange at I-170.
  Baseline completion date: 10/2010. Final Project completion date: 12/2011.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.53. Final cost: $0.53.
  Final FPAU 83% Federal and 17% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) 12/2011. All Major Project requirements have been met.
  Missouri DOT
New Mississippi River Bridge
  Illinois/Missouri (St. Louis),  Missouri
DO Contact - Peter J. Clogston
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The primary scope of this initial phase of the I-70 New Mississippi River Bridge project at St. Louis involved about 3 miles of new I-70 alignment, including a cable-stayed bridge and interstate interchanges on both ends of the new alignment. All environmental commitments were met. No claims pending. No pending issues. Top 3 best practices: 1. Early, inclusive, and continuing focus on DBE and workforce diversity resulted in great success in these areas. 2. Collocated project team, including FHWA, was critical to the sucess of this fast-tracked project. 3. Alternate Technical Concepts (ATC) were successfully used, saving millions of dollars, on this design-bid-build procurement.
  Baseline completion date: 1/2014. Final Project completion date: 2/2014.
  Baseline cost $0.714 ($0.660 in IFP, subsequentially increased to $0.714 due to added scope as a result of NEPA Reevaluation) Final cost: $0.676
  Final FPAU 45% Federal and 55% State/Other funding.
  Final Finance Plan, dated July 1, 2014, was approved by FHWA on 01/06/2015.
  IL DOT and MoDOT (lead)
Triangle Expressway, Western Wake Freeway
  Raleigh,  North Carolina
DO Contact - George Hoops
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  The Western Wake Freeway is a proposed 12.6 mile freeway that extends from NC 55 at SR1172 to NC 55 near SR 1630 on the Westside of Raleigh.
  Baseline completion date: 12/2012. Final Project completion date: 8/2013.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $1.03. Final cost: $0.98.
  Final FPAU 9% Federal and 91% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) 7/2014.
  North Carolina Turnpike Authority.
Central Texas Turnpike
  Austin,  Texas
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of 70+ miles of new toll facilities to ease congestion on I- 35 and other major facilities in Central Texas.
  Baseline completiondate : 12/2007. Final Completion date : 4/2008.
  Baseline(IFP) cost:$2.9 B Final cost:$2.7 B
  Baseline(IFP) Federal: 24% State/Local/Others: 76% Final FPAU :19% Federal and 81% Non-Federal funding (including $900 million TIFIA loan).
  Final FPAU ( approved by Division Office.08/31/2009
  TxDOT, FHWA, cities, counties, and associations.
Eastern Extension of the President George Bush Turnpike (SH 190)
  Dallas County,  Texas
DO Contact - sdPOM - Brett Jackson DO POM - Kevin Spohrer
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of a new location 6-lane tollroad, from SH 78 to IH 30. Construction of discontinuous frontage roads, and an interchange at IH 30.
  Baseline Completion date : 06/2012 Final Completion Date: 12/2013
  Baseline(IFP) cost=$1.0 B Final cost(FPAU) = $787M
  Baseline(IFP): Federal :approx 6% State/local/others:94% Final FPAU(IFP): Federal : 21% State/local/others:79%
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) approved 5/29/14. All major project requirements have been met
  NTTA and TxDOT
I-10/Katy Freeway
  Houston,  Texas
DO Contact - Daniel Mott
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction and widening of 23 miles of I-10 from I-610 (Houston) to Katy, to provide 4 general-purpose through lanes and 3 frontage road lanes in each direction, plus managed lanes. Also, reconstruction of 2.6 miles of I-610.
  Baseline Completion Date : 11/2008. Final Completion Date:11/2010
  Baseline(IFP) cost:$2.5 B Final cost:$2.8 B
  Baseline(IFP): Federal :49% State/Local/Other :51% Final FPAU: Federal: 49% State/Local/Other : 51%
  Final Financial Plan Annual update(FPAU)approved by Division : 4/23/2014. All Major Project requirements have been met.
North Tarrant Express
  Fort Worth,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Public Private Partnership to reconstruct Interstate Highway 820 and opportunity (pre-development agreement) to develop and reconstruct State Highway 183 and Interstate Highway 35W. Project includes free main lanes, interconnected toll managed lanes and frontage roads.
  Open to traffic and construction complete 10/4/2014 9/2015 (Last financial plan update) 9/2015 (Initial Financial Plan)
  $1.873 (2014 Final FPAU) $1.891 (2013 FPAU) $1.874 (2012 FPAU) $1.873 (2011 FPAU) $1.9 (2010 FPAU) $1.9 (Initial Financial Plan)
  Federal, State and Developer TIFIA $650 million. PABS $398 million. Public Funds $573 million. Equity $426 million (Cintra 56.67%, Meridiam 33.33%, Dallas Police and Fire Pension System 10%)
  IFP approved 5/17/2012. First Annual Update approved 10/22/2012. Second Annual Update approved 11/13/2012. 2013 FPAU Approved 1/8/2015 2014 FPAU approved 8/5/2015 (FINAL)
  TxDOT and the Region
SH 130 Segments 5 & 6
  Central Texas / Austin and San Antonio,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of a new 40-mile toll road connecting the completion portions of SH 130 (Central Texas Turnpike system) to Seguin, Texas, near San Antonio.
  Baseline Completion date : 11/2012 FinalCompletion date :05/2013
  Baseline Initial Financial Plan(IFP) cost:$1.1 B Final cost : $1.1 B
  Baseline(IFP): Federal-0.3% State/Local others-99.7% Final FPAU: Federal-0.3% State/Local others-99.7% $430 million TIFIA loan
  Final FPAU (approved by Division):07/08/2013 All major project requirements have been met
  US DOT TIFIA program TxDOT Cintra/Zachry Private Bonding
SH 161 - President George Bush Turnpike Western Extension
  Grand Prairie and Irving in Dallas County,  Texas
DO Contact - Brett Jackson (sdPOM) Kevin Spohrer (POM)
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction on new aligment of a 4 and 6 lane tollroad with discontinuous frontage roads from Interstate 20 to State Highway 183.
  Baseline completion date (IFP):10/2012 Final Completion date (FPAU):10/2012
  Baseline(IFP) cost:$1.1 B Final cost(FPAU) (2014)= $1.0552 B
  Baseline(IFP): Federal:0% State/Local/others:100% Final(FPAU): Federal:0% State/Local/others: 100%
  Final FPAU (approved by Division): 8/13/14. All Major Project requirements have been met.
  NTTA, TxDOT, Cities of Grand Prairie and Irving.
I-15 Corridor, Salt Lake County
  Salt Lake City,  Utah
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Reconstruction of 17 miles of I-15, with auxiliary and HOV lanes added.
  Baseline completion date: October,2001 Final Project completion date. July 2001
  Baseline cost= $1.36 (Initial Finance Plan) Final cost : cost=$1.6
  Baseline (IFP) Federal: 9% State/Local/others:91% Final (FPAU) Federal: 27% State/Local/others:73%
  Final FPAU ( approved by the Division): Summer of 2001 All major project requirements have been met
Capital Beltway high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes
  Northern Virginia - Fairfax County,  Virginia
DO Contact - Thomas Jennings
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Widening for 14 miles of Interstate 495 Capital Beltway from Springfield Interchange to Dulles Toll Road area in order to implement 4 new HOT lanes and associated access points. Project includes the design and construction of the Springfield Interchange phase VIII HOV/HOT lane connections, construction/reconstruction at 11 interchanges and replacement/improvements to approximately 60 bridges.
  Baseline completion date: 12/2012. Final Project completion date: 11/2012.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $1.7. Final cost: $1.7.
  Final FPAU 16% Federal and 84% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) 2/2014.
  Virginia DOT, and Capital Beltway Express.
I-95/I-395/I-495 Springfield Interchange
  Springfield,  Virginia
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of I-95/I-395/I-495 and I-95/Rte. 644 interchanges, with direct ramp access and separation of local, through, and HOV traffic.
  Baseline completion date: 11/2007. Final Project completion date: 7/2007.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.68 Final cost: $0.68.
  Final FPAU 93% Federal and 7% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division)12/2009. All Major Project requirements have been met.
  Virginia DOT.
I-95/Woodrow Wilson Bridge
  VA/MD/DC,  Virginia
DO Contact - Lourdes Castaneda
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Replaced an existing 6-lane bridge with new 12-lane double structure. Each structure includes four travel lanes, one merging/diverging lane, and one HOV/express bus/rail transit (available when the connecting systems are in place). Reconstructed four adjacent interchanges (Telegraph Rd and US Route 1 in VA, I-295 and MD 210 in MD).
  Baseline completion date: 05/31/2011 Final completion date: 06/30/2013
  Baseline(IFP) cost: $2.443B Final cost: $2.375B
  Baseline(IFP) Federal: 81.2% State: 18.8% Final(FPAU) Federal: 86.5% State/Others: 13.5%
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) date: 03/31/2014 All Major project requirements have been met.
  MDSHA (lead for bridge and Maryland interchanges), VDOT (lead for Virginia interchanges), and DDOT (lead for I-295).
I-43/I-94/I-794 Marquette Interchange
  Milwaukee,  Wisconsin
DO Contact - Tracey Blankenship
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  Reconstruction of the Marquette Interchange (I-43/I-94/I-794) and approaches in downtown Milwaukee
  Baseline completion date: 12/2008. Final Project completion date: 12/2008.
  Baseline (IFP) cost: $0.8. Final cost: $0.8.
  Final FPAU 58% Federal and 42% State/Other funding.
  Final FPAU (approved by Division) 8/2009. All Major Project requirements have been met.
FHWA Completed TIFIA Project Status Report (Less than $500 Million)
SR 125 South Toll Road
  San Diego,  California
DO Contact - Eric Worrell, Veneshia Smith
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of 9.2 miles of four-lane toll road, from Route 905 (Otay Mesa Road) in Otay Mesa (near Mexican border) to San Miguel Road in Bonita. In addition to the SR 125 South Toll Road, two other roadway facilities (known as the Connector and Gap) will be built at the northern end of the project in order to connect the toll road to the existing San Diego highway network. The Connector and Gap are being built by the same Design-Build contractor, but are not considered to be part of the South Toll Road project for purposes of TIFIA funding and oversight.
  Baseline completion date : 10/19/2006 Final completion date: 11/19/2007
  Baseline(IFP) cost : $0.4154 Final cost : $0.4154
  Baseline(IFP) : Federal :0% State/Local/TIFIA/others ; 100% Final FPAU : Federal :0% State/Local/TIFIA/others ; 100%
  Final FPAU ( approved by Division)date: in 2007. Final acceptance date : 3/19/2011 All Major project requirements met : N/A
  Caltrans South Bay Expressway L.P. San Diego Association of Governments
LA 1
  Golden Meadow to Port Fourchon,  Louisiana
DO Contact - Mark Stinson
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Upgrade LA 1 to a 4-lane facility from Goldern Meadow to Port Fourchon (LA 3090).The project was constructed in phases: Phase 1A: Fourchon to Leeville Bridge - Approximately 7 miles, 40-foot wide, two-lane elevated highway south of Leeville Bridge to LA 3090 in Port Fourchon. (Open to traffic) Phase 1B: Leeville Bridge Approaches and Connector - Two-lane interchanges and connector roads north and south of the Leeville Bridge. (Open to traffic) Phase 1C: Leeville Bridge Replacement - Two-lane, fixed-span, high-level bridge (Tomey J. Doucet Bridge) over Bayou Lafourche. (Open to traffic) Phase 1D: Customer service center, kiosk network, open-road tolling equipment and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). (Completed
  Baseline Completion date (IFP):7/1/2011 Final completion date:12/19/2011
  Baseline cost(IFP):0.3715 Final Cost : $0.3715
  Baseline(IFP) Federal:33% State/local/TIFIA:67% Final(FPAU) Federal:33.5% State/local/TIFIA:66.5%
  Final FPAU ( approved by (Division) date : 11/2013. All project requirements have been met
  Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD)
  Reno,  Nevada
DO Contact - Greg Novak
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  Construction of 2.25 miles of below-grade rail corridor (freight and passenger) with 2 mainline tracks. Construct 11 bridge crossings. Detour rail traffic on single track shoofly during construction. Rebuild AMTRAK station.
  Baseline completion date: May 2006 (per Initial Finance Plan). Final completion date:December 2007
  Baseline(IFP)= $0.264 Final cost: $0.280
  Baseline Federal : 7.6 % State/Local/OthersLocals: 92.4% Final: Federal : 7.6 % State/Local/OthersLocals: 92.4% TIFIA=$50.5 M Federal-aid funding=$21.3 M Remainder Railroad and local funding.
  Final FPAU accepted by the Division office : 2004 IFP was accepted in Sept. 2002. TIFIA loan repaid.
  City of Reno Union Pacific Railroad
183-A Turnpike
  Austin Metropolitan Area, TX,  Texas
MPT Contact - Sajid Aftab
  A new 11.6 mile controlled access north-south tolled highway, generally traversing parallel to and east of the existing US 183. Major connector facility and feeder to the Central Texas Turnpike System (CTTS).
  ROD dated July 19, 2001. Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) awarded to Hill Country Constructors for $178.3 million. Construction Started March 2005. Completion March 2007. Project opened to traffic March 3, 2007 (substantial completion). All construction to be completed by July 1, 2007 (CDA requirement) Change order approved 6/25/07 to extend time to Nov. 14, 2007 to construct additional noise mitigation. Provisional Final Acceptance 2/8/2008 (warranty period started 1/11/08)
  TIFIA (Bond Anticipation Notes BANs) - $66 million; TxDOT Equity - $63 million; Local & Other 3rd Party Contributions - $14 million; Senior Lien Revenue Bonds - $194 million; Other - $5 million Bonds to be repaid via tolls.
  Initial Finance Plan accepted August 2005. First Financial Plan Update under review March 2007. Review completed June 2007. Accepted 10/26/07. Second Financial Plan Update recieved 10/1/07. Accepted 1/16/08. Third Annual Financial Plan update received 10/10/2008. Accepted 8/17/2009.
  Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA).
Pocahontas Parkway refinancing
  Richmond metro area - Henrico County,  Virginia
DO Contact - Thomas Jennings
MPT Contact - Ian Cavanaugh
  TIFIA funding for refinancing the completed Pocahontas Parkway and for two associated improvements - Richmond Airport Connector (RAC), a 1.6-mile connector between the Pocahontas Parkway and the airport access road, and improvements to the toll system.
  Baseline completion date : 5/1/2011 Final completion date: 4/30/2011.
  Baseline cost ( IFP): $49.80 Final cost : $48.40
  Baseline (IFP) Federal : 0% Stae/local/TIFIA: 100% Final(FPAU) Federal : 0% Stae/local/TIFIA: 100%
  Final FPAU ( approved by Division) date: 4/30/2011. All project requirements have been met.
  Proposed public private partnership - private sector is Transurban; public sector is Virginia DOT