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All 50 states and the District of Columbia submit annual reports of their CMAQ project obligations in March of every year. The FHWA uses these yearly submissions to maintain an active database of CMAQ investments, air quality benefits, Project trends within the program, and other anecdotal information focusing on the program's performance.

This database of CMAQ Project information had been reserved for internal planning purposes by authorized FHWA personnel, for Congressional reporting and made available to state DOTs and MPOs on an individual request basis.

The release of the CMAQ Public Access System was the first opportunity that the general public could have full access to FHWA approved CMAQ Project data submitted through the annual reporting process. The CMAQ Public Access System makes available searchable, read only, project information from 1992 to present in various reporting formats.

CMAQ system support and guidance information are available through the FHWA, Air Quality, CMAQ ( website.



Note to User: Data present in the CMAQ Public Access System (PAS) is composed solely of projects from state DOT annual reports submitted and approved by FHWA, HQ Staff.

Availability of project data for the previous fiscal year and subsequent years will be lagged and will be complete on September 30 of the succeeding calendar year.

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